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Less is More
by Azure
Citation:   Azure. "Less is More: An Experience with 2C-I (exp19487)". Dec 9, 2002.

15 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)


With my first 2ci experience being fairly overwhelming, I decided to pursue my second go with a bit more caution and heedfulness. This in mind, I accurately weighed out 100mg of the material, which I then diluted in 100ml distilled water. I then mixed this until the material fully dissolved and measured out 15ml of the material. Down the gullet, neither the worst or best tasting thing I've ever drank.

I sat down for a little meditation, and began watching my breath. After ~20minutes, there was a marked stimulation and I began feeling somewhat restless. However, I sat with the discomfort another ten minutes before getting up and jumping online. At this point, my awareness seemed particularly focussed on areas of bodily pain (namely, my back) and constriction. With the stimulation component (kind of like having overdone caffeine), the awareness of discomfort became marked to the point it was almost overwhelming. However, I maintained focus on the breath, allowing the sensation to simply rest in mindfulness. My brother came into the room, and I was able to maintain a conversation with him, though the velocity and discomfort of the onset had me somewhat disshevelled. In fact, our conversation became heated over a topic sensitive to us both and we decided to take our conversation out to the hot tub.

In the hot tub, the conversation continued and I was able to release some bodily tension into the hot water. After a number of minutes talking with my brother, a sort of breakthrough came in our conversation where we were both able to allow each other the space to express ourselves without intruding or imposing on one another. The conversation ended with me saying something like, 'you really listened to me, thank you so much'. I returned back into the house, still ascending and somewhat unnerved by the stimulation component of the material. I again decided to sit for meditation.

After a few minutes sitting, and bringing my concentration to rest internally, there was a noticable shift in the energetics of the experience (1.5-2 hours). I feel that this space is what makes 2ci a worthwhile material, and in my case, it took concentration and mindfulness to really bring it out. The space was marked by a warm empathy and at-ease sociability, a type of ruddy glow that allowed for fluid communication and expression. I went in and commented to my brother that it really opens up much nicer at these lower dose levels. We then decided to throw on the extended DVD version of 'The Fellowship of the Rings'. This honestly had to have been one of the more rewarding cinematic experiences under the influence of a psychedelic. As opposed to my first viewing of the movie--in the theatres--the extended version coupled with my enhanced state made for a much more stunning and thematically integrated experience.

Since the viewing, I've often been reminded of what an influence The Lord of the Rings was on my early psychedelic 'development'. I avidly read most all of Tolkein's books after my first experience with a psychedelic (the mushroom) at the age of 14. I've still yet to fully comprehend the function of creativity and imagination in spiritual development, but have come to recognize creativity and imagination as a key to the Buddhist path. I recently had the good pleasure to view a photo portfolio of a buddhist practitioner who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, I felt some shock in recognizing that the immanence of her own death had really created her artistry. It occurs to me that a great deal of the most refined artistic expression comes through a sense of the immanent passing of things. It's really this frailty that breaks the human heart; and, oddly enough, there is something very beautiful in that breaking. The movie ended with me feeling quite wonderful, though somewhat restless with the stimulation.

At about the 6-7 hour point, I was definitely on the descent though still feeling quite pleasant and glowy. The come down (as always), was a little on the rough side and I was not able to fall asleep until about 2am (11 hour point). The next morning I was quite tired, and went to bed early that night. The second day, I came down with a bit of a cold, which I quickly processed by the third day. In all, a rewarding experience, though this material is no exception to the rule that contraction always follows stimulated expansion. In fact, I believe that trying to force the mind into desirable states is a type of mental violence, and I often tend to do this. It's becoming more and more difficult to justify the use of stimulating materials in the face of the contraction that follows.

It seems that in the quest to widen the circle of the heart, the most useful materials are neutral in terms of the content they bring up in the mind. Really, the mushroom specifically, is invaluable in this regard. The experimental research chemicals are most certainly fun, and I have gleaned a good deal from certain materials, but they simply don't facilitate the type of integrable and long terms insights that more dynamic materials seem to induce. Nonetheless, my 'experimental' side often wins out, and I will likely use this material again in the future.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19487
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 9, 2002Views: 11,477
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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