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The Path and the Party
Citation:   La La. "The Path and the Party: An Experience with AMT (exp20718)". May 3, 2006.

30 mg oral AMT (capsule)
Drug History: Before I get too far off, lets review my history, yes I've tripped acid many many times...but it's been a/b two/two in a half years since ive been able to find any. I've tripped off dex way too many times, and I've rolled a couple of times, which im not very fond of, b/c I don't roll like most ppl, I just dont find it appealing, and im familiar w/ most hardcore drugs. and weed is just my daily stress reliever.--


Alright, it all started this summer. I would go over to my boyfriends house almost everyday hang out, go to parties, and yeah well you know. So one day, him and his two roommates, were talking a/b AMT. What the hell is AMT? I'm just thinking something along the lines of cocaine or ice. Don't know why those were the first things to come to mind, thats just what I had my mind set on. They told us what it was, b/c they had done a lot of research, and talked to ppl who had taken it, and told me it was gonna be great. They told me how, they were going to order it, and when it came in the mail, they were going to lock the doors, and w/ just them three they were going to experiment, and adventurize, w/ this new drug they came across.

You've got mail: Surprisingly, two days after they had ordered it, a blank envelope came in the mail, w/ a silver package on the inside saying, 'lick before you open.' Well, me being unaware and forgetting the whole AMT thing, not really expecting it to go down I guess, or just not really caring. So before I was informed of the quick arrival of AMT, I had planned for my friends, Nita, her fiance David, and her brother Sickie, and me to go to my b/fs house so they could get a pound of tha dankity dank.

The beginning: When I got to my b/f's house, he was the only person there and he was sleeping. He had failed to mention a/b the AMT until hours later. He showed me the gram they had bought, and with it being white powder, my mind still was on the thought of it being along the lines of cocain or ice. I had asked him to give me some, and he told me not now, that him and his three roommates had already dosed a/b an hour before I arrived and they were seeing what it does before saleing any. Well, a/b that time, roommate#1 called from his cell phone telling my b/f how crazy and insane he was feeling, and saying its not safe to drive, so don't get in the car, he explained it alot like rolling.

Whats going on?:

Now the night starts to get interesting. Roommate#2 came home, saying he was feeling it...but I wasn't able to tell a difference in his attitude. He had a few other ppl w/ him, who he dosed up orally. The first guy was feeling it w/ in 30 min. which everyone found unbelievable. He started out just giggling and hugging up on his g/f...who let him know real fast, 'oh man, don't start getting e-tarted on me.' It was obviouse to tell he was enjoying what he had taken. Every now and then, I think he would begin to wig out, when he would blurt out, 'what the hell did I take, I'm feeling crazy!' And the other guy that was dosed, was in the middle of spinning an awsome JUNGLE set, then quit all of a sudden, and said he should go home.

Party, party, party, PARTY!!: Soon, roommate#1 came home, w/ more and more ppl following behind him. Before I knew it the house was full of ppl, and usually roommate#1 is very strict a/b having a bunch of ppl over on weekends, and this was a Wed. night. and all he did was smile really big and say, 'this is just great, im happy everyones here.' some ppl were drinking, some were smoking, some were snorting coke, drugs were just swarming everywhere, not very surprising, it's always like that, just one difference, roommate#1 was enjoy the crazy traffic bombing the apartment. But once roommate#1 had gotten hom, soon everyone would be twisted! He started dosing everyone up for free. FREE AMT FOR EVERYONE!!! He even gave my friends, nita, david, and sickie a free even dose of 30 mg. even though he had NEVER met them before. It was very nice. And while my b/f was out searching for my friends pound, roommate#1 thought, I needed a dose also. So w/ no shame I ate it. oh what an awful taste! I asked roommate#2, whom I trust very much, if I could handle this around my mom, seeing as I had to be home soon, and my mom was excpecting me to fill out college papers w/ her. Roommate#2 told me, 'Oh yeah, you can handle this! I took some, and you can't tell can you.' and you know...I couldn't! So yeah, on w/ the night!

