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Focused and in Full Capacity
Selegeline (Deprenyl)
Citation:   kilnfired. "Focused and in Full Capacity: An Experience with Selegeline (Deprenyl) (exp22438)". May 6, 2003.

5.0 mg sublingual Pharms - Selegeline (liquid)
I am a 52 y. o. male who has experimented w/ many drugs both legal and illegal. For the last several years my experimenting has been limited to legal drugs. Deprenyl is very impressive.

I've just finished using my first 300mg bottle (12 ml )of Selegiline solution which has lasted several months. The effects are always consistent beginning about 20 minutes after I place 3-6 drops under my tongue. I definitely have a heightened sense of well-being and enhanced energy levels.

Sometimes 6 drops is a bit too much and I feel somewhat buzzed.

It is a good all purpose pick me up that never has interfered w/ sleep or apetite. Women look SOOO MUCH better. And when it comes to sex it reminds me somewhat of cocaine w/o any of the bad side effects. It is awesome to feel so 'possessed' AND empowered, focussed and in full capacity to enjoy. My male friends have basically the same opinion. I wonder how can something so good be so little known. Women seem to have similiar experiences EXCEPT it doesn't seem to do much for their libido.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22438
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 6, 2003Views: 67,358
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Pharms - Selegeline (228) : General (1), Health Benefits (32), Sex Discussion (14), Not Applicable (38)

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