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Bringing in the New Year
2C-I & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   Matt Himself. "Bringing in the New Year: An Experience with 2C-I & Nitrous Oxide (exp20154)". Jan 8, 2003.

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T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-I
  T+ 2:05 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide
Experience – third time
Setting – a party and friend’s house

It was New Year’s Eve. I hadn’t tripped in awhile and had been planning on one. I thought this would be a great way to bring in the new year. I had been trying to decide on my mode of transportation tonight. I was deciding between 2C-C, 2C-T-7, and 2C-I. Although I had wanted to try 2C-T-7 the most, I settled on 2C-I as I was familiar with it and its effects. I did not want to be with friends and become uncomfortable on a psychedelic I did not have experience with.

I had planned accordingly for this trip. I had talked to my girlfriend and she was going to be coming back to my friend’s house to spend the night with me. I was looking forward to spending the night talking with her. I had also bought a box of nitrous cartridges for the peak.

I got to the party and everyone was pretty much already drunk or stoned. I was offered some weed but I decided not to smoke as I wanted to feel the effects present themselves.

9:25 PM – I ingest 20mg of 2C-I weighed out in a capsule.

9:45 PM – May have just had the first alert. I feel something is in my system. I hadn’t eaten since noon in hopes of having this kick in faster.

10:00 PM – Definitely feeling the 2C-I signature in my body. I feel stretchy, which is the only way I can describe it. My friend S (who is experienced with mushrooms) asks how my trip is going. I tell her it’s just beginning.

10:30 PM – My first visual has been spotted. The carpet seems to motion to it. It appears to be clumping together and shifting. It is interesting. My girlfriend R asks me what I’m looking at, and I tell her the floor. She laughs and walks off.

I light up a clove cigarette. I always enjoy smoking when tripping, and cloves have a nice flavor. I smoke it fairly quickly, and am a little disappointed when it’s done. It makes me laugh that I was getting sad about it, and I remind myself it’s just a cigarette.

11:00 PM – I walk outside to see what the world looks like. The trees are blowing in the cool winter wind. They are moving but re-arranging at the same time. The branches all seem to ripple and slide up the trunks. It just makes me smile. There are no stars out, but there is plenty of sparkling white snow as far as the eye can see. It looks like a million diamonds crumbled out across the field. I feel as though it was secretly done for me.

I know I am cold, but I don’t care. I continue to watch to world. I smoke another cigarette. I can hear the drunken laughter coming from inside. But right now, it doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am very content just being out on this beautiful night and staring at the world
11:15 PM – Eventually I come back inside. The visual effects are now noticeable as patterning. The carpet seems to be raising and falling. The walls actually look as though they are melting, which is something I had always read was noticeable on LSD, but have never seen for myself. The colors of the wall seemed to run together and drip.

11:40 PM – I crack two cartridges of nitrous into balloons. I inhale them both. The last normal thing I could see was the window in front of my leading out into blackness. I then heard the loud metallic buzz of nitrous and lost sense of the world. I felt as though I was moving through the window and into the night. I saw the people around me as I passed by them into the blackness. I then melted into the air and became one with the winter night.

When it ended R told me that all I did was stare and not move and that they had been speaking to me. I didn’t really notice.

11:59 PM – The countdown begins. My friend comes out with Burger King birthday crowns he stole, and it makes me laugh hysterically. He gives us each one, and I wear mine proudly. I look around and see my friends, and R as my arm is around her. I am very pleased with everything. I am very happy to be bringing in the new year with my friends.

12:00 AM – Happy New Year! Everyone seems to cheer but me. I am just staring. I realize that 2002 is now just a memory. It is gone. The new year has started, and it’s a clean slate from here on. I smile at this. It was such a beautiful feeling, to see the new beginning, to make something good of this year.

I kiss R and we hold each other for a minute. Everyone is cheering still. R calls me to the side and tells me though that she won’t be able to come back to my friend’s house with me. This comes as quite a shock. I become rather sullen by this. Me and my friend A need to leave by 12:30 as the hosts parents wouldn’t want a party.

12:30 AM – 12:30 comes very fast. I say goodbye to R. This was a very sad moment for me. I really had been looking forward to spending the night talking to her. I was so happy to do that. But now, things were out of our hands, and we had to go our separate ways.

12:45 AM – A and myself are driving home. I smoke another cigarette. I notice half my pack is gone. I don’t even remember smoking that many.

1:00 AM – At his house we go in. His mom is still awake, but I do not have to face her. We go into his kitchen where he cooks Chinese food for himself. I take a big bowl of grapes.

1:10 AM – A gets tired and goes to sleep. I am now alone at his house. Just me, my cigarettes, and my grapes. I eat all the grapes quickly. The juiciness is fantastic. I have never had such good grapes in my life.

2:00 AM – I log onto IRC (internet chat program). I talk to some of my friends on it. But most of them are heading off to bed. I look around the room. Everything looks as though it is breathing. Everything seems to be changing in size.

My friend also has a small Persian style rug. The patterns on the carpet seem to extend out to the walls, and then up them. I am guessing this is the Persian carpet patterning Shulgin spoke of in PiHKAL.

2:30 AM - I walk over to where my friend is sleeping and take his cell phone. I assume R is still awake and I try calling her. She picks up, but I woke her. I feel bad about doing this. She assures me it’s alright, and she talks to me for a little bit. This boosts my mood back up. I had been becoming quite sad about now having her with me. She keeps falling asleep, but tells me not to hang up, as she wants to talk to me. This makes me very happy.

I found two little rings she had made out of staples on A’s desk. She told me she had left them there by mistake. I put them both on. I instantly feel better about everything. I feel as though I have a part of her with me.

3:00 AM – We hang up the phone and I smoke another cigarette. I look at my pack. I have only two left. I have smoked much more than I planned on tonight. I am starting to come down. The visuals are still present, but much less pronounced. I take 100mg of diphenhydramine to help me fall asleep.

4:30 AM – The visuals have nearly all subsided and I fall asleep.

12:00 PM – I wake up and go home.


I’m sure many people would consider this a bad trip as I became quite sad and lonely. I do not however. I usually trip alone, so being by myself was not the issue. It was that I had planned on having a night with R and it changed at the last minute, which just caught me off guard. The rings I put on made me quite happy, and I am still wearing them as I write this, 4 days later.

The 2C-I I have this time I think is more pure than my last batch. This trip was as powerful visually and mentally as my 25mg experience. Perhaps the setting had something to do with it as well, but I wouldn’t think that would make it more powerful.

2C-I has always provided me with insight. This time it worked well with me again. It was the first time I had ever used any psychedelic as a “party drug”, but it allowed me to bond with people, while still having a profound experience.

So would I consider this a difficult experience? Absolutely not. It was an excellent experience, just not what I originally intended.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2003Views: 50,741
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2C-I (172), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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