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Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by After
Citation:   After. "Distressing: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp20602)". Aug 31, 2007.

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


It began on a Sunday afternoon. Bored out of our minds, but uninterested in alcohol or pot (the taste was still on our tongues from last night), my best friend and I decided it would be fitting to try some legal substances that fuck with the mind. We've tried whippets. They make for a good thirty seconds of laughter, but we wanted something heavy. We weren't expecting company, and our buddy was on the way out to be with his girlfriend, so we decided we'd go and buy some morning glory seeds.

We went to stop and shop and bought five packets each; I'd read that the recommended dosage was four packets, and that removing the poison was an extensive job. We were perfectly willing to throw up, though, so we bypassed the entire poison-removal factor. I dumped the seeds in a bowl of water and swished them around, and watched as mild purple trails followed a small amount of seeds. I dug in. The seeds are hard, but the taste was rather pleasant at first, so I munched down on about 100 seeds. It took me quite some time. I drank some apple juice, waited ten minutes, and ate about fifty more seeds. Thus began one of the most distressing night of the week.

I understand that one is supposed to be in a stable mindset before ingesting any hallucinegic substance. It was bad luck that I had just arrived from a rather depressing conversation with a friend about my ex-girlfriend. I was in a bogged-down, sad kind of mood, but I figured if I hung out with my buddy and fucked myself up, I'd be alright. About twenty minutes after ingestion, I became a bit turned off by certain things. The first effect was that my right hand began to tingle and then was useless; I could barely move it. It was like I had hit my funny bone, but it remained for the rest of the night. The useless feeling spread to my elbow, and I kept my right arm in my pocket for the remainder of my trip.

The light that the television was giving off was disturbing; the entire room that the television was sitting in was off-limits to my mind. I was scared of the rapid changes from light to dark that the television colors were creating. I began to walk around in fast, tight circles, but still spoke articulately. My friend looked skeptical, and began to smoke some pot. About ten minutes later, I began to feel very tense. Certain things that I knew were perfectly normal were distressing me. An alcove below the stairs was very confining to me, so I placed a boundary around it so I wouldn't go there anymore. I became convinced that the utensils in the sink were to be used for a murder, and I avoided the sink entirely. I also avoided a four-legged table that I believed for a short time to be a vicious animal.

I began to talk very fast and I was told that a look of distress beset my countenance and remained for the rest of the night. Soon afterwards, my buddy and his girlfriend arrived. I was very turned off by the girl, who made a face at my best friend. The face remained in my head, and when I closed my eyes, the face became elongated and the eyes grew bright red. Do not be mistaken; I didn't actually see this happen, I merely convinced myself that the girl had made that face. I avoided her for the rest of the night. I felt an intense hatred of her which I can't explain; I usually enjoy her company.

At this point, I began to feel very off-balance and neauseous. When I went outside to avoid throwing up in the house, the snow began to lightly change colors from white to purple to grey. It was refreshing, and my neausea was easy enough to control. I went back inside and collapsed in a chair. I was extremely distressed. Everyone and everything near me was an enemy. My only 'safe spots' were my best friend, who was over on the couch, and the television.

We watched television, and it was incredibly intense. Whenever the screen would be predominantly bright-colored, I imagined that the temperature in the room was increasing. When the colors were predominantly cool, the temperature would cool off. This enthralled me. I watched the TV, huddled in my chair, my eyes wide open. At this point, me and my friend took off our socks and shoes and began rubbing our feet together. It felt great. It became an obsession, I never stopped rubbing my feet together for the rest of the night. I couldn't. I couldn't control the motion.

When my friend's brother came home with a few friends, I completely avoided conversation or contact. I was petrified of it. When asked a question, I refused to answer. I hated everyone in that room. Not because they were bad people; but because I was profoundly fucked up. My best friend drank a beer and began to feel extremely neaseous. He remained in an uncomfortable state for about an hour. I began to feel a wave of sickness not in my stomach, but right below my rib cage; it would turn on and off, not making me sick but distressing all the same. I watched the television and rubbed my feet together for quite some time. At this point, my friend and I attempted conversation.

It was quite possibly the most stupid conversation I'd ever had in my life.
We talked like idiots, in a slow, separated manner, and we couldn't articulate our words. It was like we were retarded. I couldn't feel my body whatsoever, and I couldn't move it. Neither could he. We convinced eachother that our company (the television) was laughing at us because we were talking like such idiots. My friend then presented the idea that the television is a viewer, and the only way to see him is by seeing his reflection in the TV screen when its turned off. This scared me so much that I began to cry. He nodded off soon afterwards. This was when it really started.

I flipped through the channels with my working hand and saw a Bjork video. I fell in love with her that night. It was so strange, because I'd never liked girl singers or Bjork for that matter, but I became fascinated. I flipped through the channels at a rhythmic pace for upwards of an hour. Everything was in fast motion, but I was in slow motion. Then I got up to take a piss. Getting up was painful; especially after rubbing my feet together for three hours. Cramps took over my body as I stumbled in a frightened daze to the bathroom, took a piss and stumbled back in excruciating bodily pain to my couch.

I then huddled up as tight as I could, started to rub my feet, and closed my eyes to sleep. I had a series of very reality based dreams, and then I awoke and felt very hungover. I was weak for the entire day.

Morning glories defenitely do work. All my doubts were thrown out the window after my trip. It was terribly distressing; I did not have a good time. I was turned off by everything around me, and neausea is certainly a side-effect. It was good to have the experience, but I would defintely not repeat it.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20602
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 31, 2007Views: 11,890
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