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Making School Fun
Adderall & Cannabis
Citation:   DrMJAD. "Making School Fun: An Experience with Adderall & Cannabis (exp21115)". Dec 6, 2005.

100 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


I have been taking dextroanphetamine for 7 1/2 years. Only recently have I started taking Adderall 25mg XR (4-5 months ago). It was also 4-5 months ago when I started taking Adderall to get high. I dont have severe ADD, I just need Adderall to pay attention in class.

Adderall does some strange things to me. For example I constantly hallucinate (not that this is a bad thing). Its like acid visuals just not as noticeable. I see them the most in dark places, and with my eyes closed. Another strange thing is im not dependent after so many years of use. And coming down, no problem at all.

Any way, to the story.

[T 0:00] 4 25mg Adderall taken. If I dont leave now I will miss my ride to school.

[T 0:20] I feel first effects, very awake and aware.

[T 0:45] Feel very happy, kind of numb in the legs. Im in first period, should be taking notes on collage video. Almost end of first period I am taking notes now.

(dont have a watch so I am going to stop giving times)

[Second period: Choir] No changes, still happy, alert, and ready to work.

[Third period: English] Super Duper tweaky feeling. Damnit no work to day, dumb collage aplication guy. I getting in to his discution about what classes to take. More than I normaly would. I have not spoken much the whole day, due to dry mouth, and finding what teachers have to say, extremely entertaining.

[Fourth period: Math] I want to do something really bad. Yes, a test! I would say I am peaking right now. I finished the test very quickly. I am kind of dissapointed though, it was fun. I have a snoop song stuck in my head, but it is very nice. I have been jamming the whole period.

I am skipping 5th period, yay double lunch.

[First Lunch] Time to blaze, but no one has a pipe. We drive over to this this kids house for some papers, he owes me. I spotted him a joint recently. Damn, not home. What to do? I look at the bottom steps of his apartment's stairs. SCORE, the Mountain dew can I droped 2 days ago. We get back in the car. The Reefer is changeing how I feel drasticly. It is a very different high then the one I had 10 minuits ago. I am VERY happy hehe, numb. I am stoned, yet I am compleatly alert, awake, and ready for some more work.

[Second lunch] Im walking around trying to get sober (my next teacher is an X-cop). I feel like a giant floating eyeball. Me and my friend go for a cigarett. MAJOR HEAD RUSH, wow, feels like I am floating. Time to go to class, I feel awesome right now.

[Sixth Period: biology] Genetics final, this sounds like fun. I really cant concentrate very well. I feel great, and snoop is still rappin in my head. I am having awsome visuals, vivid colors, spirals, strobes, lots of little dots flying around in front of me(friut flys?). Any thing I am not focusing on is breathing, and flowing like jello in super slow motion. The X-pig has not said any thing to me yet, its a good thing too, I probobly smell like HELLA dank. I am having slight audio distortions, every thing is echoing away, slower and quieter every cycle.

[Seventh Period] The whole visual distortions went away when I stood up (damn it), but I was hit with a major tingleing feeling. Like the super chills, minus any discomfort. Nothing happening. Chills went away. School will be over in 2 minuits.

I just got home, went strait to my room. Turning on some Snoop 'Dee OH Douba Gee.' I am going to clean my room now. Witch I am to lazy to do other wise.

The rest of the story was too boring to type up. The hallucinations I saw and heared were better than usual. I do not suggest taking Adderall in the amounts I take it in, I have a HIGH tolerance to Anphetamines because I have been taking it for such a long time.

Over and out.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 21115
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 6, 2005Views: 1,786
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Cannabis (1), Amphetamines (6) : General (1), Combinations (3), School (35)

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