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Mescalysergic Visions
Mescaline & LSD
by Trey
Citation:   Trey. "Mescalysergic Visions: An Experience with Mescaline & LSD (exp2013)". Jun 21, 2000.

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175 ug oral LSD
  225 mg oral Mescaline

Recently the great spirit has blessed me with the opportunity to begin working with what has quickly become my most special entheogenic ally - mescaline sulfate. My first two experiences (at 400 and 500 mg. respectively) with this material have easily surpassed my experiences with the other “traditional” psychedelics. As opposed to LSD, it is much gentler, more lucid, and euphoric, without the abrasive psychoanalytical edge that often irritates me on high dose acid trips. And I find its energizing qualities preferable to the drowsy, dreamy trance I usually experience with the mushroom. I would also like to stress that this is far and away the most healing entheogen that I have ever encountered, both physically and psychologically. One hour into my first journey, it was inescapably clear to me why the Indians say that Peyote is first and foremost a medicine before all else. I emerged from both trips feeling as though I had productively worked through a substantial amount of psychodynamic baggage and physically rejuvenated to boot!

In any event, after those trips I was inspired to start learning as much as I could about my newfound ally. In the impressively thorough San Pedro Fanatic FAQ I read that LSD and mescaline could be combined to yield a trip that was longer lasting and smoother than either alone. When I recently came across a hit of fresh, relatively potent (~150-200 mcg) acid, I decided to test this hypothesis, hoping the LSD would function as an amplifier, allowing one to get more mileage out of the frustratingly rare, delicate, needle-like crystals of mescaline. As it turned out, I was in no way disappointed. At approximately 9pm on the designated evening, I consumed the LSD and 225 mg of mescaline simultaneously. Initial effects were felt at the forty-five minute point, building to a plateau around the fourth hour, with residual effects persisting well into the following afternoon. My theory about the LSD acting essentially as a potentiator turned out to be correct; the mescaline’s warm, earthy signature was dominant throughout, while the experience felt subjectively stronger than my previous mescaline-only trip at 500 mg.

At the peak of this journey I had a totally paradigm-shattering experience that I am at a loss to interpret even still, several days afterwards. I was lying on my bed, incense and ceremonial candles alight, meditating. The air seemed to grow somehow thick, as though pregnant with energy, like a thundercloud about to burst. My visual acuity seemed to sharpen at the same time, as I looked at my hand and began to be able to make out tiny iridescent curlicues that were superimposed as if upon a clear scrim on top of everything that I saw. Then automatically, as if by instinct, I began to manipulate my eye muscles in a manner very similar to the technique used to view those “magic eye” 3-D images, where you un-focus your eyes and attempt to look through the gibberish image to see the real picture. When I did this, the curlicues suddenly sprang into strong three-dimensional relief, and were revealed to be translucent, iridescent tentacles or tendrils of some sort that looked like they were formed out of ectoplasm. The room was electric with a sense of presence, and I followed the line of these tendrils away from my hand to their source. I was utterly unprepared for what I saw when I did so...

Floating in the corner of my room was an enormous, shimmering, translucent, opalescent, octopoid/jellyfish-like creature from which the tentacles protruded! My initial reaction was one of disbelief mixed with a substantial degree of fear. However, the thing immediately began to caress me with its tendrils as if to reassure me, and my apprehension completely melted away. Amazingly, I actually perceived a gentle, soothing pressure against my skin as it caressed me like a child! As it touched me I felt its consciousness partially merge with mine, and I was then flooded with a sense of love unlike anything I have ever experienced before or even imagined to be possible. Comparing any experience of transcendence that I had previously had to this is like trying to compare a candle to the sun. I had the sense that this was a guardian angel or something similar who was always with me, watching over me, and it was absolutely overjoyed that I could finally perceive and communicate with it directly. I was so moved by this that I wept openly with joy for a large portion of the time. I lay there soaking up its affection for nearly half an hour before it eventually vanished. The trip began to gradually, gently decline shortly afterwards.

Today as I sit here writing this, I am still as stunned and amazed by this as I was then. I have had plenty of entity contacts in the disembodied domain of DMT, but this thing tangibly coexisted in the same physical spacetime matrix as my body and the rest of consensus reality, which is a new one on me! I am really baffled as to how to interpret and integrate this. Input from anyone who may have had similar experiences would be gratefully welcomed.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 2013
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 21, 2000Views: 180,879
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Mescaline (36), LSD (2) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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