Afterschool - NOT Special
by semicharmed
Citation:   semicharmed. "Afterschool - NOT Special: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp21307)". Feb 13, 2003.

300 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)


Well a few days ago, I was bored after school, and walked down to Thriftway.

I had promised my friends I wouldn't do any more DXM, which I had been doing fairly regularly, and I didn't have any vicodin or codeine left. I was looking at the small selection of over the counter drugs I could buy, and I noticed some sleeping aids called 'NySol.' I looked at the ingredient, diphenhydramine. I hadn't heard of this before, and its was only five dollars, so I got it.

When I got home I checked up on Nysol online and after reading one review from someone who had had 600 mg. and they said it was like acid. I had wanted to try acid, and I figured if someone got away with 600 mg I could take 300 no problem. So after I downed them all I got on the computer and started talking to some friends.

I was about to give up on anything cool happening (or even feeling sleepy) when the computer screen started to blur and one of my speakers started to shift around like a mirage. I got offline, and was still feeling pretty sober, but decided since the trip, weak as it was, had started, to lay down on my bed and listen to some Coldplay. Things got weird. When I tapped my finger on my bed it seemed the blanket seemed to ripple. It occured to me at the time that I was seeing static electricity, though now I'm sure that it wasn't the case. I stared at my carpet and lines began shooting up from it. Then, a small piece of paper that I had left on my floor began crawling around. I was very scared, because I honestly thought it was alive and I had never had any full blown hallucinations before.

After a while I saw all kinds of macroinvertebrates crawling all about. I wanted it to stop, now I was getting very frightened. I went downstairs and talked to my brother for a minute, but I didn't make any sense. He told me something, I dont remember what, but I said 'I had a feeling you would want some M&M's.' Later on that evening one of my friends called, and I was trying to act sober, but whenever he said something, I would try and focus on a response but my mind jumped so rapidly from subject to subject that there was no fooling him. I don't remember what he asked, but I started rambling about the school gymnasium. He asked what the hell I was talking about, and then asked if I was high. I said yes and told him on sleeping pills, and he said he was worried about me. I left eventually and continued to fearfully hallucinate

Approximately two hours into the trip, a telemarketer called. I picked up and he asked to speak to my mother. While I was about to answer my dad picked up and told the telemarketer to go away. I hung up and my mom asked who had called. I tried to answer but I had already forgotten. It occured to me that it had been someone from the library, telling me I had overdue books. Then I remembered who it had actually been and corrected myself. If she suspected anything of me she did not vocalize it.

Anyway, I was having such a bad time that I decided to just go to sleep, but at this moment my mom came in with some laundry. She was surprised I had gone to bed this early, but as she said she found a dinosaur on the floor and had it put it on my desk. I asked what she was talking about, and she said 'the little dinosaur. Who gave it to you?' I didn't know what she was talking about so I turned on my lamp and looked at what she held in her hand. It was a beanie baby a friend had given me for Christmas. 'Oh, that's a dragon' I told her. But it wasn't and she asked 'really?' I told her no, but that I fancied it was a dragon. She told me goodnight and left my room.

So much for 'sleeping pills' though, I woke up several times in the next few hours and had visions of my clock... don't ask me why. The next day I had mild auditory and visual hallucinations, but I was able to carry on conversations, thank God.

Anyway, this was my most frightening experience with any drug and I highly would reccomend that everyone NOT DO IT because it isn't chill. I thought I would like to see things too, but it's not cool, it's very scary actually. I have actually decided no more drugs of ANY kind because of this, which maybe be the only good thing that happened because of it.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21307
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 13, 2003Views: 35,885
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