Not at all what I expected!
Citation:   Judge Buster. "Not at all what I expected!: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp21663)". Feb 27, 2003.

5 tsp oral Nutmeg (powder / crystals)
Whilst waiting to be paid for the month I decided I needed to speed up proceedings and took six days off, then proceeded to purchase eight small, brown, whole nutmegs of unknown origin from my local weigh 'n' save shop (In England).

Having tried a few times to smoke the stuff before, both the whole and pre-ground varieties, all I succeeded in doing was getting a tiny, almost unnoticeable pot like buzz (which could well have been attributed to placebo), and ruining a great bong that had seen some good times with this smelly, earthy shite. Next I bought a very sturdy looking chrome pepper mill, and a cheese grater (do'h!), then went up to my room and tried to grind the nutmeg up. Well it wouldn't fit into the bloody mill, so I wrapped it up in few big carrier bags, went to the shed and crushed the shit up no problem in the vice on my dads old workbench. Then I put the now half powdered stuff in the mill and ground away for about two hours. Nutmeg is really tough and the mill wasn't up to the job, so I did what I could with it then simply pulled apart any remaining chunks with my nails. Next I left it to one side for the night and got really, really drunk, which is another of my vices(sorry), and in hindsight this may well of contributed to the odd effects of the nutmeg that are described later.

The next morning I was up at ten, and ready to go at 10.30. I'd just reiterate all the other reports in saying that this stuff really doesn't go down easily. I don't agree that it's the taste of nutmeg that is to blame for this; it's definitely the sandy, ashy, earthy texture. I took it between 10.45 AM and 12.00(noon) with a lot of water, seriously I'm talking in the region of 3 litres, and with a break between each of 5 teaspoons I ingested. During this time I felt only a little nausea, as the water helps a lot as does smoking the odd straight, if you smoke. However I do have an Iron hard Stomach, and I still wretched once or twice at the moment this stuff hit the back of my throat. I'd recommend letting it sit on your tongue and then downing a lot of water, nutmeg and all. Get chugging the water from a wide brimmed jug or bottle AS SOON as the spoon enters your mouth!

So at 12.00 the real account begins.

12.00 – 14.00 The only discernible effect is a neither pleasant nor unpleasant, really mild pot like buzz, as can be achieved by smoking nutmeg. My feelings of anticipation quickly fade and are replaced by a small initial feeling of disappointment, tempered by consoling thoughts that persuade me to believe the previous accounts stating that this stuff takes a good five hours to kick in.

14.00 – 17.00 Ever conscious of the Internet research I conducted before soiling my soul with this shit, I begin to look for the expected effects, and notice only slightly brighter colours on the ever-white canvas that is the background of a Google Search. Every few minutes my head recoils in fits of blinking, involuntary I might add, which ensue as I struggle to give my pupils some relief from the deluge of light. This coupled with the slightly increased pot like buzz almost convinced me the experiment was worth the effort.

17.00 – 18.00 I grow tired of reading web pages, and decide to pay my mum a visit in the next room. She is playing James Pond 2 Robocod via a Genesis emulator on an old PC I had rigged for her. Interaction with her is at first, a daunting but necessary prospect, but I quickly realise I have a hard to describe bond with her above and beyond what usually exists. I grow immensely self-satisfied at the computer she was enjoying that was a result of my labours, and read into the hidden, or sarcastic, meanings of what she says to me. In short (not a style I’m known for) I felt satisfied with my nutmeg experience, felt it was worthwhile, and begin to anticipate with glee the coming effects.

I now feel hungry and decide that I will go to the Chinese chippy (fish and chip shop) for some curry sauce for my dinner. The local one is closed for refurbishment so I have to venture further afield, to the nearest nice chippy. As I leave the house I notice the daylight immediately, and it rips me from my dull mind frame. As I walk down the oh so familiar streets I feel a strange sensation that there is hidden depth to these streets and I chart my own imagined history, from the times of Neanderthals to the present day, all of this set in my home town, and lasting a minute or two. Unlike the ”trips” I have experienced when really pilled up (on 8 or so E’s) I was always in complete control of the thought process (it was only this, no visual or auditory trips occurred at all) and was able to drift to this state at will, then return to reality when I chose or when I was forced to. In the shop I was calm and relaxed, but on the way back home my mind began to wander again and I analysed in detail my views on life, what is expected of me, how I could improve my lot, and what drugs I will try over the coming weeks. Again, I was always able to exit these bouts of deep thought at will, and able to resume them at the point of exit when I saw fit. I think 'controlled' is the most accurate description, but I did perceive colours and light as brighter than one would normally expect for the entire journey and this effect was most uncontrollable.

18.00 – 03.00 I get really drunk as I always do, and cannot perceive any nutmeg related fun at all.

03.00 – 11.00 I sleep ‘as sound as a pound’ with no problems. No deep thoughts, hallucinations or dreams that I can remember.

11.00 – 17.30 I read the web and about a quarter of Terry Prattchet’s ‘The Fifth Element’ but notice nothing other than a ‘dull in the head’ feeling extremely similar to that experienced after smoking pot in the morning then not smoking any more for the rest of the day, but I still found the day to be more relaxing and fulfilling than I would without the nutmeg.

17.30 – 02.00 I just Drank a lot and went to bed. The nutmeg was dismissed and long forgotten.

Strangely enough my experience account is really dull, and the experience itself was almost dismissible as a non-event, but the day after this was really good fun as the real experience began. I woke up really relaxed yet fully alert. My pupils were dilated (like after an E or two) and I felt an underlying sense that life really wasn’t so bad at all. My muscles were drained and wasted but in a pleasant way (the weird tingles in my legs were incredibly enjoyable), and the slightest little attempt at humour was hilarious to me. This approached upon an MDMA like euphoria, but fell short by quite a margin. When later I got drunk as usual, the nutmeg enhanced a ‘procedure’ I am very familiar with by replacing depression with a sense of well being.

Overall this was an enjoyable but disappointing experience, and it took too long for the spice to reach fruition. One thing I would suggest is that you really do plan ahead, as I did, and take 2-4 days off or take nutmeg in a school/college holiday.

It seems the high was low and the low was high. The after effects are a must in my opinion, but there was no rush, and therefore no real ‘hit’. I’m sure I’ll try it again in a larger dose. However this an unusual, almost weird drug that may disappoint as much as it will exhilarate.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21663
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 27, 2003Views: 117,790
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