Am I Doing Something Wrong?
Morning Glory
by rainyeternity
Citation:   rainyeternity. "Am I Doing Something Wrong?: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp21419)". Mar 7, 2003.

12 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I believe I am a pretty experienced drug user. I have done mushrooms, E, smoked tons and tons of pot, done a wide array of pharms, and done nutmeg(which I tried twice and YET AGAIN did nothing to me!!!)

I have tried morning glory seeds four times in the past week. The first time I tried them... I ground 4.5g up in a pepper grinder and stuffed the product into capsules. I took them... Got a little neaseous at first, so I smoked my trusty greens and then... Two hours later... My colors were brighter, sensations enhanced... And pupils mad dilated. There were no real mental effects. I thought to myself, a little more and i'll be tripping hard!

The 2nd attempt was about 4 nights later... I tried 6g... Ground them up... And since I was out of capsules... I just decided to eat the shit and chase it with iced tea. 20 minutes later... I'm dizzy and ready to puke... So I smoke some pot. About an hour passes by.... No real effects except I am drowsy... Realllly drowsy. So I fall asleep... Wake up the next morning with nothing more than a little stomach discomfort. I didnt trip or anything. I might have in my sleep... And didnt remember it... But I highly doubt it...

Fast forward to the next night. I, once again... Have purchased more seeds... Totalling 12g...I thought to myself...if this doesnt work then nothing will! I ground up all 12g and mixed them with peanut butter, then proceeded to spread it on a bagel with jelly. It was like having a pb and j sandwich made with chunky peanut butter. Just as before except about an hour and half passed by... I was sound asleep again! After 12g! I didn't get neaseous though...

Now my last attempt was late morningtime yesterday... I tried 12g of seeds... Ground them and I got empty capsules again.. So I put the shit in there. Took them. Waited... Got neaseous. Smoked a hell of a lot... But I still felt like shit!! I lay down and didn't feel like getting up... Get this...! Big surprise!! I fell asleep AGAIN! In the middle of the day! Trust me.... Its not like I am sleep deprived...I slept all weekend. I woke up about 3 and a half hours after taking the seeds and went to the bathroom. My head pounded, I felt dizzy... The only fact that separated this 'trip' from a stomach virus was that my pupils were dilated an my face was flushed like it usually is when I trip. I went back to sleep and woke up about 3 more hours later. I wanted to kill myself. I was head pounded..I felt trip. NO TRIP!

Now the only thing I can think is that there actually is this wierd virus going around with the same symptoms I had (people at my job had it during the course of the past week)... So it could have been bad luck and I landed the virus at the same time I decided to trip... OR because of the amounts of seeds and the amount of times I did the seeds... It could have been a build up in the pesticides and fertilizers they may put on the seeds that eventually made me get so sick (yes... Gross I know... And poisonous). I am just so damn upset that I didn't trip. It could have been the fact that I was by myself the 3 times I felt nothing (the first time I did the seeds and felt a little bit, I was with my boyfriend). Now someone must let me know if I was doing something wrong. I plan on trying them again... But not a for a little while and im gonna do them with another person... Maybe that will keep me from falling asleep!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21419
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 7, 2003Views: 9,398
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