Uh oh here we go: I was sitting in the bedroom w/ six other ppl, hittin the bong. When I just started feeling odd. I pushed it off as I was just anticipating the thought of just taking a new drug and it was only my adrenalin getting ready to get fawked up, oh yes! I had only taken it 15 min. ago. so I roamed into the living room, wondering where the hell my b/f was. I sat down w/ roommate#2 and told him, im begginning to feel weird. He told me it was nothing. It hadn't been enough time to kick in. 20min. later, I start getting pretty chilly. I put my jacket over my tank top, and walked outside to smoke a cigg. Nita and blackjack happend to be out there conversing. I sat in the chair on the porch cuddled up in my arms b/c I was really cold, which was weird, b/c it was mid-summer! I stared down at the concrete thinking damn, I don't wanna go home! I started getting real attached to the place, almost like I had taken some hits of acid, and was beginning to trip.

My concentration was broke when roommate#2 walked out to join us for a cigg. I looked up at him, and realized my vision was doing this crazy...dut dut dut...thing, like a flip book! I told roommate#2, 'Roommate#2, im feeling it man. this isn't pretend.' I told him how my vision was doing, and he agreed, yeah, its starting to kick in, and he came to the conclusion that it prolly has something to do w/ me not having food in my stomache and my matabolism being lower since then his, and thats the reason it kicked in so quick for me. Right then, my b/f and tha creepa start walking up laughing, coming back from their mad search for a pound, which seemed like hours, but only took 45 min. My b/f ran up to me and hugged me all excited, I could tell he was feeling it to. Now all I had to do was tell him, I took some also. Well, I didn't have to, I hugged him and kept a smile on my face and nita said, 'yeah, roommate#1 dosed us!' My b/f did NOT like that, which I don't see why, he took some too. He freaked out and ran in to bitch at Roommate#1. Then, david walked out to tell us he got his pound, we need to go, we are already two hours late, b/c david and sickie both are on probation, and had to be home by 10.

It was almost midnight, and we were an hour away from home. I walked inside, sad that im having to leave all my friends, when im JUST starting to trip. Quickly my b/f grabed me and told me as a reassurance, 'It's okay, im just scared, b/c you have to go home to your mom. And no one knows what this thing will do, I just don't want you to get hurt.' I said bye to my friends and walked out to the car, where my crew was already seated and ready for the ride home. My b/f walked me out, and I told him over and over I'll be okay, and I can go home just fine, and I asked if we could bum some ciggerates. In the few secounds he had ran inside to get us a couple, the first thing I said was, 'Nita, I can't go home!' In the few seconds my b/f was inside getting us ciggerates we all had decided, Nita and Sickie were going to sneak David and me into their house and we were staying there tonight. Even though Nita and Sickie already asked if we could stay, and her parents told her NO! But, at that point, I swear if we wanted to go to Mexico and hang out, we could do it! Anything is possible on AMT!

History of Nita, Sickie, and me:

I've been their friends for five years, and their parents hate me. They have since the first time Nita and I hung out in the 8th grade. And the ONLY time the three of us EVER get caught doing anything, is when we are together. and it's everytime we hang out, and its b/c their mom is pshyco, and makes up stuff and catches us just b/c she doesn't trust me. back to the crazyness--

The ride home:

On AMT we were invincible. At least, that's what we thought. It started to REALLY kick in...5 min. after I left my b/fs house. We had Coal Chamber blarring, and all of us were strangly quite. I looked up to see what time it was, from the back seat, the cd player was glowing and the lights were ACTUALLY bouncing out of me! we began to smoke a joint, for the ride home. I beleive thats when everyone else realized what was happening. I sat in the back seat trying to get as far back into the seat as I possibly could! All lights were bouncing out at me, and a crazy numb unexplainable feeling came over me! I wasn't able to think straight, or feel like this was suppose to be happening, that THIS is how this drug feels, b/c for SOME reason I was hooked on it suppose to be like cocaine or ice, and OH it was sooo far from either. I stared out the window, with two things on my mind, 'Damn this drug is kicking my ass!' and 'Why in the HELL did Roommate#2 say I could handle this.' It was then I randomly blurted out, 'I'm a vegetable!' as in, I couldn't move or think, all I could do was sit there in awe! I asked how everyone else was doing. Nita just said, 'I don't know if I feel it.' David said, 'I'm feeling good!!' and sickie just laughed w/ the same response as david.

