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Nightmarish Torture
Salvia divinorum (10x extract)
by Red Eyed Craig
Citation:   Red Eyed Craig. "Nightmarish Torture: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (10x extract) (exp20560)". Aug 31, 2007.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


After trying Salvia leaves and having a trip, I figured I would be ready to experience 10X. How mistaken was I?

There was five of us, I had just bought the vile of 10X and we decided to begin. We put a table infront of the door (to stop us running out and getting killed our something) and thought that we would pass around a pipe with the salvia on it. We weren't sure how much of the extract you were meant to use, so I took a guess and filled the pipe about one third, or maybe a little less, of the salvia. I was in a way the guinnea pig, I was the only one who had experienced anything from Salvia before.

I was excited, and very much hoping for a fantastic experience. I took a huge flame to the pipe and inhaled quickly. It seemed to burn up in a second. I held it in, noticing almost immediately the strange dreamy feeling of being distanced, as I had felt with the Salvia leaves in the past. My eyes started to roll around, then my eye-lids fell down and began to flicker. Then I fell, straight to the left hand side, I just fell and everything went black. I came back up again because my friend had taken the pipe from me and I wanted more, and because of this I had managed to raise my body slightly and grab it rather violently from her, giving her awful looks.

My friends didn't know what to do, whether they should try it or see what happened to me, but really, they didn't have any choice but to look after me. They laughed, thinking it was hilarious that I didn't quite know what I was doing. I smirked and went to laugh for one second, not actually thinking that the drug was working, even after falling and not being able to see I just didn't think that the drug was working.

I fell again onto my side again. My body just stopped working. I hit the floor and then suddenly I was on a conveyor belt, just rolling alone as though it was the norm. Although it was the norm, and I knew nothing else, I was ABSOLUTELY PETRIFIED. I knew that being here was a bad thing, but I felt as though that was my life, just being on a conveyor belt. I wasn't alone, quite far away from me, yet on the same belt, were others who were having a bad time with Salvia. Their spirits were riding along, just like me, and they were all miserable.

There was a woman standing next to the conveyor belt pointing at me and condemning me. She was saying 'You are just another one of them, and I am going to torture you. You will never be able to leave.' I got so frightened by her and her overwhelming prescence that I got up and screamed. My friends say it was a low gutteral scream. I couldn't remove myself from the belt, and I was getting motion sickness. I wanted to escape from the little bitch who was torturing me, but she would not let get away. I was screaming at the top of my voice, just screaming and shouting, shouting for somebody to hear me and help me. No matter how much I screamed nobody replied. My breathing became very rapid and repetative, this breathing was to continue for the next fifteen minutes.

My friends had been laughing at the beginning, but now their faces dropped and they began to realise that this was very serious and I needed help. 'She's being mean, she is just so mean, I hate her, she is evil. I can't believe what she is doing to me!' I cried at the top of my voice. By this point, I was burning up. My skin had went completely red and my clothes were soaking through with sweat. I was crying and screaming for somebody to hear me and help me over and over. I was no longer on the conveyor belt but in a living hell. My friends were trying to ask me who was being so nasty to me, but I still couldn't hear them and continued to scream. I couldn't see, my eyes were failing. Everything was just one mass of colour, yet the colour just wasn't colour, it was just awful. I was still screaming and I was boiling hot, on fire, and my body was being prickled and stabbed, I could feel the needles going into my skin.

My friends, being so close to me, couldn't bare to see me in the state I was in I guess. They had sat in complete and utter shock up until now, feeling very sorry for me. My friend got up and grabbed hold of me, hugging me and not letting go. He particulary felt bad for me and I think he became rather emotional over it. People say not to touch somebody on Salvia, but if he hadn't have hugged me like that I probably would have went insane. I began to squeeze him, still screaming but beginning to calm a little. I realised that others DID exist, and I was no longer having an out of body experience. I squeezed onto him so tighly, comletely covered in sweat. I began just grabbing at my friends, anybody around me and hugging them asking for help, asking them not to leave me. This went on for a little while.

They opened the window to let cold air in for me. 'Let's get you to the window,' they said, and expected me to walk. I just couldn't move, they tried to drag me, but their hands were slipping off me I think. Another one of my friends took my top of me and ran out to get a sponge of cold water. She came back and passed it to me, and I began just rubbing the sponge everywhere I could, although it didn't seem to be cooling me down. I became even more wet.

Suddenly, I had to move, and I was able to. I threw my body into the air, as one would in a panick-stricken state. I walked around the room, bumping into things and not really knowing why I was walking, I just needed to. I was shouting 'If I run around will it make it go away?' I just wanted to do anything to make it go away so that I could be normal again. I was coming back to reality now, and I was crying my eyes out at the fact that I did not have any idea what was going on, and I had complete amnesia.

The trip ended, and I have to say that it was quite possibly one of the worst things I have ever had to live through, and it only lasted fifteen minutes. I felt such a relief when it finished finally. To me, I wasn't on a drug. This whole time, I didn't know I was on a drug. I cannot explain it properly, but this feeling is awfully decieving and makes everything worse than is. I cannot use words to describe how intense it is. I think I must have taken too much for my first time on an extract.

Thank God for the friends I have.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20560
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 31, 2007Views: 7,144
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