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The Definition of Relaxation
Citation:   EJ Glafri. "The Definition of Relaxation: An Experience with Hydrocodone (exp20133)". Oct 5, 2005.

20 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  1940 mg oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)
3:35 PM - Dosed with my friend at , on a full stomach. Pills were Vicodin 7.5/775. Pills taste fucking gross., even though I just swallowed it down, I could still taste it's horridness in all it's splendor.

3:39 - Initial effects. Mental cloudiness, and a warm sensation. My fingertips and chin are also subjected to this strange but exhilarating sensation. Went to retrieve an item from the closet, and midway through, forgot what the purpose of the trip was. Feeling unusual in general, but the real high has not yet arrived.

3:47 - Slight Mental-Cloudiness has now definitely set in, and a sort of clumsiness. My clothes feel very comfortable, soft, and warm, I don't feel or notice any itching of any tags or buttons I'd generally notice if I was sober. Very slight effects, if I was hit with this sudden state of mind, while completely sober, I probably wouldn't even notice it.

4:04 - Eyelids feel heavy and a nice relaxation has swept over me, it is good because I feel very relaxed, but do not feel like I need to sleep. Uncoordinated. We split the last pill in half, and consumed it. Total dosage is now 20 mg Hydrocodone, 1937.5 mg Acetaminophen.

4:18 - Feel it in what I guess is full affect now, what is all the fuss about. I feel relaxed and pretty good, but nothing amazing. I feel a nice relaxation, difficulty focusing eyes, and feel like it would be impossible to get stressed out in this state of mind. Is it going to get any stronger, I hope so.

4:27 - At what I believe is a peak, super-relaxation, and what seems to be a virtual impossibility to experience any of the negative emotions such as pain, anger, and frustration. This is some good stuff.

4:34 - That wasn't no fuckin' peak, this is a fucking peak. I feel awesome, such a great feeling with virtually no 'highness', I am here mentally, and physically, but just feel to fucking good and lazy to do anything but just sit and enjoy myself. Typing this is a chore.

4:49 - Coming down, still feel damn good and relaxed, not a care in the world, but just slightly less than before, now that I am in a closer state of mind, I can give a good description of the feeling. 'I feel just a thing inside me, throughout my whole body, mostly in my head, that just feels like it is teetering on the age of sleep, it is not me but an extension of myself, which is just turned on by the drug, not the drug itself. I feel heaviness, in all body parts. Mostly in the arms I feel this incredible tingly yet soft feeling, it feels like my body is stuffed with cotton , like a pillow'.

5:09 - I realized something about hydrocodone, it's effects were highly dependent on what I am doing. Before when I said it was going down, was just because I was up, and walking around. To experience the true buzz I just sat down, in the dark, watching TV and just breathing deeply, and in about a minute; I was in LaLa land again. This is a great drug.

5:55 - Definitely fading away, NO!!! I want more. Too bad this stuff is addictive. I am still chill as hell, but definitely feel the absence of the substance taking affect, particularly on the heaviness I had on my eyes dissipating. I did not experience any of the negative side effects whatsoever, but my friend and experienced mild itching, that didn't bother him because he says it felt awesome to itch them.

Next Day - Woke up, and feel fine, no headache or anything, an overall incredible drug. Wonderful euphoria and relaxation was experienced. I'm going to keep my use of this substance very limited though due to it's addictive nature.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 20133
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2005Views: 95,311
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