Then for a goooood 30 min. we all just laughed, a/b what?? who the hell knows, but it was funny! Then the question came to mind, 'Nita, how the hell are driving?' Everyone laughed, wondering the same thing. Her response was, 'I have no clue!' which in all reality would not be a good answer, and still, everyone laughed. Then the music was turned back up, and I was back in my little corner in the back seat. Sickie was in the back w/ me, and he continuosly asked me if I was okay, how I was doing, if I needed help. Hell no I don't need a babysitter, I told him I was just being fucked up, to please let me be. and soon, he did.

Time to time, the music was turned down again and we would ramble a/b how we felt, and laugh. Then we wondered, and tried to figure out the drug, what we were feeling. Were we rolling? tripping? it seemed like we were doing both, pluse speeding and robo-tripping, by far the most fucked up ive been since ive had acid. We decided since we couldn't figure out wheather we were trippin, rollin, or what, we just said, 'Damn im just twisted!' So we referred to our feeling as twisted. We were twisted off AMT. oh man it was great.


Before we knew it, we were at Nita and Sickies house. I had Sickie sneak inside and get the phone, so I could call my mom and tell her yeah, im late calling, but I've been at Nita's for the past few hours and im staying here tonight. David and Nita sat out in the car w/ me waiting on sickie to get back, hoping he wouldn't wake the parents! He ran out safley, and I called my mom over another joint. I didn't enjoy talking to her on the phone, b/c everytime I spoke I would echo. and It just tripped me out too bad. but I got away safe, and didn't have to go home. Thank god, I would only wig out, and end up in a psyhcoward, no doubt! The second I hung up w/ my mom, DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN the doom of all terror approched us w/ her drunk self and her sidekick, 'Dad'. Her mom took a good look in the car, she saw David, not tooo big of a deal, she saw me, wanting to just disapear, and all hell broke loose! She slurred her angrey words at Nita and told Sickie to just go inside and wait. OH the horror for him.

Nita was being lectured by her mom and dad, a/b how they specifically told her that david and I were not allowed out tonight! and every random moment, Nita was over taken by the AMT and would turn around, hide her face in her hands, and laugh! I was thinking how bad they were going to ruin everything, and how they were going to mess up my scheme and awsome trip! Nita's mom stumpled angrely back to the tralior mumbling something a/b how irresponsible and bad her childrean were. The dad, stayed out there just glarring at david, nita, and I. Good thing her parents are drug stupid, we would have been caught for sure, I could have never gotten away w/ it at my house, Sickie said he would just tell them if he was caught, 'Mom, Dad, I'm on AMT, and its Llegal, so leave me alone.'

And knowing sickie and his sister nita, and their parents, they would get by w/ it. The dad looked at nita and told her to bring David and me home and come back w/ out stopping anywhere. Then I had to step in and stop this awfulness from happening, I refused to go home! 'Mr. Dad!' I whined, 'It just seems that everytime Nita and I hang out, we get in touble, and its not as bad as it seems, really! Nita's my bestfriend and I would enjoy kickin it w/ her one night w/ out being harrassed.' and The dad has always like me, like I said, he's the sidekick, and agrees w/ the mom, (yeah, he's one of those). Then I put on my best puppy dog face, (which I have an awsome one, w/ my huge black eyes), and I begged, 'Please Mr. Dad don't make me go home! my mom will be so mad at me w/ all this wishy washy stuff. I'm sorry, this wont happen again!' He looked concerned and Nita smiled real big at him as if agreeing w/ me, and he said, 'Nita, take david home, and you girls come right back!' Isn't it amazing how everything works to your advantage when your tripping? WOOHOO!

