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First Experience With The Dark Side
Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Chris. "First Experience With The Dark Side: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp22405)". Erowid.org. Dec 30, 2005. erowid.org/exp/22405

  joints/cigs smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  5.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I was making my yearly visit to see my friend ‘A’ who lives in Denmark. Now I’ll give a brief outline of what the drug scene in Denmark is like. Little do people know but Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) is very similar to Amsterdam (Holland), in that draw (cannabis) and variety of other herbal drugs are legal (or at least not illegal as police do nothing for possession?). In fact there is a designated area where sale is permitted. In which stalls sell all kinds of draw and shrooms etc.

Anyway I caught a plane from London Heathrow (UK) at 6am so was up at 4.30am after sleeping about 2 hours, followed by an hour on the plane. We arrived at the Christies (the place where sale of herbal drugs is permitted) around 11.00am. I brought a cue (7grams) of REAL good white widow (skunk), and 5 grams of Hawaiian shrooms. Little did I know at the time how strong Hawaiian shrooms where!

We sat at a bench nearby and promptly smoked a few joints. Feeling very stoned, and further zonked from only 3 hours sleep combined with international travel, I stupidly gobbled my shrooms. 15 minutes or so later (might have been more I was stoned), I began to trip. It was sudden no warning, For a few seconds I was like ‘what is going on’ I forgot about the shrooms and thought it was the draw. Then I realised and said to A ‘Man I’m tripping bad’. Colours suddenly became much brighter and intense. My whole surroundings became so much more focused. It was a bright and sunny day so everything looked so beautiful. As I rocked back and fourth my vision rocked with me, and the colours blurred across my eyes. I was loving it, so involved I couldn’t even hear A when I wasn’t trying too. Luckily A had his girlfriend with him so they talked between themselves. Neither of them wanted to take their shrooms yet as they were saving them for later (something I wish I had done). Soon I was really breaking into mad hallucinations. A’s face whilst watching him talk to me (oblivious to what he was saying) suddenly became 2D and he lost colour on one side of his face (black and white), it was as if one eye is stuck in 1930’s TV and the other in 2050’s TV. But that ended as soon as I looked away. Starting to become a little worried I closed my eyes to try to calm down the trips, again inexperience let me down as I didn’t know once your tripping there’s no escape, closing your eyes only makes things double strength.

When my eyes where closed it felt as if I could still see through them. This of course was just the light of objects that appear for a few seconds once you close our eyes, like looking at the sun or a light then closing your eyes you can still see the light. However my brain wasn’t functioning properly and I forgot all this, instead I genuinely thought I could see through my lids. As the shapes faded, mad colours unseen to my eyes ever before this, flashed and twirled across the darkness of my closed lids. Suddenly I was in a cinema it was dark but the screen was on all the walls, HUGE screens. The cinema seats were red and I was the only one in the seats. It felt as if the seats were floating. I watched myself sitting in the seat looking at the screen unable to control THAT me, and yet was seeing what THAT me was seeing. The screens were playing a film reel stuck in a loop of about 3 slides. The film was a face laughing, the face was Dom Jolly (A British TV program called Trigger Happy TV, Dom Jolly is the lead star). I found this odd as though I did like trigger happy I wasn’t obsessed with it and the show had finished over a year ago and I hadn’t thought about it for ages. This illustrates how trips get right to the back of memory cells in the brain.

I opened my eyes again because closing them was freaking me out a bit (lightweight newcomer what can I say?). As I watched A and his girlfriend talking in Danish I became more and more paranoid. I kept saying‘Stop talking about me’ trying not to sound scary or rude, might have failed though I couldn’t really grasp what I was saying. A told me to stop being a ‘paranoid android’ and relax. I blinked and as I opened my lids from the blink I realised I had 888 across both eye balls. This was weird. I could see everything but 888 was across both eyes and I could not sake it off. Soon the 888 was changing colour and everything else was becoming either brighter or darker. Few seconds later my eyes began to slit along the horizontal and the lines began to move together blocking out everything. This shitted me up as I thought I was going blind, however the lines never joined and thinking back it was probably my lids slowly closing without me noticing?

Through I was feeling a bit paranoid and a bit scared I was also enjoying myself. However the 888 was still there no matter how hard I tried to lose it. Then I realised what it was. The floor by our feet was cobbled with diamond shaped stones. The stones where not in any 888 shape but the shrooms had fucked my vision and locked my eyes on certain stones fading the colour of only those stones. The shape made 888. As soon as I noticed this the 888 vanished and only came back when I deliberately looked at the right stones. Now out of the 888 I inspected the floor more closely. A very common trip for ‘Space Cadets’ is patterns. They are guaranteed to fuck you up, and this was no different. Looking at the stones my eyes followed them down in rows, but square rows, like I saw 4 stones on the left 4 on the right 4 above and 4 below. The 3 3 3 3, then 2 2 2 2, and finally, I focused on the centre singular stone. As I concentrated on it, it began to rise of the ground and turn on it axis. I noticed it was made up of loads of little cubes on each face. Suddenly the cubes began to split apart from the stone and glorious blinding blue light came from underneath.

