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There's Potential in This Fly!
Amanita muscaria var. formosa
by Fairytale Mushroom
Citation:   Fairytale Mushroom. "There's Potential in This Fly!: An Experience with Amanita muscaria var. formosa (exp20194)". Erowid.org. Oct 6, 2005. erowid.org/exp/20194

  oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)


This report is being posted to enlighten other individuals who are in a similar predicament such as I was -- those looking for reliable, REAL, non-propagandized information regarding the infamous 'Fairytale mushroom' aka Amanita Muscaria. I extensively researched people who used Fly Agarics online.

Amanita experiment # 1 (toxicity/potential effects/introductory test):

At ~10am on the Wed I had off from school for sleet/freezing rain, I ate 1 medium cap and stem. The cap was 6.5 cm across (although it curved down), and about .5 cm thick. The whole of the cap and stem were cleaned from excessive dirt/organic debris. I also ate a stem which was 7.5 cm long. This was all just after I got up, and taken with Coca Cola to encourage full-on effects (caffeine = CNS stimulant = quick processing). Note: the stem is much blander than the cap, but both seem very tolerable at first ingestion of 1-2 bites each.

10:15 AM I notice that I’m staring/lightly dozing off when my Bro’s talking to me. By 10:25, I am starting to get flatulence (lightly). I didn’t have anything else to eat other than Coke and the shrooms, so it might be either or both. I don’t know if I should eat something or not, but I decide I’ll tough it out for a while at least.
10:50 – slight “gonna-hurl” feeling/back of the throat “metallic-tasting” salivation. Took a shit.

10:57 – Tried to eat a banana which was slightly rotten, and it triggered something. I realized I don’t like brown bananas and shouldn’t have eaten it... A few seconds later, I hurled. Now at 11:03, I have practically no nausea but still have that slight buzz/body floaty feeling. In the toilet, it was a red-tinged urine color, with the organic matter/chips of shrooms which floated to the top.

11:10 – Decide I’ll try the sleeping route. I’m not extraordinarily tired, but since it’s winter and snowing, I am kind of cold (from the flys?). I do feel, as noted above, slightly off-base in a deep DXM/Morning Glory manner. This is fun, if you do not know anything about DXM or Morning Glories, to say the least! There are little to any negative mental alterations (I can still think and write clearly and type equally copacetic). I go to bed.

12:30 – Alarm goes off; I’m very comfortable and decide to not get up. This is something which I normally do not do, as I read in numerous places that it is better to get up the first time your alarm goes off rather than to hit snooze several times because this tortures your body by teasing it closer to REM sleep, and it isn't much more rejuvenative than waking up the first time. I reset it for 15 minutes later (12:45). At some point, I realize that I’m salivating A GREAT DEAL more than normal – I made a like 4 inch puddle on my pillow. The salivation seemed to come not from the tongue, but, rather, the sides and back of the tongue/throat. At this point I swallowed several times and tried to keep my mouth closed and to breath through my nose. It worked. I didn’t realize the importance of the salivation in my daydreaming state, but later I welcomed a little salivation to affirm that these mushrooms were, indeed, Amanita Muscaria var. Formosa (and not something more toxic)! Also, I was paradoxically cold yet hot almost at the same time… I took off my pajama bottoms and everything was better. My mind was in a completely different state than before.

I *WAS* MUCH MORE imaginative/dreamy feeling both physically and mentally. I noted that when I woke up, lights in the corners of my eyes seemed to create little streaks and change my mental mood/state. For the next 45 minutes, I can’t remember what happened, although I know I dreamed intensely and lucidly (and MUCH more than usual)! Being that I love and enjoy dreams, this was phenomenal to me!

1:15 – I realize that my alarm has been going off for a while and I tuned it out – something that I can normally NEVER do... Very interesting! My mind is still going off on imaginative tangents, and I welcome this, but decide it’s time to get up and get some preliminary work done on school projects/homework/studying. At least this will test my mental faculties while shrooming. When I get out of bed, I feel a SLIGHT change in equilibrium (cool), and am impressed at the effects especially since I puked up the majority (all?) of the mushroom and its acids and byproducts (probably). I looked in the mirror for the epitome of the signs of intoxication – dilated pupils – but I found just the opposite! Contracted (very tiny) pupils!! Very interesting! I wonder how Flys and DXM would be together!! Hehehehe.

I could function normally throughout the day and concentrate on schoolwork, even though I was dreamier than normal, which was very good. Later on in the day, I believe around 4-5pm, I felt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I was completely baseline!

NOTES: I think eating (< 8 oz food) lightly 1 hr before would be the best bet, something rather than having a completely empty stomach. Also, do not take with slightly brown/rotten bananas! Drinking with lots of coke or soda can cause burping, flatulence, too much acid in the stomach = puking. When I tried the same shrooms a second time with eating beforehand, there was no puking, and the trip was amazing. Taking milk works, as does marijuana. Also, wearing pajama bottoms and socks when sleeping on amanita it caused weird hot-flashes where I was still cold.

After my trip, when logging back on my computer, I saw “salvia” somewhere and that just reminded me that the dreamy effects of Amanita and Salvia would most likely blend together in a synergistic fantasy. Similarly, I realized the verisimilitude of that other person’s statement of how ganja “positively neutralizes the increase in salivation from the amanita”. They do neutralize the salivation effects and DO very much potentiate each other.

The kind of mushrooms that I consumed were: 'Amanita muscaria var. formosa aka 'Yellow Fly Agaric Mushroom, from Indiana.''

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20194
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 6, 2005Views: 33,064
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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