Back in the car!:

Nita, David, and I complained a/b how this is gonna suck for david to go home and be twisted by hisself for his first time. Then joked a/b how im a curse, b/c we only get busted when we are together, AH! Nita let us know, that her parents for sure don't know a/b us being fucked up, or they wouldn't have let her drive. And she's right. I sure as hell wouldn't be able to drive. How the hell was she!?! We talked and giggled and well yeah, jammed out to their crazy heavy metal shit! but it sounded just right at the moment! When we were on davids street, heading to his house...we could see just a few blocks down, that there was someone at his place...when we got closer, we noticed, damn theres a lot of ppl at davids house, his brother happend to be throwing a party! Great! now we wont have to worry too much a/b him being alone. When we arrived, david assured us he'd be able to get rid of that pound real quick, since there were so many ppl there. Nita got out to greet a few ppl, I got out just to migrate to the front seat, when I finally did stand up, for the first time since I've felt the FULL effect of my peak, my legs were like rubber, and the ground was like water, and it felt good to walk around, just for a sec.

I suddenly felt too weak, too fucked up to stand any longer. I sat in the passenger seat, w/ my legs hanging out to stretch, and I then started to wig myself out. I was in the car by myself, and ppl were running around everywhere, Nita was off informing a few important ppl, like davids brother and his best friends, that david was twisted on amt, and to keep him company and watch out for him. She was worried. They assured her they would keep an eye on him. But, david was the last person who would need a baby sitter. I sat in the car, being extremely over whelmingly fucked up, wondering, 'Is this how im suppose to feel? Is this what the drug is suppose to do? Am I feeling the right AMT feelings.' And I put myself in a death thought. My heard skipped a few beats, and I jumped out of it real fast, I told myself, its a drug, its suppose to do this, I can handle this, and I'll be fine, and I talked myself out of wiggin out, then wondered, How the hell is Nita able to drive??

Sickie we're coming to rescue you!:

The voyage back to Nita's house was interesting. We wondered how sickie was doing, then laughed at the thought of him having to hang out w/ the mom and dad while he was twisted. On the way home, things started getting crazy, I was seriously concerned a/b Nita driving, but she seemed to be doing find, good thing its all back roads on the way to her house. It's now one in the morning, and im totally knocked to the floor by this AMT thing! I ask and say variouse things such as, 'What the hell did we take? Did you excpect this? AMT!' Nita laughed at me the whole time, b/c I was crackin jokes, and enjoying myself. Man, the encounter w/ her parents, I just knew it was over then! It was a while before I realized, that this is not even close to being over! I was melting into the passengers seat, my eyes felt like they were rolling back in my head, and still, in total AWE! When we reached the gravel road, which takes us the rest of the way to Nita's house, but still another 10 min. before we get there. We creeped down the gravel road, going no more then 5 mph.

We were too busy talking, and laughing, and cutting up! We exchanged storys as well as we could, it was difficult to tell a story. Everything was too twisted together.

Our arrival!:

We finally arrived. Sickie was sitting on the porch swing smoking a ciggerate. He seemed releived to see us. We were happy to hear from him, that the parents had gone back to bed. It was awfully cold inside my body, I had the worst chills all over. Sickie wanted us to sit outside w/ him on the porch swing, he said he had been staring at the stars this whole time. I looked up at the sky, and HOLY SHIT! It's a great thing they live way out in bum fuck egypt, those stars were doubled, and bouncing everywhere! it was awsome. We tryed smoking a bowl together...but realized, man we are too fucked up, and yeah it was adding to the intensity of it all, but we were still on the paranoid side of their parents. So we sat on the porch swing. We were all three huddled together, b/c the chill was over taking all of us. We stared at the sky giggling, still who knows a/b what. And we smoked ciggerates. Well I tried to smoke a cigg. but no matter how much I craved one, I wasn't able to smoke it. I would inhale, and forget to exhale, and choke on it, almost gagging on it. so I didn't feel like being sick. so I would smoke one, until I choked...which usually amounted to two drags.


