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Two Layers Of Infinity
Salvia divinorum
by -0
Citation:   -0. "Two Layers Of Infinity: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp19756)". Oct 3, 2005.

0.15 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 10x)


Late 2002
Start: 02:40 AM (approx)
End: 3:55 AM (approx)
Age 18 Male, Caucasian
Taken: Alone

After hearing of salvia and reading for hours online, I decided to try it. I have used hallucinogens in the past, and I have always had interest in them even when I was young. First, I split a gram of 10x in half; and then in a 1/3. I put in a new screen into a gravity bong piece and screwed it on a 20oz. bottle with the bottom cut off. I made my bed and got a beverage ready nearby. I thought of hiding my house phone and cell phone from myself so I wouldn’t call the paramedics and have thousands of dollars in bills for something I didn’t need. Knowing I should take the doze in as few hits as possible I inhaled with a lot of effort. The bottle instantly filled up with grey to black smoke and I was already intimidated by the amount in which I thought I was going to inhale. As I held the hit in, I slowly started to lean back on my bed.

My hands were just in the air; holding the lighter and the piece. They started to get farther and farther away and started to glow. I closed my eyes and dropped the lighter and the piece and don’t know what happened for a while. I opened my eyes and the room was spinning over and over itself. Not necessarily from left to right, but more like the feeling being trapped inside a ball and being pushed across a large flat surface and allowed to spin in any direction. Then I was instantly trapped in a thought. It was the sound of someone saying something like “oh wait, did you think you would get away? come over here!” I was infinitely spiraling over and over myself as before but with a layer of mental images over my sight.

I was trapped in some kind of layering. It was like some line and it rolled as it went along, carrying my body with it. The line went over a part of my body and that was the axis in which my sight and the mental layer rotated around. I saw millions of people spiraling over and over in a thick mass of color. Every individual person was color and they were melted together and were all saying the same sentence/sound. All their eyes were on me and I started to feel queasy. Randomly the object would change from a person’s eyes to possibly a finger or a hand. Whatever image/thought it was, It was the object that was glued to an infinite amount of identical but individual objects that spiraled across my vision and repeated the horrible and never ending mantra through some kind of opening in which it spoke. I think I opened my eyes again from my bed, (I was now in the position that I sleep in) and was staring at a poster on my door, it looked normal, but then when my mind drifted again I was once again caught in this never ending spiral and image layered over my sight. Being that this trip was so intense, too intense, I went to bed. This act, was probably one of the worst things I could do for some reason. It made things more intense.

I couldn’t sleep, so I stumbled up while spiraling over and over in my mind and brushed my teeth. The problem is I didn’t know weather I did that before or after I woke up. So I kept getting up over and over again to see if what I was feeling was really real. I went down my hall and somehow found the stairs and went down them in the dark, probably without falling. All of a sudden I was at the door to the left of the stairs and was trying to get out of my house. For some reason I couldn’t work the door knob and kept realizing it over and over again. It seemed like all of my actions kept repeating themselves and I couldn’t figure out If was doing a certain thing or not. Somehow I came back upstairs in the dark and came back to my room. Unable to sleep I just sat there and spun and spun, being trapped in one constant mental thought/vision repeating itself over and over again, in full color, sound, and effect. As I watched my alarm clock and the minutes slowly tick by the visuals slowly got less and less intense. It was almost like they got farther and farther away from my vision which they were layered over and got closer and closer to me.

Each time I would wake up they were less and less intense but with some new added aspect, for instance the voices would be louder but were being said faster; or slower but more angry in tone. Every aspect of my “visions”/thoughts were slowly changing and fading. I was relived to know that this experience was subsiding and was already thinking of my friend (ill call him “N”) who only tried a little less earlier that night mixed with cannabis. “N” seemed to be effected by this substance differently than me. “N” “lost” his body like me, but described being like a particle on a beach, being washed away. “N” was going crazy on my bed and flipping around on it but had a smile on his face, and he calmed down in minutes and seemed to be having a good time. Eventually I went to bed, I last looked at the clock at 3:55 AM but was awake for while before going to bed. I woke around 6:20 and called my friend who is going to try it at work and told him a little about my experience. Then I hopped on the computer to share this experience. I hope this information was valuable to you, just be careful and realize that It will go away. I thought somehow that I was trapped in this mental thought/vision forever.

This experience is something too detailed for words, but this for now is the best way I can describe it. I still believe that taking one dose at a time is what should be done. For instance: “N” had another bowl about 7 minutes after the first one with hardly any effect. Did I do too much? I am not sure. After reading trip reports on and other places like, I don’t think the dose I gave myself was anything above average for a heavy dose. I would consider trying it again; but with people present, a lower dose, and possibly something to really sedate myself and put me to sleep if things got too intense like this time. Be careful; Respect this substance; It is not a recreational drug. Right now at 7:45 AM I am still quite uncoordinated and it is quite interesting to type, I could probably drive but I wouldn’t want to be in traffic.

Sometimes I could just slap myself for doing everything “overkill”.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2005Views: 1,277
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