Moderate Mainline Man
Citation:   MidwestMan. "Moderate Mainline Man: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp19433)". Sep 23, 2005.

  repeated IV Methamphetamine (liquid)
My best friend Kyle had been a coke addict before I knew him, been through rehab and all that shit. I was never a big druggie. Smoked some weed in high school, that's about it. One night at work we noticed another friend of ours, Drew, acting kind of strange. I knew he was on SOMETHING, but not what specifically. Because of Kyle's previous experience, he was quick to pull Drew aside and ask him what he was on. We found out he'd started smoking meth, which he got from his girlfriend, who got it for free, so he had an ample unending supply. Kyle was on the ball about setting up a get-together. That night even, Kyle was planning on going to Drew's after we got off work. Kyle said I was invited, but that I probably wouldn't want to go. I asked why, and he said there'd be some pretty illegal shit going on. For some reason I said okay anyway.

When we got off work around five am Kyle and I left together and he stopped at a Walgreen's to pick up some points (needles). Then we went to Drew's and his roommate Joe's house. We bullshitted for a while. I was a little nervous about what would happen but really curious. I knew no one expected me to take part but I was undecided as to whether or not I would ask to try it.

When Drew's girlfriend Christy finally got there around six am everyone started bouncing off the walls waiting for her to get the stuff out and load it up in their pipe. They smoked a bowl of it, I just watched. Everyone was talking a million miles an hour, to no one in particular, having conversations and arguments with each other that didn't really make any sense. Such as:

Kyle: The sky is blue.
Joe: No, man, the grass is green.
Joe: But the sun is hot, dude!
Christy: Yeah, but flowers are sooo pretty...

That's just an example of what they sounded like; that conversation didn't really happen.

Anyway, after they smoked the first bowl of it and Christy was loading up another, Kyle asked her if she wouldn't mind throwing a little bit his way so he could shoot it. She said okay and gave him as much as he wanted. He went into the bathroom to do it. When the bowl started going around again, I tried it, but didn't feel anything. I kept smoking but still didn't feel anything. Kyle came out of the bathroom looking wired like a mofo and thought it was funny I was smoking and asked how I felt. I told him I didn't feel any different. They gave me a line to snort, and I tried that, and other than a burn I didn't feel anything with that either. I gave up on the smoking and snorting, just sat around watching everyone, trying not to fall asleep. After about twelve hours of non-stop chatter Kyle and I finally left. We went back to my house and I went to bed while Kyle stayed up and used my computer. The next day Drew called us and said Christy wanted to know if we wanted to buy some and Kyle said yes, and he asked if I minded if he did it at my place. I said I didn't care as long as I could watch. So he went to get the meth and came back. He asked again if I minded if he did it there. He jokingly said he could shoot me up if I wanted to try it that way, thinking that I'd say no since the other stuff didn't get me off. But I said yes and he thought that was just awesome.

So we filled a couple of shot glasses up with warm water and set them down on the table. He put .1 gram in a spoon and added 30 units of water to it (in a one-time-use insulin needle), mixed it up, drew it up, and set me up to take the hit. I was fascinated and tried not to move while I watched him give me the shot. He was shaking really bad and that scared me, but I still let him go ahead. He put it all in my vein and took the belt off my arm. I felt something funny right away, but just sat back and waited... After something like ten seconds... This will sound weird... It felt like a blue fake cobwebs spreading up my arm and across my shoulders, then up my neck to my head and down my back... It felt really warm and tingly and just awesome. The second shot I got a while later (.15g in 30units water) felt very similar, but more like big fluffy jumbo-sized cotton balls going up my arm and shoulders and neck. Kyle really hadn't expected me to feel anything at all; compared to later reations I would say the blue-cotton thing barely was a reaction. They got a lot stronger than that, but harder to describe. If someone's going to try this I would say .1g with 30 units water is a safe combo to start off with, gradually increasing with ample time between hits.

That was the start of our binging friendship.

I've had all sorts of other experiences... There was once when everything turned grey but lightly tinted, like in old black and white photos... Sometimes after taking a hit a certain color, such as orange, would start at my focal point (usually Kyle's face) and spread all over my vision... And after one hit waaaaayyy stronger than I would have done for myself I was talking to this girl and her jaw and eyes were growing and shrinking and doing all kinds of crazy shit. One time when we were really strung out after buying a quarter ounce, we thought some guy had parachuted into my back yard and was hanging from a tree. We spent a long time trying to get him down. It turned out to be a shadow on the ground (looked like a parachute) and a broken branch (hanging down, looked like a dead guy). It's easy to lose hours, and even days, when tweaked out. It's easy to lose your grip on reality, both during the intense high and during the horrible, horrible comedown.

The best experience I had was after mainlining some oxycottens, which are somehow comparable to H (I can't really get specific on this because Kyle brought me the shot and did me, I didn't see it being prepared or anything). It wasn't a peak like the meth, but damn it felt good, and we did some speed a couple hours later. The meth high was higher and comedown was a lot softer that time than any other time; coincidence or not I don't know.

In general, my shooting of a moderate dose of meth (which will need to be increased with increased usage) left me in a physical rush uncomparable to smoking or snorting. (I still get no reaction from either.) I got real close to losing it for a while, like spending rent and bill money on a large quantity of stuff, planning on using some and selling some to get my money back, when I'd end up using it all in a couple of days... I've seen some former friends get really fucked up on the stuff. One friend of ours kinda dropped off the face of the earth, the last time we saw him his arms looked like hamburger. It isn't pretty. Luckily, my friend is back off, without any serious breakdowns or a need for rehab again on his part, and I quit too so I wouldn't end up helping to kill him. I'm not against using again, but it's not something so high up on my list that I have any plans on seeking it out.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19433
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 23, 2005Views: 23,200
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