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Dreaming Herb
by ChemGenius
Citation:   ChemGenius. "Dreaming Herb: An Experience with Mugwort (exp21723)". Nov 3, 2003.

4 bowls smoked Mugwort (dried)


After finding a packet of dried Mugwort herb, sold by the local 'Legal Highs' company, claiming the plant's ability to generate physcoactive dreams, i was eager to try it. The first time I experienced it, I took enough for 2 joints, chopped it and rolled it, ready to be smoked the next night. That evening, simply from handling the herb, i had an incredible dream. While not as physcoactive or 'trippy' as I expected, I would rate this as probably the best dream I ever had. The events of the dream were ordinary; making out with a chick I know at a friend's party. However, what made this dream so spectacular was that underlying the entire dream was this immense feeling of 'wholeness'. One emotion that had been plaguing me for months before this dream was a feeling of loneliness, a sort of lack of missing that 'other half' that people find in love. In this dream, that emotion was replaced with its exact opposite. I awakened that morning in an incredibly good mood.

The following evening, I smoked one of the joints, anticipating a dream at least as spectacular as the previous evenings. The smoke itself was pleasant, smelling nice and not having any of the harshness of marijuana or tobacco. However, there was no result; I did not experience any form of alteration of consciousness and I did not dream at all that evening.

Approximately 2 or 3 weeks later, remembering that first dream, I decided to bring the mugwort back out again for another try. This time, while still 'coming down' from a few cones of marijuana, i smoked 4 straight cones of mugwort through a bong before going to bed. That evening i again had a wonderful dream; sitting in a lecture theatre where 2CT7 (the drug) was being handed out, while starting to make out with the person sitting in front of me, someone known to me through a friend. Later in the dream, I remember getting into a shower with a random generic dream character and proceeding to make out with them, too. Underlying it all was again this feeling of 'wholeness' or 'non-loneliness', it really is a sensation which is hard to describe. The night following that, I re-enacted my actions of the night before. No result. This led me to the conclusion that I build up a temporary resistence to the herb, i.e. it won't work two nights in a row.

Two evenings later, in an attempt to counter this resistence effect, I tried something a little different. Following a suggestion from a friend, i spun some mugwort into my normal smoking mixture. The resulting mix was about 40-50 % Mugwort, 50-55% marijuana and the remainder was about 2 parts tobacco to 3 parts rosemary (for taste). Now, the marijuana I used was a good 'mellow' strain, usually a straight 2 or 3 cones of the stuff will put me in a nice mellow period of being stoned. But after 3 cones of this mix, one of which I didn't even end up pulling properly, I was TRIPPING HARD. I was soon finding it hard to stand upright. After I began to come down a little bit, it was quite late by this stage, I smoked another 3 cones of the mix, to lesser, but still noticeable, effect, and went to bed.

That evening I dreamed of being in a relationship with a guy I know (yes, I am bisexual). While in waking life, I rather dislike this person, I was perfectly happy in this dream and retained that sensation of 'wholeness' I experienced in past mugwort dreams. However, in this dream, that sensation was not so strong, and this may be accredited to the resistence effect I have noticed.

So far, these are the only experiences I have had with this herb, but I have certainly decided that it is one worth continuing to do, as it helps me feel good without altering my perception, rather than simply being an escape, like many drugs. I am not sure if, in these dreams it has been inducing, it is finding something in my life that is lacking or 'wrong-feeling' and replacing for the duration of my dreams, or if it is simply giving me these feelings in my dreams and they just coincidently match up. If there are any other users of this herb out there who can tell me, please post it!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21723
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 3, 2003Views: 55,187
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Mugwort (292), Dreams (85) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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