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Hobbits and Toads
MDE & Smoked Mushrooms
by Tree
Citation:   Tree. "Hobbits and Toads: An Experience with MDE & Smoked Mushrooms (exp2102)". Jun 25, 2000.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral MDE (capsule)
  T+ 1:30 100 mg oral MDE (capsule)
  T+ 2:45 100 mg oral MDE (capsule)
  T+ 0:59 8 hits smoked Mushrooms  
ok here is a little tale for you all, some time back around three or four years ago i had one of the most profound visual experiences ever, one of my best friends had got hold of a large amount of very pure mdea, i had built up this psycic barrier in my being that i was never going to take E or itīs grandfather, mother, brother or uncle for that matter due to all the recent reports of people dying from mda and mdma, well after two months of watching my two best friends flip off this shit every weekend and after various reports from other trippers that this was truly the best, cleanest and most potent e type substance anyone had ever tried, after thinking about it for some time and trying to overpower my fears i decided to partake in a little exploring of the soul and the cosmos.

It was a friday evening around 10 pm or so me and my two friends each empty so gingseng caps and filled about 10 of them to the brim with the slightly off white powder, i ate the first cap about 100mgīs and felt nothing for 45 minutes by which my two friends were already feeling it heaps, i on the other had could feel nothing really but both my friends pupils were quickly getting massive and by t+90 mins they were so large that only a hairline of iris was present it looked kind of of sinister but not evil i was getting really pissed off that no real effects very noticeable and decided to take another cap.

At around 12:am we called a taxi and just as we walked out of my friends large garden and out to the taxi bam it kicked me in the ass. i was flipping the taxis headlights were blinding and had huge rainbow circles around them i looking up in to the sky and was in awe. i was saying wow and my friends were telling me to shut the fuck up and get in to the cab which i did. i jumped in the front and tried to act cool. well, 15 minutes after being in the club i suddenly found myself baseline. i could not understand it at all a 20 minute amazing rush, what?, so foolish me i ate another 100mg cap making it number three

well things got interesting. i was straight back up in another ten minutes and boy did i stay there. i can only describe the feeling as bliss. i was rushing totally and could feel this amazing warm feeling flowing through my system, in the midst of flipping out from the lights oh my what circles were around everything rainbow circles even when lighting a cigarette the flame produced a visual rainbow, anyways it suddenly dawned on me to check myself out in the mirror i was feeling totally fucked but not badly just E-ing very very strongly. it was my first time remember when i got to the bathroom i was amazed at the size of my pupils. huge does not do it justice. they were very nearly all pupil. i mean there was a hairline of iris still remaining but only just. i went back out and bought some apple juice and continued dancing for about two hours or felt like more. i went to the bathroom for a piss and general check up and shit my pupils were so huge that i could actually see myself reflected in my own pupil from the mirror image something i liked and started playing with until i got a weird look from this high and quickly left the bathroom.

well after my fright i went back to where my friends were and they asked how i was doing i laughed and said ok although i was somewhat rather nervous about these attacks of extreme jaw chattering that were starting to become a problem. i took my dear friend g away and we went outside to smoke a joint. i told him i was freaking out about my jaw and told him to touch it, fucking hell he said but told me not to worry itīs normal. he said touch his so i did and fucking hell his was bad too not as bad but bad enough. by this time i was sooo very out of it that i decided that i wanted to leave and be somewhere much more chill because i was having trouble keeping it together. from the overwhelmingly powerful beautiful clean sensations that were coming in rushes on top of the rushes it was so very intense but completely manageable in terms of paranoia and fear and so forth every thing was beautiful colors lights people music touch taste clothes all of it but too bright and loud.

We returned home to dīs house were we went into the living room and put on the doors video. at the start of the film it was bearable but i found it to be too fast to bright and not what i needed i got a large furry blanket and went outside and lay down on the sun bed ,looking up at the stars they were amazing to say the least, well after about 20 minutes g came outside with a chillum and said get in to this i thought it was hash and started takin in big puffs after exhaling there was the most alien taste in my mouth i cant describe it almost silky but not pleasant tasting i ask what the fuck is that and was told mushrooms, well i said i cant feel anything he went back inside and return with a full bowl leaving the chillum with me i found that by smoking the chill it stopped the shuddering of my jaw and so i continued smoking it until the was no more about eight big hits worth, i put the chill down and almost instantly i was blown away i felt my heart rate go up slightly and all around my face and everywhere was this fine web like almost transparent film like a dimensional barrier of some sort(not that i have seen a dimensional barrier or anything) anyway all of a sudden this thin plant in a pot came to life and grew this brown tiny hooded like head i flipped at this and could feel bubbles exploding around my face and arms, my first reaction was to touch this plant being but just as i got within inches of itīs little hooded head it moved it from side to side with a definite don't you darn touch me feel about it i thought what the fuck is going on here and sat up all of a sudden i saw movement in the side of my eye and turned to see a hobbit type being around 100cm tall standing at the base of the tree to my left around 10 foot away.

I was completely awe struck and did not dare call out to by friends absorbed in the film i waved to the hobbit thing and he waved back and spoke some totally alien language to me smiled and then shrunk into a being of about 20 cms i mean tiny and took off up into the tree my jaw and heart were racing this was so incredibly unbelievable that i thought perhaps i had died. I checked my heart and was positive it was still beating, looking up in to the tree it was full of the silhouettes of hundreds of these little beings jumping and shaking the foliage when i looked down again about three feet from where i saw the male hobbit the was a female one sitting in the grass i waved to her as well and said don't be afraid she spoke the same tongue as the previous one or something very similar waved at me twice and did the shrinking act and took off into the treeīs i was totally flipping by this point and went into the house and got g who came out into the overgrown garden and sat down with me i could see hundreds of this tiny shapes jumping and climbing through the trees at incredible speeds. I asked g if he could see them and he could not which made me feel slightly desperate and very alone although not afraid, g sat outside with his arm around me rubbing my back while i continued to flip at the totally alien reality i was in all off a sudden about 10 feet to my right i saw these two large about the size of a computer mouse bright white toads jumping in the darkness leaving trails behind them as they jumped i started flipping asking if g could see them once again he could not well i got up and went over to where the toads were and just as i approached they vanished even more strange was the fact that in the spot from where they had vanished was a packet of joint papers i could not believe this and picked them up it was about 5 am or maybe later and very dark so i don't know how the hell i found a damp packet of papers in the dark where two seconds before there were bight white toads jumping.

Well i was thoroughly confused and very thirsty walking back into the house seemed to ground me some what and thankfully so i was so completely tripping that i was having trouble pouring a glass of water i went into the living room and sat down the couch felt amazing and the joint g rolled was even better well i finally came down around 700 am and was glad too i feel asleep and woke up six hours later sweating but with no real hangover except trying to work out what the fuck had happened, well just recently during a lsd trip i suddenly thought about that perhaps the dmt tryptamines were made active when i smoked the mushrooms causing this very rapid and intense visual experience,or maybe it was a combination of the two substances i don't know.

Well i survived that first e trip and have searched long and hard for those hobbits but sadly so i have yet had the luck of meeting them again. maybe one day.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 2102
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 25, 2000Views: 24,631
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Mushrooms (39), MDE (35) : Various (28), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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