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Absolutely Amazing Stuff
by The one and only
Citation:   The one and only. "Absolutely Amazing Stuff: An Experience with Modafinil (exp20521)". May 10, 2003.

200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)


Originally my wife was given this prescription to try out because of fatigue and pretty much an overall lack of energy on a daily basis. She has been on lots of meds because of nerve damage she suffered in a fall and has lately been trying to wean herself from prescriptions. Anyway, I work the earliest shift and never go to bed early enough so have developed horrible sleep patterns and have to fight to stay awake once I get to my desk. I read something in a Men's magazine I subscribe to recently about the 'new smart pills' that are out there now. Well Provigil was on that list described as being 'a pill for the busy executive who doesn't have enough time to sleep'. :) on with the report.....

I thought I would give this stuff a shot and see if it lived up to it's claims........I oh does it ever. I took 200Mg first thing in the morning before I left for work. I had no coffee this morning (I usually have a cup or two) I grabbed my water mug and sat down at my desk to do some hard work. This stuff does not suddenly hit it creeps up slowly and about two hours after taking the pills and sitting at my desk not moving, I realize that I am WIDE AWAKE and more alert than I have ever been. I also had a very comfortable overall feeling (almost like the very end of coming down from shrooms) just an 'at peace with the world and happy' type feeling. This did not end.I kept waiting for the effects to wear off, they didn't. I was wide awake and alert all day. I was cruising through my work at light speed, more efficiently and detailed than ever. Let me stress that this is not a caffeine or ECA (ephedra-Caff-aspirin) stack type of awake.....I wasn't jittery in the least bit and didn't feel like I needed to get up and run off excess energy. This is a total condradiction in terms but the only way to describe it is relaxed energy.

After work I went through the usual routine of dinner and settling in with the wife, doing some housework and just relaxing. I was worried about bedtime because I was still so awake and alert. Well we went to bed and I fell asleep instantly and slept like a baby. Plus, I had absolutely no problem getting up the next day.

Provigil worked wonders for me. I only took it for two weeks but it never seemed to get less effective the more I took it. Granted, like I said it was only two weeks. I had a great experience with it and have not read about any negative side effects or anything of that nature. Let me assure you I research anything and everything before it goes into this body.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20521
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 10, 2003Views: 47,989
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Modafinil (217) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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