Nita, Sickie, and I sat in Nita's room hanging out, their little brother was asleep in Sickie's room, b/c Sickie and him share a room. Some how, I ended up playing Mario Brothers on the old school Nintendo!! and Sickie, Nita sat on the bed w/ me and laughed at how bad I sucked. And we cracked jokes, and laughed. I would refrain from all the giggling, by continuing to crack jokes and keep my mouth moving w/ all the thoughts jumbled in my brain, and make them laugh harder. Then, I realized, I've been twisted on a new drug, and I havent been on a adventure yet. I'm the type when rolling, or tripping, I like to go on adventures, and make fun memories out of it. Well, *sigh*, this adventure just got a tad e-tarted. I got down, on my hands and knees and crawled to Nita's In-table, where she had tons of long stick candles. I took one and lit it, Sickie, being a candy kid and always up for this kinda of crazyness, said, 'Oh fun!' and had me light his candle. Nita sat on the bed, she looked at us w/ a concerned look, and in a small exagerated voice she asked, 'What are you guys doing?' I told her, 'We are going on an adventure Nita, come w/ us!' She sighed greatly, bounced off the bed and said, 'Oh, I guess so!'

She got down to our level, and lit her candle also. We turned out the lights..and start crawling around in Nita's room, examming this and that. Playing w/ their snake, and what not. We somehow ended up in Nita's walk in closet. It just looked so full of...STUFF...we started shaking our candles at the wall, the wax would stick to the wall and mold w/ our three different colors, making great designs, pretty colors, and crazy tracers. we laughed, until we cried and finally realized what we were doing. then came to the thought, that we could burn down the house w/ these candles being around all these clothes. So we put them out quickly! Nita yanked out of her childhood box, a kid sister doll that was looking a bit demented from the past years shes been stuffed away. Nita pulled her out by her long brown hair and laughed at how funny she looked. Sickie, Nita and I made fun of the way it looked and how creepy it was. I grabed it to take a closer looked, Everything just seemed so weird, and fake, everything just, seemed so, UN-REAL! Then our focus was quickly bounced to something else. Or minds were bouncing from one thing to the other, until Nita, and Sickie realized I was hugging the kid sister and rubbing its hair.

I was in need of something to hold onto, I had been holding onto my arms for so long, I didn't realize the comfort of the kid sister. So she stuck w/ me the rest of the night. Then when we were thru roaming, we decided it was time to smoke another bowl. We step outside, and once again, we are stuck on the porch swing laughing and loving the bouncing stars. Whishing we could bring the outside inside, b/c it was so cold out outside. Then tried scheming a plan to do so. Anything seems possible when I'm twisted. And yes, again, I was only able to take two drags off my ciggerate til I remebered I forgot how! I forgot how to smoke a ciggerate!!

The crazy room:

When we got back inside, sickie wanted to take a trip to his room. Nita agreed, saying he had all the cool stuff. We walked in, trying to be quite, and oh by god he had the hook up for a crazy trip. He had black lights making his skulls and scary black light posters light up and shine. He had orange string hanging from the celeing, which were effected by the black lights also, he had STARS everywhere! and a strob light messing w/ our vision, and oh....everything was just crazy. Nita and I walked in, we walked around looking at all the neat stuff in shock at the crazyness going on. Then Nita and I just gave eachother 'the look', knowing it was time to go back to her room, which was more reality like. We hurried to her room w/ sickie following us, saying, 'That's a place we only want to go for a min.' Then we got addicted to the blue shit. Sickie had brought in a glass of blue kool-aid and we all started drinking it...mmm...this stuff was so good, the refreshing feeling, and the thought of drinking blue stuff and just everything a/b it, even the cup it was in held an interest to it, it was some good blue shit! 'what is it?' I asked. I forgot, sickie informed me.

Oh well its some good blue shit. Then the picture of the blue shit was brought in, and we were drinking it like three old women, discussing something funny over a tea party. That blue shit lasted us all night long! We decided to call david and get ahold of him, to see how he was doing. He was doing fine, he was still partying, and he said, he had sold almost all the weed. We were concerned if he weighed it out right, and got the right amount of money back, but he swore he did. and he said he was doing fine, and having loads of fun. At one point, Nita, Sickie, and I were in a circle on the floor just talking away. Nita has really short spikey hair, and she wanted to have an afro! so she began taking her brush and fluffing her hair out! Oh man I wish I had a camera! *wait, no I don't*! Then, it happend again, we were ready for another trip to sickies room.

