Visual and Joyful
by Scotto
Citation:   Scotto. "Visual and Joyful: An Experience with 2C-T-7 (exp2197)". Jun 27, 2000.

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60 mg oral 2C-T-7


[Simple disclaimer for the viewing audience:
I often 'take a lot.' Sometimes I take too much; your mileage may vary. Please do the research before swallowing something you've never swallowed before, or before swallowing a large amount of something which previously you had only consumed in small amounts, or before swallowing familiar things in unfamiliar combinations. Please do the research, that's all. It's not hard.]

Excerpted from my Burning Man 1998 report :

wednesday night i took 60mg of 2ct7 and wandered about as any number of my compatriots found themselves on 2cb or acid or shrooms or whatever; it was hard to keep track. burning man surprised me all week as it seemed to continually be divided into either the tripping people or the drunk people. as each evening progressed, you saw more and more people pushing frontiers of consciousness, or else getting seriously down with their drunken selves. the bman survival guide recommends against drugs, suggesting that since the consciousness of black rock city is already altered, perhaps the best response is a creative one. perhaps. at **** we covered all the bases just in case. i should point out that there were plenty of people who didn't use drugs, didn't drink alcohol, and were still freaky as all hell. the whole scene is anarchy; ppl do whatever they want, and as i heard one woman patiently explain to a friend one night: 'it's only fun as long as you don't get hurt.' do what thou wilt, dammit.

the 2ct7 hit strong and was enormously fun. i remember walking out onto the playa at one point and staring at the horizon; suddenly the horizon was moving, and the stars - well the stars were incredible regardless, but man, they were suddenly shimmering and doing all those cliche trippy things that the sky can do when you're on psychedelics. i was having the time of my life, and it was only wednesday. this drug was not particularly insightful, not particularly full of 'content', but the larger context of bman is so thought provoking that there was plenty to look at and experience regardless.

In retrospect, as I think back on that 2ct7 experience, I remember it as being one of the most enjoyable psychedelic experiences I've ever had. Perhaps some idealization is going on, but I would place 2ct7 at the top of my list of psychedelics I've tried to date, and I can hardly wait to try it again to see if it was just the context - new drug at burning man - or if it will shimmer as remarkably in other settings. I remember it being so remarkably visual and joyful, with no particular dark edges, that I just wonder how it will stack up against my psyche in its natural habitat.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 2197
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 27, 2000Views: 7,746
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2C-T-7 (54) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), General (1)

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