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Fun with Insanity
Diphenhydrinate (Benadryl), Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) & Ephedrine
by Experienced Novice
Citation:   Experienced Novice. "Fun with Insanity: An Experience with Diphenhydrinate (Benadryl), Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) & Ephedrine (exp19532)". Aug 29, 2007.

T+ 0:00
200 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 18:00 600 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 18:00 2 tablets oral Ephedrine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 20:00 200 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


In my ever-ongoing search for a good high, I stumbled upon reports of tripping on Dramamine. I have always wanted to trip and have vivid hallucinations, but have not had any access to LSD or shrooms in my lifetime (I'm 19). So when I read about the realistic visual hallucinations caused by dimenhyrinate, I knew I had to try it.

In my past I have smoke marijuana a bunch of times, tried DXM as high as a third plateau trip (11 mg/Kg), ingested ritalin and lithium in pill form, and obviously gotten drunk before. To prepare for the trip I read everything I could find online about it, including possible side effects, symptoms of the trip, dosing information, etc. The interesting thing I found out is that I have previously tried this drug in slightly lower doses. Unisom, a sleep-aid OTC drug, gives the user a powerful, calm and relaxed feeling while awake. A few summers ago I would regularly, as in a couple times a week, take up to three gelcaps of it at once. The active ingredient of this drug is 50 mg of diphenhydramine, which is similiar to dimenhydrinate.

Well I never had hallucinations on Unisom, but the amount that I would take was only equal to about six 25 mg tablets of Benadryl. So I went to the store and bought a box of generic brand Benadryl, twenty-four tablets of 25mg each, and a box of twenty-four 50 mg tablets of Dramamine with the intention of tripping that night in my dorm room. I figured I would try the Benadryl that night, and if it didnít work, maybe the Dramamine would the next time I was ready to try. It was a Friday night, and my roommate was gone for the weekend. I had decided, after reading the posts with people's experiences on the drug, not to leave my room at all while tripping.

After cleaning up the place a bit, pulling down the shades, and locking the door, it was about 6 pm. 'Well, might as well start now,' I thought. So I took a dose of eight 25mg Benadryl tablets. I wasn't quite sure if anything would happen, since I had previously had as much as the equivalent of six Benadryl tablets, but in the form a Unisom, and no tripping had occurred then that I can remember.

At about thirty minutes into it, I felt the familiar relaxed feeling that I would get from Unisom, just slightly stronger this time. I took two pills of an over the counter diet drug that I had in my room from earlier on in the year. It contained ephedrine, which is better than caffeine at keeping me awake. Six hours later and no hallucinations at all, not even auditory. I had even tried a number of different things to prompt them, such as turning off all lights and TV and watching the white ceiling. But to no avail. A little later I went to bed and slept with almost no trouble falling asleep.

I hypothesized that my body had become immune to the effects of Benadryl/Unisom, so the next day I tried the Dramamine. I had awoken at 11 am a little groggy, but not too bad, and went to get something to eat. When I got back to my room, I locked the door again and this time took twelve Dramamine tablets and two ephedrine-containing pills. Almost the same thing as the night before. I had dosed at noon, and by two pm only had the relaxed/heavy feeling. Extremely disappointed, I took four more tablets of Dramamine, hoping my lack of hallucinations was caused by too low a dosage. But by three thirty pm, I had given up hope of experiencing any form of hallucinations.

Getting on my computer I searched around the net for a while and read about finding psychedelic shrooms in the wild. This is where it started to get weird. I decided quite irrationally to go looking for some in the woods near my dorm on campus. For one thing it was way too cold for mushrooms to be growing now, and even if I did find any I wouldn't want to trust my judgment on whether or not it was safe to eat. But at around 4:30pm I grabbed a few plastic bags, threw them into my backpack and left for the woods a half mile away from my dorm.

Starting at the perimeter of the woods I searched for any mushrooms growing on the leaf-covered ground. Finding nothing, I delved deeper. For about twenty minutes I searched, occasionally sighting what looked to be red-capped mushrooms, but when I got to them they were nowhere in sight. In hindsight I realize they were figment of my mind. But that was nothing compared to what happened next. I looked up and about ten or fifteen feet in from of me was a teenage girl and a younger-looking boy. I asked them what they were doing here, but neither responded, so I walked toward them. Again, I must have glanced away for maybe a second, but it was enough for them to disappear.

At this point it dawned on me that I was tripping. I decided to continue my search for shrooms another few minutes. The wild goose chase led me in circles, until I saw the same girl again. The boy was gone, but she spoke to me this time. It took me a few seconds, but this time, while looking right at her I realized she was not really there. I could not believe how real it was, though. Every detail about her was normal. She told me that she found some. I looked down, and right there by her feet were some shrooms. I had been ready to give up, but the clarity of it all made me want to check out this last sighting. I told her that I knew she was fake, but I wanted her to stand there to mark the spot where the shrooms are while I make my way toward her, around some thorn bushes. When I got there both the shrooms and the girl were gone.

Realizing how f*cked-up my mind was, I decided to get back home, especially since there was only about thirty minutes of light left. On my way back, once I reached the road adjacent to my building, I ran into a friend of mine. Relieved that I had made it back safely, I stopped to talk to him for a minute. We chatted, and he mentioned how he had lost his watch, then I said goodbye and went back to my room. Once there I anticipated more hallucinations, but strangely none came. Eventually I went to bed. The next morning I saw the same friend from yesterday and noticed that he was wearing his watch. When I asked him about it he looked at me strangely and told me that he hadn't seen me since last Thursday. I then realized he must have been a hallucination yesterday, and that I was probably talking to myself on the side of the road.

What I have concluded about it all is that in order for me to really hallucinate on the drug, I can't be actively waiting for myself to hallucinate. I have to distract myself so I am not thinking about it. Then I will have very convincing, crystal-clear hallucinations, some of which can completely convince me of their reality. With this conclusion/hypothesis, I plan to try it again, but not for another few weeks when I will have the chance.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 29, 2007Views: 31,356
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