Once again, Nita and I were out and back in her room saying, 'That's a place, we only want to go for a min.' Sickie was so hooked on wanting to stay in his room, and trip out, but he didn't want to be alone, and nita and I were happy in a reality place while twisted, instead of being in a twisted bouncing room while not sure whats going on. We could handle ourselfs better that way. But, he came back and told us we HAD to come back, he had a surprise for us! Nita and I scampered back into sickies room. He had three couch like chairs, that sit on the ground and rock back and forth, lined up together, so we could all three sit by eachother. He told us to sit down, we are trying to be as quite as we can w/ out waking their little brother up. The three of us sat comfortably in the chair, and sickie told us to look up!

The three of us were rocking back and forth in our chair, w/ out realizing it, it was like reflex, we had to rock. When we looked up there were stars!! Just a bouncing out at us!! Sickie said, 'I brought the outside in!' and he really did! it was just like we were sitting on the porch swing looking up at the stars! OH the joy! and we laughed! I don't even think we said a single word! And still we laughed. We found life very amusing! Once again, its amazing how things work out to your advantage when I'm trippin, I guess the same goes while your twisted! Then it was crushed by the little brother. Suddenly thru the darkness he yells out, 'What the hell?! Get the fuck out! im trying to sleep! why are ya'll laughing?! Shut the fuck up!' Sickie ran over there and covered his mouth, 'SHhh...we are trippin! Let us have fun or go on the couch!' he refused, he just yelled and argued and bitched until Nita and I walked out saying once again, 'Yup thats a place we just wanna go for a min.' Back in the bedroom, after 30 min. I guess, not real sure...time had gotten away from me.

We decided to get their little brother back! We snuck back in the room, and began writing on him w/ a highlighter, so we could see it in the black light. We wrote all over him! Until once again we were inturruptted by the annoyance of a little brother bitching b/c he just wants to sleep. So we hurried out. Sickie and I were out as fast as he woke up. But Nita stayed and argued w/ him. They started to get loud, so we had to drag Nita out....for some odd reason, she walked back into her room and her left eye was twitching majorly. Sickie and I were only able to laugh. I guess the drama of her brother, and being twisted was just too much for that eye to handle!

The come down:

It was some time later, Nita, Sickie, and I were back on the floor, entertaining one another w/ out twisted minds. When Sickie brought up his thought, 'What if we are like this forever?' we looked at nita, and the site of her skinny little self w/ her poofed out hair was just too much to humorus, and once again, back to that whole laughing thing. We talked a/b how if we happen to be like this forever, we'll just go back to my b/fs house, whose house was referred to at the moment, as the manikan house, b/c they had stolen a manakin and it sits outside on their porch with a bottle of mickys in one hand and a smoked ciggerate in its mouth. It was all funny and stuff, until, I realized that could really happen. how long HAVE we been peaking anyway? I looked at the clock, and wished so bad time could not be an issue right now, but I was suppose to be home by 8 in the morning, to fill out college papers, and go to an interview at the college. To my amazement, it was five in the morning. I thought back to when we dosed...that was so long ago, oh I miss my b/f, we had dosed at like, 11 that night, it had been 6 hours, and we were still twistin' balls! Thats when things got really strange. Nita and I both were wanting to go to sleep, and get up and get things done the next day. So we told sickie, we were going to bed, he could hang out in the room if he wanted...but we were going to sleep. He begged us not too, and even tho I didn't want to, but I knew I needed to I tried putting myself to sleep. Nita and I piled tons of blankets on top of us, b/c we were freezing.

Nita cuddled up w/ her dog buddy, and I yes...unfortunatly still had kid sister *sigh*. I could tell Nita was going thru the same problems I was facing. I closed my eyes, and heard nothing but scarry sounds, and saw nothing but monster like images popping out in the darkness beneath my eye lids, as I layed there trying to fall asleep, and feeling an awful stinking pain take over my whole body, causing me to move constantly, mainly rubbing my legs together, while moaning, (no, I swear I was not subconsiously masturbating, I was in the middle of something freaky). I knew Nita was feeling the same, b/c I would feel her move, and hear her moan also. I think I fell asleep, it was like, I really just layed there w/ my eyes closed and tripped the whole time. Man I tripped the fuck out. I would open my eyes every 30 min. or so, the first thing I'd see would be the clock, which was all I wanted to see.

