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Tooth Pain Away
Datura stramonium
Citation:   Remut. "Tooth Pain Away: An Experience with Datura stramonium (exp22005)". Nov 17, 2004.

  buccal Datura (leaves)
For the last few days I have had pain in the left molar due to a cavity. I have a dentist appointment in 2 weeks anyway.

If I went to eat anythings gummy my tooth hurt and throbbed for 20-30 min even if I washed my mouth out with warm water. I had been growing a Datura Stramonium plant for about 4 weeks. It's just a seedling 3 small leaves 1 bigger one at 2 inch stem to tip. With an odd smell to it. I was reading that people use to rub Datura inside of infants mouth during teething to numb the pain, it sounded good and my pain was nagging badly.

Picked up the pot (4 inch) and rub the live leaf (still on the plant) inside my mouth just inside my mouth not around the tooth. I rubbed it for duration of about 10 seconds back and forth and then rubbing the other side of my cheek for about the same time. After I was done I was thinking I was going to see things, but nothing trippy happened. For all the plant lover out there (I'm one of them) I did not leave the plant with drool on its leaves. I sprayed my baby with water then gently put it under the grow light again.

+2-4 minutes - pain is gone.

+10 minutes - the TV is very old (it has turn dials!) and as I watch it, the waves in it are more noticeable.

+30 minutes - pain is still gone I went to the bathroom looking for eye dilation found none. But eyes were dry feeling. Mouth had no different feeling but I got a glass of water just in case and I found I drank it all in a period of 10 min and went to get another glass.

+40 minutes - A little light headiness most likely itís just me thinking something is happening. The cold water I was drinking caused no discomfort on the tooth.

+70 minutes - pain has returned but very slight almost unnoticeable.

My opinion due to all the bad trips I've read about did deter me but I was not looking for a psychedelic trip, mostly pain relief. I was glad I was growing it. I plan on using it for other pains like arthritis, which I don't have, but I've gone hiking for miles and when i get home my knee sometimes hurts. I'm only 21 years old..I'm sure i dont have arthritis yet. I do have asthma and I'm willing to try smoking the leaf for asthma relief as soon as i can pick a leaf without hurting my plants.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 17, 2004Views: 26,405
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