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The Best Night of Peaceful Wonder
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Psilosara. "The Best Night of Peaceful Wonder: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp22595)". Feb 21, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Mushrooms
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:30   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 1:30   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 4:00   smoked Cannabis
On a pleasant saturday night in early spring my boyfriend and I ate our first shrooms. Four other friends of ours gathered in his room, three ate morning glory seeds and one drank a bottle of tussin maximum strength cough. We were all prepared for an interesting night. I was beyond excited to finally try these curious fungi.

T+0 Around 7:00 we had all eaten our various substances. My boyfriend, J, had expertly prepared some 'shroom bombs,' as he called them, of the dried mushrooms that he carefully ground into a powder and wrapped into tissue. After twisting the tissue to make parachutes of shrooms, we had three enormous spheres of shrooms to swallow. The system worked wonderfully, with little problem swallowing, probably ideal absorption, and no nausea from the mushrooms [neither I nor J ever eat mushrooms, he has a slight phobia and I have never liked the taste or consistency. It is telling, then, of how much we wanted to experience psilocybin, that we ate these shroom bombs.] Our friend W had never tripped before and so her nausea from 140 or so morning glory seeds that she ate motivated her within 15 minutes of my eating the shrooms to go smoke a bowl of weed. J decided to hold out and planned to smoke during the come down, as he wanted a pure first experience. I, on the other hand, will usually never turn down a bowl. It was a wonderful decision. I was gently blasted into my new favorite realm.

T+30 minutes. Sitting around J's dorm room, listening to music, and sharing stories with great trip buddies made for a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. It was then that everything for a while began to seem hysterical. B, who would have her most intense DXM experience that night, said something that struck me silly. I laughed hard and long, shrieking giggles, even after I had forgotten what I was laughing at, and that fact then prompted me to laugh longer. J looked at me enviously, and I knew I was way ahead of him. Once I realized how loud I was being, although everyone seemed to enjoy the sudden fit, it was easy to calm myself. I gave my attention to the small traces of color that were appearing in my vision, pinks and greens that seemed to come from a sparkler that wasn't there. I was happy at my level of control, and giddily aware that the only place to go from there was up.

T+1 hour. We decided to play frisbee on the quad, as some were having a hard time forgetting about their nausea. J and I never had any, although he said he had one second of discomfort early on. I attributed this lack to his 'shroom bomb' technique. It was very interesting to me, how I was increasingly becoming happier and happier with the situation, and the cold ceased to bother me. Passing the frisbee did, on the other hand, as I was too easily distracted by the lights in my vision to follow through on a good pass or catch. I discovered that by jumping up and down, the lights surrounding the quad made little vertical halos around the ears of my friends that were close by. Then I realized how much I liked to jump and see these halos that were changing colors as well. I proceeded to hop sideways across the circle of the frisbee game.

T+75 minutes. I make this distinction here because the changeover from barely sober and functional to completely in my own world happened exactly at 8:15. I decided it would be fun to find the line on the grass where the street lights' reach ended. Beyond that point where some yellow light was still reaching the grass, came my most happy moment thus far that night. The grass was moving. It reminded me of closed-eye LSA patterns that move and change but seem like beautiful active tripped out tapestries. So the grass was moving, it was almost like grass under water with a strong current, but even more beautiful, graceful, and patterned. I looked longer, without having to focus or play with my vision as I usually have to on DXM or weed, instead the grass became towns and it was an unshakable vision. Heavenly to finally see. Right before I heard my good friend D's voice, I actually saw a tiny balloon lifting up from the miniature town that was the grass.

D had been in search of weed and returned empty handed. I went over to him and hugged him for the connection and then without even thinking about holding my tongue on a busy campus proclaimed 'I can see icicles that are melting off of your faces. They're green and purple!!!' J decided it was time to go inside.

T+90 minutes: D ate his seeds and we sat around and talked as best we could. Some were feeling neaseous still, and again we went into the smoking room for many bowls. I was given cigarettes, which I usually only smoke on E or drinking, but similarly to my E experiences, I loved chain smoking with shrooms. There were 7 of us hunched into a small enclosure where it is safe to smoke massive amounts of weed without making the rest of the room reek. On a few pillows and under one big tapestry we all got high and cuddled a bit. I was so happy. Even happier was when I looked at the dusty old radiator against the wall. This was my place for the night. I cuddled up next to my friend G, but again I was lost in my radiator. The dust on it grew like snow falling, and the paint began to drip down its sides while it seemed to age.

This was peace for me, and anything at this point that I looked at would pull me into the trip it itself was experiencing, strongest of all in the radiator, and from this pull my mind and my body increased the euphoria that had seeped in some half hour ago, and together with the fact that with all my other experience I had not yet hallucinated to the degree I wanted until this night, the combination was orgasmic. It felt like the building of an orgasm of my soul, and it was ecstasy beyond that which mdma gives me. Even the closed eye visuals were powerful in this way, and awesome. I did not want to leave my radiator.

T+3 hours: Everyone decides outside would be nice. I follow and bogart another cigarette, but find that although I would love to watch the grass more, it has dropped at least 10 degrees in temp and so I tell J I am returning to my radiator. Laying down next to my radiator I smoke two more cigarettes, and feel nothing but peace and admiration for the beauty that it is allowing me to see.

T+3.5 hours: J beckons me into the main room before everyone comes in from the cold. Sitting in my circular nest chair, I watch a zebra-print chair swirl and dance with some current I can't see. Over my shoulder in the doorway leading to the bedroom I sense a man. I wonder to myself how interesting it is that the form I choose for this guardian of mine [for what else could it be? I skip the deduction, I know what the form is] is a male. I think about the friends I've made and how difficult it has been for me to get close to other women. I think about my mother and other women who I've looked up to and for about five awesome minutes I realize that I need not make any concessions for following my heart and my instinct. I am a good person, and there is no one else that has ever been like me. This return to Mr. Rogers' logic does not seem in any way childish to me, instead I laugh out loud at the simplicity of a discovery I know will feel insignificant on sunday but right then brings me every comfort and confidence. I understand why D has always told me that mushrooms are spiritual. Oh how wonderful they are.

T+4 hours. More marijuana, more cuddling, and neither I nor J nor D can communicate with others. I am sharing my night with me alone, and it is special, I don't even try to explain to J my wonder. For the next hour or so B needs my guidance with her DXM trip, her first time meeting the dark side of that drug. I hold her hand and struggle to fit my thoughts into words. I can almost snap out of the euphoria that remains, but try not to, and every so often look up at the tapestry on the ceiling and watch the small flowers on it paint themselves into swirls and dance together. Soon we smoke another 3 bowls.

T+5 hours. I feel stoned. There are five of us left still hanging around and trying to share our nights. A walk seems right and we bundle up as I was fairly unable to before. Another cigarette and the hallucinations are minimal, and I'm surpised at how cleanly the mushrooms have left my system. It was a wonderfully organic trip, with an accelerated up and an exquisite plateau, euphoria and excitement and then calm for hours, and a clean emptiness of the feeling by the 6th hour. I cannot sleep for hours and talk and talk to J, trying to remember the awesomeness, but I am left only with memories of the feel of it with no appropriate words to explain.

I actively seek these again, and I knew that I had a wonderful first dose of approximately two grams, as more could definitely produce a crazy trip, but my dose allowed me one of the greatest nights of my life. I connected with myself without much ego loss. I connected with friends without ever speaking to them. I love this drug, that night, for what it allowed me and where it took me.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22595
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 21, 2006Views: 20,863
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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