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Zooming In and Out
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Vc
Citation:   Vc. "Zooming In and Out: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp22548)". Erowid.org. Apr 4, 2007. erowid.org/exp/22548

200 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Decided to try morning glory seeds with two friends. Desiring a psychedelic experience, I did some reading on the web and in libraries, and came to the conclusion that morning glory (natural source of LSA) would be a convenient and relatively inexpensive route. Planned for an all-night trip, and definitely got what we bargained for. One of the two friends was an experienced cannabis user, the other friend and myself both had only had experience with alcohol prior to this occasion. Obtained 12 packages of Heavenly Blue seeds and non-drowsy Dramamine. What follows is an account of the evening detailing my experience:

7:00pm: I washed the 12 packs' contents in warm water and dish detergent, rinsed them, and counted out exactly three groups of 200 seeds.

7:30pm: We proceeded to chew the seeds thoroughly with some applesauce to improve the taste. The flavor is nutty, almost like a sunflower seed, but not exactly pleasant. The flavor of the chewed seeds certainly did not make me nauseous, however. That came slightly later, within about 20 minutes of having finished chewing. My one friend and I took 2 Dramamine each in hopes of counteracting the nausea. We listened to Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii for about 15 minutes, and then headed off to a comedy show with some other friends, who were unaware of our using of the seeds.

8:00pm: Standing in line before the show, I had intense nausea, accompanied by a feeling that reminded me of how I feel when slightly drunk. Not unpleasant. Not what I was looking for though.

8:30pm: Waiting for the show to start (in my seat), I noticed that the slightly drunk sensation had left me, replaced by a wired, stimulated feeling. My ability to speak full sentences of Italian (which I have been studying for about half a year) seemed enhanced; I spent about ten minutes talking about it to another friend of mine who is also an Italian student. I noticed a very slight shimmering in the overhead lights, and I had an overall sense of starry-eyed bemusement. I noticed that I could not hold my eyelids shut for long, but when I did so, in an attempt to see the CEVs about which I had read, a green/violet field of color appeared. Within this field of color were moving, growing and shrinking black leaf-like designs. The designs appeared to zoom forward and backward in my field of vision, as if I were seeing something of 3d depth. Having discovered the CEVs, I gradually lost interest in the comics on stage. Reflecting upon the whole evening now after three weeks have passed, this was the most pleasurable and interesting part of the trip.

10:00pm: The comedy show over, we went to a party in my one friend's room (the one with whom I took the Dramamine). Just about everyone there was at some stage of drunkenness, and few of them understood or cared when I told them that I was tripping. They were not familiar with morning glory. I was now profoundly high (within the context of experiences with drugs I had used before, which was mainly restricted to alcohol and caffeine), and in the chaotic atmosphere of the party, the mental free-association became too much for me.

I found that talking to people had a grounding effect, zooming my thoughts back to the situation at hand, and allowing me to conduct a normal conversation, so long as they kept the dialog going. Shortly after they would stop talking, I became reabsorbed in my own ideas, which seemed to cycle and skip gradually from one to the next like figures of minimalist music. Later on, I found any repetition in music I was listening to (repeated rythms esp.) seemed to hammer-echo and decay more intensely than usual. I'm not a particularly social personality, but I usually enjoy parties to some extent. Now I just wanted some time alone, to meditate and collect my thoughts. The dose I took, for me, did not lead to a social experience, but rather a contemplative or spiritual one. I went to my own darkened room, and shut the door.

11:30pm: At this point, my perception of the passage of time (not so great even at baseline) was very distorted. Consequently, I'm not quite sure what I was doing in the intervening time from 10:00 to about 11:30. Perhaps that 'few minutes' I spent laying on my friend's bed at the party, staring at the ceiling, was actually more like an hour. When I arrived at my room, I was feeling very emotionally broken up, probably sensing that those at the party (all people I knew) were not interested in my state of mind. I fumbled with a familiar CD that I supposed might calm me (Squeeze's _East_Side_Story_), and finally got it into the player. I now realize that it was playing quite loudly, as neighbors knocked on my door to see what was the matter, but I didn't hear it as particularly loud at the time.

This was when my trip took a turn for the worst. I had a throbbing headache, in which the pain seemed to center in my forehead. The beats of the throbbing coincided with the wax and wane of an intense desire to throw up, which in my state I perceived as a truly horrible thing-- I feared that if I succumbed to the beating pulse in my head I would have a seizure (which I am not prone to, but I suppose that was how I interpreted the beginnings of the vomiting reflex). I tentatively left my room dazed and fearful, and navigated the hallway to the nearest bathroom.

12:00pm: In the bathroom, I passed a large mirror and noticed that my pupils were very dilated. They appeared slightly larger than a Tylenol tablet. Others commented on the size of my pupils, but otherwise most were oblivious to my state. I recall being able at times to carry on a relatively normal conversation, and at other times only being able to express myself in the most vague and clumsy terms, which is contrary to my usual manner of speech. I finally vomited, and, not feeling very relieved, returned to my friend's room where the party was drawing to to close.

1:30am: I had a pervasive feeling of shivering and a racing heart, even after the mental effects had diminished. Not being able to lose the shakey feeling, or sleep, I called emergency medical services. To summarize this portion of the evening, I spent the rest of night allowing the drug to leave my system, the shakeyness and inability to sleep persisting for much longer than I had expected. In total, it took me a full three days to begin feeling completely ok again, during which I experienced some anxiety attacks, to which I was not previously accustomed.

All things considered, my trip was mind-exploring, awe-inspiring at times, but also harrowing. It frightened me to my core.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22548
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 4, 2007Views: 11,232
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