The Long Journey into Night
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   Briggsy. "The Long Journey into Night: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp21822)". Aug 16, 2006.

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3.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
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This past summer I spent quite a lot of time with my friend 'M'. He bred and traded reptiles all over the world. He and I had grown up together and one day he mentioned that someone told him that he had all the equipment (incubators, growing mediums, large tubs and tanks) to cultivate mushrooms. This intrigued him and we did extensive research on the subject. Finally, he got the guts to purchase spores and other supplies.

I had tripped numerous times before, but he was a virgin when it came to any hallucinogen. We toiled for weeks on the first batch. He did most of the work because I had a day job and he was at home with his animals all day, but at night we would often work together. We tried many strains (Ecuadorian, B+, mazatapec, and many others). Being our first time growing our yields werenít high enough to produce pounds of mushrooms as we had originally and naively intended. But it was enough to have parties with our close friends and sit on the back porch and trip all night long. The summer brought many intense psychedelic experiences and many mediocre at best. But I learned something about myself in every instance. I am a huge advocate of hallucinogens (LSD, peyote, DXM -in high enough doses *caution*) though most exotics never make their way to where I live in middle America (2C-T-7, 2CB, DMT or others) and soon I will travel into the world of Salvia (cautiously). Anyway, I digress.

The night in discussion here was a journey into oblivion and back and was the greatest psychedelic experience of my life. I started the night by going over to M's house to prepare for the evening... bottled water, gum, 3 packs of cigarettes (sounds like we were going to do ecstasy, eh?) But these we just things that I liked when on mushrooms. And I am so glad that I prepared. M usually didnít trip when I tripped alone because he didnít want his grandmother(who knew about the cultivation) to see what really went on by going upstairs and seeing two 19 year olds tripping and blabbering incoherently with that shocked look on their faces.

So he didn't eat any that night. He said he wanted to 'give me an experience'. Ok, sure. (9:00pm) I ate 3 grams of Mazatapec (first time with this-my favorite- strain) and went out to smoke a cigarette in the surprisingly cool summer air. One cigarette turned into four as we usually just in his driveway and talked. (~9:20) It began. How it always begins. Sitting there with M talking I suddenly realized that I had not said a word in ten minutes and M implied that they were taking over. I groggily turned my head toward him and he confirmed this.

My face looked as if I had walked in on some strange circus and I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, be disgusted, or be frightened so I just stood there eyes wide, face red, mouth on the floor. His reaction set me into the first realization of my beginning of the trip. I laughed completely and totally uncontrollably for about 10 minutes, my sides hurt. For some reason this always happened to me, I like it. The physical onset hits of course before the visual, but on this night it hit HARD! Suddenly my limbs were so heavy I could not move them, my mind was floating away, my muscles were contracting my spine was intensely tightening... I was grinding my teeth, clenching my fists and damn near having an orgasm. I felt like I was on the most intense X I'd ever had, the physicals were amazing and they didnít stop for the rest of the night. I played it off as my senses ran wild and M suggested a booster of some weaker strain. (NOTE: B+ is a good stain and not much less potent than mazatapec but other mushrooms we had tried from our fresh B+ batch had very little effect on earlier attempts and we considered them impotent)

We went upstairs (that was a trial by fire for my senses, I was TRIPPPPPPING) and (9:45ish) I munched the B+ which have a very bland nasty taste even when freshly dried and only picked 24 hours ago. I ate and we went back out side.

As I stepped through the garage door, I opened up into a jungle of color. The huge glossy leaved Oak in front of me had come to life and was shooing away hoards of baby brown leaves that rustled and scurried along the driveway. The majestic Oak welcomed me to nature and asked (not joking) in a deep voice if I cared to sit and enjoy the sunset. I lit a cigarette and sat down. I stepped in a puddle of fresh oil from a car and could not get my eyes off of it. It chased my eyes as I followed the color in the water and soon the dry concrete had adapted this texture and soon the entire driveway had a thick oily film across it.

I drank a sip of water and it chilled me to the bone. Tthis entire time I was clawing at my skin because every neuroereceptor in my brain was spinning shooting sparks from head to toe. Then M decied to take a drive. I sat shotgun, and my then girlfriend sat behind me (she was a raver but had never done mushrooms and was amazed by my Trip.
Across the Night

Driving was incredible, The wind cascading over my body, the visuals from the trees, the sunset oh god the sunset paralyzed me with its beauty. Then the feeling began and I had the most intense EMOTIONAL trip of my life. But in the best way. I laughed at road signs, I marveled at structure, I lamented for the flower I saw at a stoplight, sitting all alone that had muscled its way through a crack in the concrete standing proudly. When we got on the highway and turned on the onramp I was near tears. I had never seen anything so beautiful, I was smoking again and drinking (water)wildly.

My girlfriend began massaging my back (like I said she was a raver and knew exactly how to touch some one on X and it almost brought me to orgasm) and then it all clicked into place when M turned on the music. Every sense was beyond anything I'd every felt before. Complete euphoria and elation. I hung my head out the car window screaming, I felt like I ruled the universe, everything made sense, every being was in harmony. The physical and metaphysical universes met into me! How I was chosen as the center of the universe I didnít know, I didnít care, I was on top of the world looking down and was in love with every thing I saw. We circled downtown and I watched the buildings hold conference.

We passed a farm and I watched a purplish brown cow eat yellowish grass and a farmer chasing a chicken was the funniest thing Iíd ever seen. We circled downtown once more and decided to go in. Tears were streaming down my face I was so happy. The sheen that enveloped everything was so brilliant I hated to blink cause I'd miss a second of life as it unfolded before me. The main streets in downtown were less fun to encounter as I hate being around lots of strangers on mushrooms, so I rolled the window up while on the main drag. The monstrous buildings seemed to close overhead as the sun finished setting.

My senses still buzzed but now the visuals were at peak. The cross on an old catholic church melted and the steeple faltered (symbolism?) and I soon felt I needed to pee. This was dangerous since only convenience stores were nearby. We found one with an outside bathroom so I would have to face the attendant and I went in to pee. Releasing was purification and I watched the water swirl in perfect circles. My eyes wandered to the floor and there I had the mot intense visual of my life. The brown paisley floor began to climb the walls.

This was not a mild hallucination, this was a real as fresh paint on the wall and I couldn't believe my eyes, I'd never had an open eye visual that was this real. Soon a knock came on the door and they pleaded me to get out. I sat back in the car and the leather on the dashboard came alive. Ten I had the only mind replacement hallucination in my life ( I never see leprechauns or pinks elephants, stuff that really isnít there, I just get distortions) but the leather came alive and a cartoon wolf with a square nose and a seal began playing on the leather, they were the same color as the leather but their outlines danced and played and were as vivid as if ren or stimpy sat there and talked to me. For the ride home I just laid back and smoked and listened to the music.

This was the most intense psychedelic experience of my life and I donít think I will ever get to that point again, but trying to get to that point would draw me deep and probably never let me go. I would get lost in the journey.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 21822
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 16, 2006Views: 19,019
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