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Uptown Saturday Night
PCP, Flunitrazepam & Alcohol - Hard
Citation:   Dumb Ass. "Uptown Saturday Night: An Experience with PCP, Flunitrazepam & Alcohol - Hard (exp20422)". Feb 15, 2018.

500 ml oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  7.5 mg oral Pharms - Flunitrazepam (pill / tablet)
    smoked PCP (powder / crystals)
My friend had flown in from Chicago and I was meeting some buddies I went to Miami with in Manhattan. We got to my freinds Apt. on he upper east side and got totally blasted on booze. There was a rumor that my buddies from Miami still had some Roofies left over from the sunshine state and my freind J and I took one and a half each. We kept on drinking till we went to a bar.

We must have walked for 10 minutes or so because the group of people hanging out split in half but to me it felt like 10 seconds. The roofies pretty much smacked me in the face and I felt he weight of the world off my chest. I was gliding down the street to the bar when we got on line. Again half my friends were in so I was at the end of the line when I guy comes up to me and says 'hey want some smoke'. I said 'no but got any dust'(not thinking he'd have some).
Sure enough he said I know where to get some.

At this point I must have been way out of control because we hailed a cab and my friend from Chicago looked in disbelief as the cab went up to Spanish Harlem. Must have taken 10-15 minutes or even less because my friend, who at this point was wasted too from the Roofie was still outside the bar waiting for me. The guy I went with and I got out and the first thing I did was run to a deli to buy a blunt.

Apparently my buddy from Chicago gave this guy a c-note to go buy him some toot because when I got back from the deli my buddy was still outside waiting for the guy to come back. At this point I black out bad the next thing I know is I'm smoking one bag of dust out of a Backwoods cigar wrap and telling a homeless guy stories of how I used to ride the train across the good ole U S of A and all the good times I used to have before the government stepped in. Now note I was about 23 years old this bum had to know I was out of my gore because he didn't even ask me for money I did offer him some pcp and he accepted but only took a small hit. Then I offered some preppy upper east side kids getting 40's some and they declined.

I then went around and passed by the bar my friends were hanging out at and my buddy was still outside waiting I then found a door way rolled the next blunt and I lost my way got totally lost and I believe I could have lost my vision for a while. So I went into a door way and and don't know if I passed out or walked the streets because the next thing I know is that it was daylight and I had to find my way back to Queens.

I remember when I came with it the sunlight was killing my eyes and I kept spitting. When I got on the train the floor tiles were all moving and I just kept spitting no one even looked at me I probably looked like a wreck and my face had to have the biggest nasty look on it because I was squinting from the sunlight and from my mind playing tricks on me.

I felt horrible I had left my friends and deep guilt set in. I finally made it to Queens I couldn't make it to where my car was so I went to my friends apt in Flushing. When he came to the door he said I looked right through him and I was all shook up and he got me a joint and a pillow. The joint cooled me off and I felt pretty whacked out the whole day eventually meeting up with all my friends.

I was extremely lucky that night not to be beaten by some thugs uptown or not brought in to central booking by police where I would then be dragged to Bellvue hospital to probably be Thorazined out or had gotten my stomach pumped.

I would never mix these drugs all together again because ever since that day I am a step slower. I wonder what happened in between the time I blacked out and the moring. Was I standing in the same place all night? Did I go roaming? Was I in a fight? Did I go into a catotonic state?

These questions will never be answered but one thing that came out of this was I was never the same again after this...a bit slower and a much less attention span came out of this.

Exp Year: 1998ExpID: 20422
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 15, 2018Views: 4,250
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Pharms - Flunitrazepam (108), PCP (113), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Health Problems (27), Post Trip Problems (8), Various (28)

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