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Giving Thanks For the Bounty
by Anville
Citation:   Anville. "Giving Thanks For the Bounty: An Experience with 2C-P (exp19844)". Dec 23, 2002.

10 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)


A friend acquired two hundred milligrams of 2C-P for use over the Thanksgiving holidays. We looked up the substance in PiKHAL, finding ourselves rather disappointed in Shulgin's information. The synthesis was there, to be sure, but the trip reports from his friends were remarkably unhelpful: 'Could lead to hypnotic power games', 'had a sinus-clearing effect', and so on.

On Thanksgiving night, P. and I each consumed four pieces of homemade pizza, finishing dinner around eight in the evening. We weighed 10 mg doses and placed them in gelcaps, swallowing at 10:22 PM. At the same time, V. took the drug of her choice, AMT.

2C-P produced an extremely gradual coming-on. After two hours, both P. and I felt somewhat let down. We had noticed some sensory effects, a phenethylamine buzz in the back of our heads and numbness or gravity in the extremities. I first noticed a visual effect somewhat later, looking at the black-and-white stripes on P.'s washboard and seeing them turn colors. We attributed the slow intensity rise to the food we had greedily consumed; however, later experiences on the same drug lead me to believe it is inherently gradual.

V. and I spent some time listening to Sigur Ros and comparing our experiences. This entailed a good amount of fumbling with words. We listened to the () album in its entirety; at one point, the AMT made her feel nauseous and she left for the bathroom. I sat alone, reading 'King Lear' aloud and noticing for the first time the significance of Cordelia's rhyming couplets in I, i. (Her farewell to Goneril and Regan is blank verse, ending with a couplet followed by an unpaired line. Regan and Goneril then speak, and Cordelia replies, ending in the same fashion. This gave me an extremely visceral sense of Cordelia trying to leave the stage and being restrained.)

V. returned, feeling much better, and we started wandering about. At one point, a group of people left for November Games, an event whose rules I do not understand, except that winning can be very bad for your health---my friend J. was left THC-stoned for the following week. V. contemplated leaving but decided against it.

The building's heating system picked this night to fail, leaving the front half frigid. P. had gone off to test his perceptions somewhere, so V. and I huddled next to a heating vent under an awful campfire-and-pot smelling blanket. Between the few pitiful joules leaking through the grate and our shared body heat, we got much warmer. Most of the rest of the night was spent in this fashion, sometimes milling around and talking to people and sometimes huddling for warmth.

I peaked between four to five hours after ingestion. I first detected my truly high nature when I heard myself say, 'That tin of guava paste is breathing.' This was a typical visual effect, of which I observed much that evening: objects grew and shrank, oscillating in size every few seconds with a calm, respiratory motion.

2C-P had few overtly psychological effects, producing instead a trip full of sensory distortion. I was able to converse about nonlinear dynamics, surreal number theory and body piercings with all my usual social skill. (I wish I could insert a soft tone of sarcasm in typed text right now, but the statement is factually accurate anyway.)

We decided to go to bed well after sunrise, 07:30 or so. I lay under my blankets for around an hour, experiencing closed-eye visuals composed largely of faces I had seen and talked with during my trip. The open-eye effect of oscillating object size still persisted. Sometime before 09:00, I fell asleep, waking sober an hour later.

There followed an amusing farce when P. lost his glass vial containing the other eighteen 2C-P doses. We scoured five floors of converted brownstone and overturned much of the miscellany a co-ed living group produces, before we found it in P.'s very own freezer. I did make a few bucks looking under couch cushions, though: the small-change deposits were quite lucrative.

Our second trip occured the weekend after the Thanksgiving break, five school days later. This time I again swallowed 10 mg, with my roommates D. and V. taking the same dose. In an attempt to separate variables and determine the drug's true nature, we avoided eating that afternoon. We swallowed our gelcaps an hour later than the first time, beginning our experience at 11:22. I noticed tactile numbness within an hour, much like the first time. D. and V. took longer to experience effects, a discrepancy which created an unexpectedly comic situation. A half-dozen of us were lounging together in my room's sleeping loft, listening to the godly sound of our Klipsch KLF-10 speakers. (Product placement.) That miscellaneous pile of partially clad humans, all exploring various drug-induced tactile distortions, was the closest my humble academic life has ever approached to a real orgy. Anyway, I was happily coming up on my 10 mg, when a shout came up the stairwell:

'A bunch of frat boys are here to be hazed!' V. fairly leapt from the loft, slipping a tank top over her pierced torso. She and D. gave our visitors a tour, helped them with their scavenger hunt (the things people do for brotherhood!). In the middle of the tour, a wave of nausea hit them simultaneously, followed by open-eye visuals much like I'd seen the time before. After the fraternity brothers left, we wandered the snowy streets outside, saw a glowing light that might've been Venus, the ISS or the Mothership, and watched Kubrick's 'The Shining'. I peaked during the movie, seeing halos around the people on screen and then looking away to see the same apparitions surrounding my friends. (Dedicated to E. Shapely and G. Afrika.)

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19844
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 23, 2002Views: 18,876
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2C-P (305) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), General (1)

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