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Glad It's Over
Morning Glory
by Lil Me
Citation:   Lil Me. "Glad It's Over: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp19355)". Aug 29, 2007.

8 oral Morning Glory (seeds)


I was pretty bored with my life, and getting to be pretty depressed. Weed seemed to be a good time, so did alcohol, but I wanted to hallucinate. I wanted to see what was latent, floating around in my sub-conscious. I wanted to see the things I glimpsed in dreams. I read about Morning Glory seeds, and their history in Indian Shamanism is what intially attracted me. That and the potential for a hallucinogenic experience.

I purchased 16 packets of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seed packets at the local chain-department store. I had read the warnings about the poisonous coatings but I had no way of obtaining Everclear or other such fluids. Nor did I have the space to complete this procedure, as I was 17, and living with my parents. I used a coffee grinder to grind up all the packets at once, and it became a soft but somewhat chunky powder. I had read about people who mixed the seeds with different juices and drank them, so I tried this with Razzberry iced tea. I emptied about half of my powder into a glass with the iced tea. Unfortunately, the powder wouldn't dissolve and just became a chunky pile of sludge at the bottom of the cup that was far too unappealing to possibly digest by itself. I threw this mixture out and saved the rest of the powder, thinking about different ways to down it.

Several weeks later, I brought the powder to school with me, and swallowed most of it in the bathroom at about 9:00 am, washing it down my throat with Pepsi. It had a distinct taste and smell, like topsoil almmost. Around 9:30 I began to feel nauseous and a little shaky. By about 10:30 I was feeling less nauseous and was experiencing a mild high, like that of being a little stoned. It was about this time I began to feel very hot, and jittery. I was extremely active, speaking and moving very quickly. I couldn't sit still and I began to sweat heavily. I felt silly and in general, still pleasant. I went to study hall and then an assembly. As I watched the speaker move in front of the overhead screen in the auditorium I saw faint coloured lines moving around her. I began to feel disoriented, talking to myself inside my head, and found I was unable to pay much attention to anything but the voice in my head.

At this point I began to feel nervous. I didn't say much, but I still figeted a lot. Things became a little blurry to me, and I was confused, trying to follow my friend to her locker. I could only pay attention to what I was thinking, and had to give one word answers to the people who spoke to me. A teacher stopped to tell me about a concert that was going on that evening that I was expected to attend and he made a joke. I remember thinking very hard about weather or not to laugh, his face looked distorted and angry even though he was laughing.

I bought my lunch and sat down with my friends. At this point I was so disoriented and drawn into myself I felt afraid. I told my best friend what I had taken and we continued eating lunch. I was sweating profusely, my forehead and eyebrows were soaked. I could hardly eat, my food seemed to be slipping off my fork. It was extrememly loud in the lunch room and instead of hearing things I felt as if someone was pouring warm water into my ears. The louder the noise, the more water. No one spoke at my lunch table, as I was obviously very 'sick.' I could hardly get the soup to my mouth because of my uncontrollable shaking and trembling. My friends asked me questions but I could only answer by nodding my head. Speaking was impossible, with all the water running in my ears, and the voice in my mind being so loud.

A teacher came over to chat with us and he stood next to me. His voice was unbearably loud, I cringed as he spoke. He was doing a crossword puzzle and when he asked me about a clue, I tried to answer. I opened my mouth but it felt as though hundreds of words were trying to force their way out at once. I simply shrugged and stared at the floor. Then my friend decided to take me to the nurse's office. As I walked across the hall to the health office a teacher passed me and asked what was wrong. My friend answered for me, saying I wasn't feeling well. She squatted and stared into my eyes and felt my forehead and said something to the affect of 'Holy shit, I guess not.' My hair was beginning to become wet with sweat.

I sat in the nurses office, hands clasped tightly together. She asked me questions and I only nodded yes or no. She eventually decided I had some sort of emotional issue and sent me to the school social worker. I sat in this woman's office and did the head nodding routine again and finally she asked me if I had taken something. When I nodded yes, she had me write down what it was on a slip of paper.

Back in the nurse's office, the two women were bewildered. What was 'morning glory?' I stared out the window, hearing only voices in my head and began to cry. The tree outside the window was waving in the wind and it's red buds appeared to be on fire. They left orange streaks in the air as they moved. The nurse called poison control and eventually an ambulance came. It was about 2:00pm now.

I wrote notes to my mother on a piece of paper, thinking I was going to die. The EMTs helped me down the hall as I could only shuffle, and into the ambulance. When I looked up at the ceiling, I saw the round lights blinking and I was unable to determine if they were real or I was imagining them. The burly EMT told me they were real, and looked at the notes I had written. I murmmered, asking him if I was going to be alright. He said at first that he didn't know. People on the internet don't care who they poison. A few minutes later he began telling me I was fine and that I would feel better in a few hours.

At the hospital I saw flashes as I was wheeled past my mother and into a room. A doctor came and asked me questions, along with a policeman. I was still tripping very hard, the curtains they closed around me seemed to swirl around like a whirlpool. I don't remember if I fell asleep or not, but around 7:00 pm I was straightening out. The nurse made me drink liquid charcoal to remove the toxins. This is extremely gross, avoid it!

In the end, I was suspended from school only for a little over a week, due to my past exemplary record. I was put in counseling, it being suspected this had been a suicide attempt, which it wasn't, but I wasn't about to argue. To this day, when I walk into a green house the smell of the soil and plants makes me nauseous.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 19355
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 29, 2007Views: 12,985
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), School (35)

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