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Just a Taste
Citation:   Morninggloryseed. "Just a Taste: An Experience with DMT (exp20727)". Jan 25, 2003.

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20 mg smoked DMT
August 2001

I was quite excited when I finally acquired some DMT. I managed to acquire some crystals extracted from Mimosa hostilis. After ten years or so of simply reading about it, the time had finally come for me to sample the substance. I decided to start on the low side, so I could simply get a feel for what it did. After weighing out twenty milligrams of the waxy, odorous substance, I loaded up my glass pipe. I really didn’t expect to get much from the small amount I was trying, but figured it best to gauge my body’s reaction to the substance before I took a full dose.

I spent a good ten minutes in quiet thought and contemplation before the pipe was finally lit. Sitting at my computer desk, I ignited an alcohol torch and held it to the bottom of the glass pipe; at first the DMT bubbled and then the chamber filled with white vapors that I promptly inhaled. I took it all in one hit, and it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be. There was a definite plastic taste but it was tolerable. I held the smoke in until I felt my body buzzing strongly, and then I exhaled. Immediately after exhaling there was a powerful body rush. Then everything started to vibrate and come to life. I heard a high pitch frequency resounding throughout my body, followed by the sensation that I had “arrived.”

I picked up a picture of my girlfriend, as I wanted to think about her but I got the sensation that this was not “my trip”. It was not my experience to control, nor was it my trip to use for personal issues or contemplation. I put the picture down and shut my eyes. Suddenly, my world was filled with incredible multi-colored geometric designs that changed rapidly in a kaleidoscopic fashion. The visions were beautiful and ever changing. I can’t ever recall seeing such colorful beauty with a psychedelic before.

I opened my eyes, and the next thing I knew there was this face popping out of a book laying on my desk. It was difficult to make out, but it was clearly a female and she was smiling at me. Most dramatic were they eyes. They seemed to posses a life of their own. Unlike other psychedelics, this vision did not seem attached to my ego or me. Usually, I can see myself instilled in the surrounding objects, and everything appears to be an extension of my ego. I feel a connection to everything. Not this time: this face seemed to exist completely independent of myself. Was this an entity? Was this a connection? Whatever occurred, it was amazing to me. I shut my eyes again for a moment and when I opened them she was gone.

Shortly after this event, the effects of the DMT started to fade. Within seven minutes of taking in the smoke I was largely down. After ten minutes, only awareness in the body remained. I was left with a state of euphoria at having finally sampled DMT and I was amazed at what had occurred from seemingly such a tiny amount of material. Though the trip was just a taste, I knew I had accessed a place that went well beyond me and well beyond any experience that other psychedelics could ever prepare me for. Amazing first experience!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 20727
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 25, 2003Views: 17,000
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), General (1)

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