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It Connects Everything
by Wild
Citation:   Wild. "It Connects Everything: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp2084)". Jun 24, 2000.

  oral Mushrooms

Here is my journal pages from the first time I ever tripped. It's a bit tough to follow but here goes. It's not too long I hope you enjoy my first trip. It was really intense but the writing I did that night was not just random thoughts.

(That is all I wrote....the night was long and fantastic. I could probably tell you more now about what happened but that is what I wrote. The whole trip was in a car ride for hours. We drove miles and it seemed like minutes. Tell me what you think)

9:45 I just ate 3 pieces of mushrooms 2 stems and a cap. It's 9:45pm on Friday. I'll write a bit...45 minutes I'm a bit strange because I like the tast of shrooms.

10:00 I'm just nervous in anticipation the above cost 15$. I don't know the guy who sold them to me but my friend said they are good. I just bought two more small pieces for 3$ 2 small stems. I don't have much in my stomic I just ate an orange. I'm real nervous. 'Gone! Like Candy.' Craig Murphy said. Bill and Matt just left. I only didn't get one class at Umass. I want to listen to music.

10:05 (more boaring stuff like the above)

10:15 I'm feeling a bit strange. Nothing too strange...yet.

10:20 Nothing much yet. Bill and I are going to smoke to increase the trip. What I've eaten today 2 pizza slices. 2 two chicken tenders some water soda crackers

10:25 I'm feeling rather normal...I think.

10:30- I feel like laughing so bad.

10:45 I'm in the dark its tough to write. I just smoked. I wonder what is going to happen? The crickets are really loud and distinct.

11:00 I'm in Matts car (he is straight) lights out. We are going north on 93. Huge speakers loud music. Black Sabboth Ministry. I'm tripping good.

How do I write it.. It connects everything. The drug connects the music to everythig. Everything is dancing. Everyting is a neat green. I can come in and out of the 'trip' to semi reality and then back in to no reality. I'm going back in. In and out of two worlds.

11:15 I'm in the dark

(at this point I stoped keeping track of time)

I don't want to write because I like to be zoned. I'm gone. is that.. wow.. Is that a face I cant read what I'm writing do you understand me. Lumberjack (what a funny word while triping try it) Lumberjack she said and I laughed whole lotta love whole lotta love love you hey Baby M led Zeppelin boy wow I love Zeppelin

my left hand wow everything is melting just like Billy said I can put my hand in my brain I am massaging my brain I have become def

All important is the now what I write in the past has no signifigance only what is coming off my pen right now.

(now my friend Craig wrote a bit)

Some people cry, funny trip ride it THE SONG this is fun Do you think stan is the cookie monster I dont know

(back to me and then I stopped writing)

I don't want to waist paper Ramble on This is like a dream

Exp Year: ExpID: 2084
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 24, 2000Views: 2,394
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Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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