It would say a different time, and the bouncing tracers got less and less, but I swore I was still twisted the fawk out! I just wanted to come down, this was the longest trip I had been on, and im always good at come downs, but this was just crazy! Its been hours, I should be sober by now. Suddenly marlyin manson was turned all the way up on the radio, and my eyes were shot open and my heart was pounding from the sudden base shaking the walls. Nita rolled over and said, 'You can always tell when sickie stays up all night, b/c once mom and dad leave for work, the radio is blarring.' Sickie then showed his happy ass in the room, informing us he still hasn't slept. I whined greatly, 'Sickie get me some milk! I want to come down!' he told me I was wanting it too much and it was making it worst, that I should just let it come. I thought, I'll just let it come next time I do it, I'll know what im getting myself in to next time and it wont be so bad. but I wanted to come down NOW! and I'm use to drinking milk when im ready to come down from an acid trip, so I was praying it would have the same effect on AMT.

I downed a whole glass of milk, and laid in bed as Nita and Sickie walked around, still tripping. Sickie asked us if we went to bed, and nita and I both had the same confusing answer, 'I dunno, something really weird was happening.' Nita left the room, and came back a few min. later, saying, while still emphasizing every word she spoke, 'LA LA! You should go take a shit! You'll feel so much better if you take a shit.' I thought a/b it, and yeah, I did need to shit. I was so constipated tho...I know you dont wanna hear that...but, when I finally did let it all out, I felt much better. when I walked out the room, david was there. He said he'd been waiting all night, til an appropriate time to come see us. He arrived at 7:30 that morning.

I was busy trying to get myself not to look cracked out. I walked out the bathroom and asked them, if I look okay to go home. David was the first to answer w/, 'I can't believe your gonna try and go home right now.' Thanx david! Well, Nita took me home, and I ran in trying to act normal, still having a speedy trip like after effect. My mom was just in a hurry to get me to my interview. Nita filled my papers out for me while I took a shower and got dressed. Before I left, I had to lock my self in the bathroom and puke! It was no normal puke, I puked some crazy black fuzzy shit, and just one huge blob of it. I was disturbed. But I'm use to the whole throwing up thing, I wasn't amazed at all.

I have the worst stomache, and I puke off anything, I have a bad case of motion sickness which doesn't mix well w/ most drugs. Ppl say god just made me out to be sober. I refuse to believe that. And I'm glad I was able to experience being twisted on AMT. Nita got me to my college interview a little late, and it was difficult concentrating on things and all the brightness of day was just killing me, I had to wear sunglasses everywhere so the light wouldn't make me nauseated. I spent the rest of the day w/ sickie, falling in and out of sleep on his couch while he watched tv. wondering, what in the world happend to me last night?!? and I was actually convinced it would never happen again, the come down was just too much pain and annoying crazyness. I got ahold of my b/f around noon, and asked him how he did. He said, he never really got to try out the AMT, b/c he was so worked up a/b roommate#1 dosing me, that roommate#1 gave him a bunch of xanax, to knock him out and not worry a/b it. So he slept. I kept most of everything that happend to me, on the D/L, like the kid sister thing! which got out soon, b/c nita and sickie couldn't help but make fun of me a/b it!

Life after AMT:

I find out now, when I was told then, but forgot, or just didn't pay attention, that AMT is not a safe drug to just take! Its one chemical based on a bunch of resarch chemicals, and resarch chemicals are chemicals still being researched. Which means, not a damn person knows what we took!!! It's crazy to think a/b that. but damn, it was so much fun, literally THE longest trip I've ever been on. I've been able to get to experience it two other times after that. Once w/ my b/f which was exciting! and once w/ one of my good friends, where I was dosed 80 mg. But the last two times I knew what was going on, and it wasn't quite intense, I was able to control myself easier, and I didn't even get sick. I spent most of my third time twisting, trying to figure out what exactly the drug is, what its a/b, and how it works.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20718
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 3, 2006Views: 28,516
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AMT (7) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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