The Craziest Drug Ever
by E mail
Citation:   E mail. "The Craziest Drug Ever: An Experience with DPT (exp20512)". Jan 18, 2003.

20 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


Me and my friends were hanging out at the drum circles on fairmount park its like a concert parking lot but it happens every tuesday and wendsday night in the summer anyway we had gone down there to sell opium but encountered a guy selling bags of d.p.t. I had never heard of this before and either had any of my friend but they way he was explaining it as '100 times better then acid ' we all thought it would be worth it.

So me and 4 of my friends each snorted 20 milligrams, right afterwards the guy who sold us the bags asked us if we had a place to sit and told us to get there because it would kick in very fast. So he walked us over there and told us he would be back. By then all of our noses were burning and had the worst drip running down our throat. It was decided we all needed drinks and I went out to look for them. When I came back I saw everyone just sitting there all feeling the effects kinda like coming on to lsd. So we just sat there and waited, it wasn't much of a wait cause in about 5 minutes we were all tripping harder then all of our lsd experiences put together. We all just sat and stared standing up was impossible occasionally someone would blurt something out and we would laugh but for the most part we were all in a different world. People were walking around us and it looked like the crowd was moving closer and farther away from us, people's heads looked like square blocks everything was on a grid I saw what looked like security lasers on the ground everywhere.

At one point I think it was when we were all peaking the drums that were playing kept getting faster and faster and the crowd was moving so fast you could not even see it everyone started to get unsettled and nervous I could tell that everyone was going through the same thing that I was going through I could feel my heart beating as fast as the drums just as it felt the world was about to end the drums slowed down to a relaxing beat and everyone just took a deep breath and slowly relaxed. The guy who gave us the bags came back a couple times to check on us one time he brought some kids with us to show them that he was not bullshiting about the drug. All I blurted out was please buy his drugs you will not regret it. Many people kept walking over and I just kept saying what's up and people just kept coming over and talking to us this was very amusing to all of us. One girl whos said her name was Star had a long conversation with us.

We all were looking at the sky and we saw a helicopter flying by all of a sudden we saw the helicopter turn on its spotlight and shine it on the field. We started freaking out then some guy on a bike came out of nowhere and it looked like he was talking into his shirt we all thought the cops were coming so we all left. The stairs to leave look like there from a scary movie they are stone steps that wind around at a steep angle we all had a good time trying to walk up them. We stood by my friends truck for a couple minutes by now we where all still tripping but coming down it was then we realized that we were sitting in the same spot for over two hours,that we did not sell one bag of opium, and just trying to figure out what the hell happened, we all talked then we got in the truck.

The way home was insane because there were three people in the bed of the truck and we took the highway home. Bridges were flying over our head and I saw a million stars in the sky. We dropped off one kid then parked the truck on a backstreet and sat in the back of the truck and smoked a bowl. After the bowl we just sat and talked by then it was about 3a.m then out of nowhere a big tractor drove by and we all just starting cheering I dont know why but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time because who see's a tractor at 3a.m right? I got dropped off then I decided to walk to the store because I was starving. Who do I see at the wawa but the person who just dropped me off so we ate and I went home. By far this was the craziest experience me and my friends have ever encountered I see it as a major time in my life and will cherish it forever.
Happy Triping

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 20512
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 18, 2003Views: 31,264
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DPT (21) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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