Magically Subtle
by Scotto
Citation:   Scotto. "Magically Subtle: An Experience with Mescaline (exp2051)". Jun 23, 2000.

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310 mg oral Mescaline


excerpted from a 1998 burning man report:

saturday night i swallowed approximately 310mg or so of mescaline, my first time on that substance. then i went tooling around in the light rain with J, K, and T for a while. we saw some absolutely phantastic stuff while walking around that night. we saw this giant hulking robot man out on the playa, built entirely out of hanging CDs with lights pointed at it. i mean, come on! there was also an enormous castle built entirely out of what looked like stained glass from a distance, lit with giant lights from the inside; but when you got up close, the whole thing was actually built out of recycled plastic bits from toys and garbage. it was so fucking incredible, and they'd even built a stage into one side of it for ppl to play music. my god. i got my first real close look at the Nebulous Entity that night. the Nebulous Entity was a work of art conceived by larry harvey, burning man founder. it was this extremely tall column of weird interlocking white pieces that almost looked like interweaved bones or interweaved mannequin parts, with cylinders of black light suspended within it; at the base, several weird tentacles emerged, these too covered with lights; and the whole thing made the most unearthly weird sounds. it was too weird for us to spend too much time near that night. i split off to go see the opera, The Temple of Rudra, which was being delayed many times due to rain; during the wait i took a whole bunch of folks out to see the Very Large Array. sharing that with ppl who'd never seen it before was a treat.

the mescaline was remarkable. i had been warned that it was subtle; and those of you who know me may understand that i don't particularly specialize in subtle. yet i found it magically subtle and introspective, wonderful for wandering the burning man camp alone and marveling at its scope, at the scale, at the breathtaking variety. at one point i wandered past an installation that was goth to the extreme, with animal skulls set up on posts and weird creepy accoutrements strewn about and the most fanastically dark and luscious sounds coming from nowhere; and i realized that one thing i love about burning man is that, even in a case like this, where it's an aesthetic that i typically am not attracted to, i can still have a chance to experience the aesthetic presented to me so well that i can't help but appreciate it and dig on it. there was lots of that to go around at burning man, lots of exposure and cross pollinization, as well as lots of living room furniture that moved right past you, people in couches just pulling up and parking. i dug dug dug this substance, the way things shimmered but only VERY VERY slightly, the way i was able to find contentment despite the emotional turbulence of the week.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 2051
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 23, 2000Views: 136,066
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