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No Greater Effect Than When I Take 20 MG
Diazepam (Valium)
by DV
Citation:   DV. "No Greater Effect Than When I Take 20 MG: An Experience with Diazepam (Valium) (exp19337)". Dec 2, 2002.

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35 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
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I have been a valium user for over 4 years. I am 22 at the time and in near perfect health. A bit of asthma, but nothing serious. For me, this drug has many uses and I'll name a few.

First off. . . relaxation. I have encountered no other drug that works as efficently. Secondly. a mild high without any serious side effects under reasonable dosage, I've found it pleasureable. I also consider this to be a social drug. I find myself talkative, open and prone to long conversations with friends.

On the social note, when on valium, I crave physical contact with people. . . . holding a girlfriend of just petting your dog. Overall, I consider this a relaxation drug that creates feelings of love, happiness and well being.

310: am. I have taken 3 and one half-10mg tablets. brand name valium. description: small blue tablet with roche 10 etched on one side. Roche is the company that produces these. These were bought over the counter with a prescription.

I am simply in an office setting with a desk, my cigs, my computer and a fruit drink. Its a comfortable setting. And I will be undisturbed throughout this experience. Unless you count my 2 black labs. Asleep on the floor. The lights are on and its completley quiet.

The preparations I have made for this experience were the best I could do at this point in time. I have eaten 4 and half hours ago, I'm taking nothing else. No alcohol, no pot, no other drugs. But I am smoking. I simply dont know if that makes a difference. If it helps, they are gpc lights.

As I have said, in preparation, I have made sure there will be no outside influences. I'm drinking water and soda, but no more than anyone usually would. I have found that valium does give dry mouth occasionally.

What I have learned from he experience is dotted throughout this essay, but I will give a full detailed conclusion at the end of this on what I have learned from this dosage. =This is the highest does I have taken and once again. If you're new, start slow. I'm condicting this with my past valium intake 5 days behind me. And that was 20mg. So this should be a fresh account with no tollerance levels. Or very very few.

3:22am: -a mild relaxation has set in. Barely noticable unless I'm feeling for it.

3:28am: -after letting the pills disolve under my tongue, I've swallowed the 'paste' for a lack of a better word. The brand I buy has a bitter-sweet taste. The relaxation effects have begun to increase slightly. If I sit still and close my eyes in a comfortable position, this feeling is greatly increased. For some reason, whether it be my weight or simple chemistry. . . most substances effect me faster than usually reported by others.

3:36am: -I have taken 20mg more.

3:40am: -I know. The reports come fast, but details are important, are they not? The 35mg are ingested and the other 20mg are under my tongue. When they disolve, I'll wash it down with my fruit drink. So what am I feeling right now? I feel like I could stare at this computer screen, do nothing and enjoy doing so. I'm having a feeling that all is right with my life. It was ok to begin with but under the influence of this, life is peachy.

3:45am: - I keep strange hours and this does not effect this experience. I'm getting simple enjoyment out of touching things. Picking up a lighter, the feel of my jeans, petting my dog. Right now I fell a great love for my dog. Its strange, but thus is the effect of valium on my person. It could just be I love my pets.

3:50am: -I have just gotten up to get a pillow for my back. You know how these desk chair are. While I was walking around looking for a pillow, I noticed my movements and the physical sensation thereof. All my muscles are relaxed. The best description I can give while walking around is this: the air have taken on a velvet feel to it. Not by much but definatly noticeable. Enjoyable. I can only tell you what feels good to me at this time.

3:58am -once agian, I'm going to lay back in my chair, close my eyes and deepen the feeling. It gived me utter and complete peace. For me, with my eyes closed, its very much like meditation. And as of now, I am not sleepy. Others have reported that, but since I'm devoted to a full experience, I wont take that option.

4:03am - I move my hands around and the air feels like velvet. On a side note, I have suspicions that this may be a gateway to astral projection. Ive done this in the past, but never on valium. I'm going to have to say this may be a way . . . a shortcut pershaps. I can say with certainty that I am definatly high. My movements are all gracefull and slow, but not clumsy.

4:18am - I've taken the final dose that im going to. 75mg in total over a period of about an hour. I'm not tired. And all is right with the world. my worste enemy could walk through the door and I would give him a hug and offer him a soda. Its only been an hour or so since ive ingested 75mg, so I'm sure theres more to come.

And before you take any drug if this sort, read up on it! Know the risks.

4:36am -I'm swervinv slightly when I walk, but if you put your mindto it, you can control that. Its nothign dangerous if your just haging around relaxing. My typing is slower now because my fingers arent moving as fast.

4:42am - my mind is working fine, but it requires more time to articulate thoughts. The dry mouth has kicked in. Its not a hassle, but I wonder if drinking liquids effects the potency.

4:50am - I have taken 20mg more. I will stay awake and give a full account. This may sound dangerous, but being a veteran valium taker, I know my limits. but it is also an experiment. And I know the risks.
Let me repeat. This is simply a test to see the effects of high doses and the effects there of. This is a personal choice with full kowledge of overdoese reactions. I have been reading information on diazapam.

I'm going to wait another hour now and report my findings:

6:37am -so here is what I have learned from this experience. Taking 95mg had no greater effect than when I usually take 20mg. To take more is simply a waste. Overall, its wonderful for a relaxation and/or stress relief.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19337
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 2, 2002Views: 197,661
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Pharms - Diazepam (115) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Alone (16)

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