Anyway as the cube completely and utterly overwhelmed me, some fucking drunken, tripping tramp stumbled over to our bench and mumbled to me for 5 crowns (slang for 5 Kroner Danish currency-about 40p). I thought he said 5 pounds (UK currency) and said ‘what 5 pounds’, he immediately broke into a laugh and put on a doggy posh English imitation accent, ‘Oh 5 pounds’ he said. He then sat himself down on our bench, noticed my bag of shrooms and went into some lengthy detailed absolute nonsense about selling shrooms mixed with acid for 500 Kroner a gram, and not knowing whether he liked Danish shrooms more than Swedish (he was Swedish). As he lapsed from English to Swedish whilst talking I lapsed in concentration more interested in his huge messy beard that was moving and looking like something was living init. I was also stunned at how bright ginger it was, it almost hurt to look at. Finally he finished talking, I gave him 5 Kroner and he wondered off. As he left I noticed his beard looked like it was on fire, it was SO bright.

Whether the tramp had anything to do with why my trip went bad from then on I don’t know, but he marked the beginning. I suddenly realised I needed a piss. I walked over to a gate nearby outside some deserted building, and took a wiz. Suddenly I became really paranoid, the fence which I thought was big and covered in ivy blocking passers by from seeing me, was in fact pretty small and had little ivy on, furthermore a window in the building next to me looked liked in might be in use. I just couldn’t tell. The last thing I wanted was some enraged Danish drug dealer running out of his house screaming at me in my state. So I quickly finished and wondered back to the table. I sat down, a few minutes later I felt as if I was gonna wet myself. I checked my groin area on my trousers no wet patch. I scolded myself, You just went for a piss you not gonna piss again thicko! I was sweating hard oblivious to how hot it was (It was clocking 90oF) at about 12.00pm I had had enough ‘Right lets go’ I remember saying. A didn’t understand why I wanted to go so suddenly. But after a little conversation, he realised the paranoid delusion I was slipping into and agreed we should go. Walking was hard at first. My legs felt wobbly probably because we were sitting down for so long. As we came out of the little cove we were sitting in shaded by the tree, I walked out into the bright open sunshine, and JESUS CHRIST it was light. SO FUCKING LIGHT. We went into the cannabis café nearby, because A’s girl needed a piss.

Suddenly as we walked in everything changed. It was dark and almost ordinary again I hoped I was coming down because I was getting really paranoid. I felt like everyone was looking up at me like it was a cheap Western when a newboy walks into the saloon. Me and A sat down at a table and I tried to relax breathing deep and all that shit. I began to feel I needed a piss again and made a move for the bathroom, it gave me a reason to get away from the faces. I walked into the cubical, and suddenly felt really disorientated and claustrophobic. Was I in a toilet cubical or was this the whole toilet? It was a big cubical with a sink and mirror and bog so I wasn’t sure whether it was or wasn’t the only cubical. I looked in the mirror, a mixed reflection peered back, I was SO pale with a few bright red spots, I looked like a fucking clown, and my pupils had dilated so much I couldn’t see the coloured bits at all (Something I learnt from this is have a cap handy when your tripping in public). I tried to take a piss but nothing came out (understandably as I had only pissed about 5 minutes ago). I stumbled out into the café, and sat by A. My vision was blurred and shaking. I skinned a spliff and smoked it, I had a few tokes on A’s orders, he informed me everyone was looking at me and I had to chill. I screwed at him for doing that later because it tripled my paranoia to have a none tripper telling me I have reason to be paranoid. Finally A’s girl finished on the loo (woman and toilets?), and we left. I was relieved to have left that place. Now I could try and act normal again.

We went to the bus stop. I was exhausted from sweating, worrying and genuine tiredness. Typically the bus stop we were at had no bench, so instead I collapsed against a wall and tried to look normal. Again I could not escape the trips, closing my eyes made it worse so I kept them open and tried to focus on one thing across the road. But it was too much. The colours and people on the main streets was insane. Everything was running into each other, colours, buildings just moulding together. I felt like I was in a film this actually clamed me a bit because I kept telling myself your in a film it doesn’t matter what people think. Then the trips became so intense my head felt like it was pounding pulsing in time with the trips. I saw a line appear on the shops, and it was as if that line was a boundary, which if I passed I was fucked!!! Out for the count so to speak, until the shrooms completely wore of, but I was in the middle of city and needed to meet A’s mum later. However much I would to have loved to cross that line and just forget all the problems, I HAD to fight it. It was the biggest battle with a drug I’ve ever encountered. It was scary to think if I pass that line I will have NO control. Luckily the bus came and that broke the war, I had won. Any longer like that I would have been fucked.

Other than some severe day-shar-vo (sp?), major paranoia, and feeling that I was being encircled by people at the train station, and the constant feeling I was gonna piss myself, we made it back to his town just outside Copenhagen. IT WAS A LONG TRIP BACK!!!! However the shrooms where warring off and when we got the bus from his station to his road I was almost feeling normal again. But I looked like shit, and on entering his house (the first time since I had landed in Denmark that day) his mum was of course straight up to greet me. I made some bollocks up about feeling really tired and a bit ill and she THANK GOD suggested I have a nap. I slept in his brothers room who was away, But had to make light chat with his mum as she made up his bed. GOD that was difficult. Finally though she left and I was able to enjoy myself for the first time in hours. The shrooms began to kick back when I let them (control over them was pretty much mine now). I watched the silver scales of a fake fish on his wall glitter and sparkle so bright, and starred at a drawing of his brother on the wall and watched his glasses fade away and reappear. Still these were nothing compared with earlier and finally I fell asleep.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 22405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 30, 2005Views: 26,993
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Cannabis (1), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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