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Swirling Chaos
by rubiq's cube
Citation:   rubiq's cube. "Swirling Chaos: An Experience with DXM (exp21361)". Erowid.org. Feb 15, 2003. erowid.org/exp/21361

8 oz oral DXM (liquid)


Ok it was Saturday afteroon, rainy, sometime in late winter of 2002. The experience is still very vivid in my mind. I was bored and looking for something to do and then I remembered the bottle of Robotussin DM I had in a bag in my room which I planned on doing. I sat at my laptop reading up on it, though I had already read quite a bit beforehand as well. Dxm sounded like a drug worth trying and some of my friends had done it as well.

Well I decided to do it. I made a little chart on my laptop of suggested doses and converted mls to gs and suggested weight/dose correlations, etc. One bottle seemed fine for a male of 200lbs. I took the Robotussin down in the little shot glass thing it comes with. Just thinking about it now almost makes me throw up. Seriously! Anyway at the time it wasn't so bad, I choked it all down rather fast. As I have said, I was a little bored, and it was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I was pretty relaxed but I really shouldn't turn to drugs as a cure for boredom.

As I have said, I am about 200 lbs, tall but thin. At this point maybe +15 mins or so I felt kinda light headed. I went across the hall to a friend's apartment to watch a sports game. It was definitely a mellow afternoon. At this point I told him I didn't feel so well, and I really didn't, though I didn't tell him I was on dxm.

Fool! Back in my apartment just a few yards away I soon vomitted extremely violently. At this point +30 mins I felt the effects coming on and my head was kind of swimming. I waited in bed for the trip to fully come on. +40 mins I stumbled to the bathroom but too late. Red vomit (partly the color of the Robotussin, partly blood?!?) made its way all over the carpet and then all over the sink and wash basin. I thought I was going to die. All the mucous came out of my throat and nose and mouth and I vomited at least 7 times. I started at myself in the mirror hoping I would live and had one of the sort of swirling color mirror image ego death sessions you can get on mushrooms when you look in the mirror.

Well after all of this hell I made it back to bed and shut off the lights and closed the door so as not to be bothered by my non drug using roommate or anyone else. I was fuckin trippin'! At this point the trip became enjoyable. I had heard from a friend that dxm makes you hate light so laying there about +1:15 the sun had thankfully gone down by now and it was head trip time.

Everything became really fucked up in my mind. I put on avant-garde electronic music by Oval. It complemented the experience perfectly. The complete headfuck of the dxm and the bizarre alien sounding music was perfect. I had heard that dxm makes music sound metallic and artificial, but Oval sounds that way anyway, so it just added to the effect. Time at this point loses meaning. I closed my eyes in bed thinking I heard the whole album, but really the first song just ended! Fuck! Am I ever gonna come down? I continued listening to the album and completed god and avant-garde art and instinct/culture etc. I felt really primitive like an animal or something.

At this point I got insane closed eye visuals. Everything was like green and black and seemed very alien, primitive, and esoteric. I felt like I was looking back in time, peeling back the layers of collective subconscious that had built up since the Greeks and before. I felt like I could lay here on this headfuck contemplation shit forever. I felt I had to memorialize the event and I envisioned a sort of swirling pyramid of black unformed chaos. It seemed like real reality. Everything beyond what humans can grasp. Complete uncertainty, completely beyond concepts like logic. I drew this swirling pyramid on my wall with a simple Sharpie pen, then satisfied fell back into my headtrip and saw a kaleidiscopic slideshow of avant-garde insanity.

Maybe +3:30 at this point, I had heard the Oval cd several times. It seemed the perfect soundtrack and I was honestly kind of afraid to do anything too abrupt like change cds. It was fully night now and I kind of wanted to come down and more or less was coming down. I sipped on some tea I had made and got on IM chat on my computer and talked to some friends.

What did I learn? A whole lot! For one, never fucking ignore anything about a drug. I saw that the DM variety of Robotussin I had contained gaufenesin in addition to dxm, which I ignored, even though I had been taught by online sources to never take anything other than dxm from cough syrup. This was ignorance on my part. At this point I read up the fact that this chemical, guafenesin, causes a loosening of mucous. Disgusting and painful. Also I learned a lot about avant-garde art. I felt I truly understood it by listening to Oval and pondering it in general. Some truly edgy, mind fucking shit designed to push people beyond their normal ways of thinking and understanding life and art. I felt a communion with god, a god not really benevolent at all, but chaotic, uncaring, primal. Swirling chaos. In general an enjoyable trip, once I got past the initial hell in getting it down and vomiting it back up. I learned all of the above and felt more complete after the trip, though I don't know that I'll do dxm ever again, but I'm glad I checked it out. Swirling chaos!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 21361
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 15, 2003Views: 46,988
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DXM (22) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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