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Run Sent Me Trippin
by Spike
Citation:   Spike. "Run Sent Me Trippin: An Experience with Amphetamines (exp20695)". Apr 18, 2006.

15 mg insufflated Amphetamines  
  30 mg oral Amphetamines (capsule)
  45 mg oral Amphetamines  


Alright, i'm 20 years old, on the small side for a dude. I've done coke and glass (methamphetamines). glass is cheap and kinda shitty and coke is great but its expensive and there never seems to be enough- too much feigning for the drip. while those are more 'hard' drugs, and while not socially acceptable, these dexies are at least more prevalent in daily life (little sped kids hit this shit). first time I tried dexedrine as a solo experience (I can't figure how to spell it so from now on their dexies) hit 40mg each of two consecutive days and nights. a little over 80mg spread over about 60 hours of no sleep or food.

Started to have hallucinations on the 2nd nite. only when I turned off the lights in the adjacent room. Kitchen utensils in their respective sheaths and stands started to form a very disturbing elf-like pilgrim family on my stove. extremely vivid, while undefined, visuals. not much color, or patterns, like an L trip, nor was it the wavy visuals that mushie trips deliver. it produced extreme anxiety and tightness in my chest. I thought, in utter confusion 'am I fucking psychotic?' probably not, as the impression of my elfin company was all that really remained after sleep and food. maybe a little amphetamine psychosis?

next experience:
right now. 7:30 am. all nighter.
90mg dexies (orange and black capsules-15mgx6). probably gonna parachute one more 15mg.
methods of ingestion
blew 1x15mg (insuffalation)
swallowed 2x15mg of capsules straight up
parachuted 3x15mg. total of 90mg thus far.
nobody speaks of the parachute here.

back to the current 'ghetto tweak'. hearts beating mad fast, pulse is about 102 beats a minute (17 beats in ten seconds). hopefully thats as high as it goes, knock on wood. its fun, at least when i get off here and change the music. this tweak is motivational. I always write in my journal, or do some constructive personal criticisms of myself, which is invigorating and enlightenin. overall, this stuff is fun, but I hope to be done with it soon enough. can't be great on the mind or body. be careful. maybe I took a bit much in one sitting, and I'm not through it yet, so don't take this as a trailblaze, as it may not be safe to follow my route in this particular endeavor. good luck, stay safe, and enjoy healthy ethneogenic experiences.

here's an update 2 hours later. heartrate is increased from 100-120 then dropped again. a little paranoid about the tightness in my chest, but is to be expected. don't recommend this high a dosage, at least for someone with my physical characteristics and state. Physically, i'm not as fit as i was when i started this business. kinda weak from all the shit, malnourishment, alcholism, and little physical activity.
anyway took over twice as much as I have in one sitting before.

Its a little unnerving. paranoia is part of the game with this shit. surprisingly, this shit has about the same physical tweeking feeling as meth. probably not worth the amount of discomfort endured, all said and done- when the misery sets in. no O.D. here. knock on wood. upping the ante, and 'chutin another is probably not in the cards for a few hours.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20695
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 18, 2006Views: 8,929
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