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Less Is Just as Much
MDMA, Piracetam & Supplements
by Ms. Nomer
Citation:   Ms. Nomer. "Less Is Just as Much: An Experience with MDMA, Piracetam & Supplements (exp21356)". Feb 19, 2003.

T+ 0:00
1000 mg oral Vitamin C
  T+ 0:59   oral Vitamins / Supplements
  T+ 0:59 1600 mg oral Piracetam
  T+ 5:00 1 capsl oral MDMA
  T+ 8:00 0.5 capsls oral MDMA
  T+ 0:59 0.5 capsls oral MDMA
  T+ 0:59 10 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam

Usually when my sweetie and I embark on an MDMA excursion, we take three pills each over the course of an afternoon/evening. Because a recent vacation excursion led us to believe we might get the same, if not better, effects from less if we spaced it out differently, we decided to try that regimen at home.

The setting was our home on a slightly chilly, overcast afternoon. We had both worked out in the morning and were feeling relaxed and energetic. We had pumped up our usual morning vitamin regimen a bit: We took 1000 mg vitamin C, a multi-vitamin with anti-oxidants, 1600 mg Piracetam, 500 mg L-tyrosine, 100 mg of alpha-lipoic acid, and 400 IU of vitamin E.

About 2:15 in the afternoon we dropped our first pill, about two hours after having a light lunch. I had gone upstairs to lie down and watch TV while waiting for it to hit, while G stayed downstairs and puttered on his computer. We know from experience that the first alerts will usually hit us in 45 minutes. He soon came upstairs and we began snuggling. He suggested that we make love before the MDMA hit, because we love to have sex while high, but neither of us can have an orgasm on E, so we thought why not try something a little different and make love before the trip started? I looked at the clock and had to giggle we had about 15-20 minutes before we could expect the E to hit. I think we both must have been feeling little fingers of E reaching into our nerve endings, because we ended that 20 minutes in a resounding crescendo that Im surprised didnt scare the cats.

We lay in bed for a while, snuggling and talking, but I could tell the speedy effects of the pills were kicking in, as we were talking fast and jiggling our feet a bit. Going downstairs to listen to music seemed like a good idea. We cranked up the music and danced and sang along with songs we chose to play for each other, taking frequent breaks to entwine ourselves together on the sofa and enjoy that wonderful, sensual feel of being in the arms of someone you love and trust.

Sometime after 4 the sun came out in that late-afternoon, slanted way it does in the wintertime, so that everything seems stage lit from one side. We hurried to get our sunglasses and shoes and socks on so we could go for a walk around the neighborhood before we lost the sun. Our first hits were wearing off, but I believe because of the Piracetam, the comedown is much more subtle and takes a lot longer, so we figured we had plenty of time to walk before it was time to reinforce with more chemicals.

The colors were brilliant, a combination of our heightened awareness and the magical afternoon light a neighbors bougainvillea was starting to bloom, ornamental grasses sketched their amazing architecture in the sky, and we felt blessed by the universe. At one point, an ornamental fruit tree had dropped its tiny, pale pink petals on the sidewalk, and they seemed to glow like snowflakes. There was that sense of almost eerie silence that I notice sometimes on E, where you can literally hear the quiet.

Once back at the house, we followed our plan to each take half a pill, rather than a full hit each. We dissolved them in water and drank them down, barely noticing the taste. We also took another 1000 mg of calcium and 100 mg. alpha-lipoic acid, and I took an additional dose of magnesium for jaw clenching.

Back to listening to music. We were alternately energized to dance and wobbly enough to need to sit down. We played some songs we hadnt heard for a long time. G played The End by the Doors and did a hypnotic, slow dance to it while remembering the songs role in one of his favorite movies, Apocalypse Now. I was worried for a minute that playing such a downer song would change the complexion of our trip, but it didnt.

We went upstairs for massages and snuggles. I had some expensive goop from a salon that was supposed to refresh aching muscles, but I think its really a combination of witch hazel and some good smells. In any event, we took turns giving each other back massages with the stuff, which felt good, but so cold! After a while of holding each other and talking about whatever came up, we went back down for more music. We were definitely as high as if wed taken a whole pill each. In fact, the peak seemed to last longer. The eye wiggles I was experiencing were quite intense. I tried to brush my teeth, but it took quite a while to get the toothpaste to meet up with the toothbrush. It was a funny reminder of how uncoordinated we get when using this substance. It also took longer and longer to select a CD from our extensive collection, because we would start out looking for something in particular, then after a few minutes realize we forgot what we were looking for. Several times while G was dancing and I was sitting on the couch watching, I realized that the eye wiggles were making him look like he was in an old herky-jerky black and white hand-cranked film.

We went out for another walk once it was dark. We noticed a few people out, but they seemed to suddenly appear when we were almost upon them, as if they had materialized out of thin air. We walked by a yard and didnt realize a woman was standing in it with her dog until we were right by her. It was as if these people were organic structures activated by our passing, like motion detector lights that come on when you walk by. Very interesting.

We returned home and split one more pill, the same way as before. Again, we found the effects almost identical to taking a third pill, instead of just a half. The high was there, but with a little more fucked up edge to it the kind of feeling wed usually get if we took three pills, when instead this day wed both had two. Maybe not as pronounced as if wed taken a third pill, but we certainly didnt feel like wed sacrificed intensity by sticking to our regimen of one pill, followed by a half, followed by another half. Well definitely do this in the future, thinking it must be less damaging to our systems and cheaper to boot.

Once again we found this substance to tweak our view of the world, to help us see everyday beauty in a new light, and to reinforce our bond with one another. I know that many people use it to enhance a party atmosphere, to go to raves and dance all night. But for us its more intimate. Its a toast to the beauty and goodness in our lives, something we need to be reminded of occasionally. We had both been worried about world events before this day, and I wondered if that would plague us throughout our trip. But instead feeling the sweetness of our lives, thinking of our families, and noticing the richness of the landscape all around us, was a reaffirming experience, and we could put those worries aside for a while. Not so much denying them, as putting them in perspective, I guess. There is incredible beauty even in the face of war and tragedy. We are thankful to be reminded of it.

Before going to bed, we took a 10 mg. Valium, and slept soundly all night.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21356
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 19, 2003Views: 76,880
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