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Moderately Negative
by Anon
Citation:   Anon. "Moderately Negative: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp19196)". Sep 12, 2005.

T+ 0:00
20 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
  T+ 8:00 34 g oral Nutmeg (ground / crushed)
A little preface - I regularly drink (alcohol) a fair amount, probably too much. I have only ever tried marijuana once, in the form of bud-butter cookies... a bit of a disaster. Lets just say that the temperature of the melted butter exceeded the melting temperature of the (I know) plastic container I poured it into. Anyway, I decided to try nutmeg. I only recently discovered that it had hallucinogenic properties, and hoped that it might be a safer, cheaper and less illegal method to hallucinate.

Mindset & Setting - I was at home, in my room alone for the duration of the experience. My mindset prior to the experience was about my average (somewhat depressed, bored).

Preparations - Not much here... I made sure I wouldn't have to be at work for a few days.

Dosage & Timing - Initially I took about 20gm ground nutmeg Friday at about noon. I choked it down with milk and sugar (ugh bitter aftertaste). I had read that the effects can take 6 hours to begin, so I didn't increase the dosage until 8-9 hours had elapsed and I really hadn't started to feel anything. I didn't think too much of it considering my hefty 280lbs weight. As I just said, I upped the dosage to 54gm in total. Nutmeg sure has a nasty taste, only slightly mitigated by its carrier milk and sugar.

The Experience - Well I started feeling rather wacky... spacy, dizzy, confused, not really terribly pleasant, but tolerable (also I experienced a dry-mouth releivable by sipping on cold water throughout the rest of the night until I went to bed). I felt these symptoms increase with a slight hallucinogenic edge. Watching TV was a bit odd, things seemed a little distorted, textures were slightly enhanced or distorted. Nothing extreme. Around 12 hours later (midnight) I was thoroughly messed up (but not really hallucinating) and a bit tired. I decided I would go to bed, but instead of really sleeping I experienced more of a half-waking dream. The 'dream' consisted of rapidly changing rather random imagery of various things vaguely strung together in my brain's half-assed attempt to make sense of it all.

The following morning I 'awoke' (meaning I felt as though I was only ever about half-asleep). I was dizzy as hell and could not coordinate myself very well. I experienced cotton-mouth and cotton-eyes, they were dry and itchy feeling. I had decided that my sinuses and uvula (that dangly thing in the throat) did not exist, which made my dry mouth much more tolerable. :)

That entire Saturday I felt bizzare, experiencing slightly tweaked vision, a strong headache, and all standard strong flu like symptoms excluding mucus and muscle-aches. (like a high fever) I didn't have the presence of mind to actually check for a fever, I just assumed it was an effect. 4 or 5 hours after I woke up I decided that it was unpleasant and wanted it to end. I never got panicky about it, rather slightly impatient for the effects to end.

I was starting to feel a little more normal by the time I went to bed Saturday night, and by Sunday morning (11am), I felt fairly normal again. I still felt a little dizzy and shaky, as if my fine motor control had been temporarily inhibited. At around 5pm Sunday, I could think fairly clearly and could communicate in a moderately intelligible manner, although I still felt a little odd. I felt normal enough to drive so I went to a McDonald's, went inside (the drive-thru was closed) and ordered some food. The first communication with another person since taking nutmeg went fairly normally, although I think I was acting more normal than I thought. I felt jittery and slightly nervous, but I normally am slightly nervous in interactions with people I don't know.

Sunday evening progressed fairly normally. Sunday night was fairly normal. I experienced some moderately vivid dreams, but thats what I usually experience

Subsequent Aftereffects - 1 week later, Sunday night I had what I can only assume was a flashback. I must credit the flashback for its relatively convenient timing, but it was certainly an odd experience. Okay, I have never had anything but alcohol liberally, marijuana once, and this experience. There was no LSD involved unless someone snuck something into my food, and given how incredibly asocial I am, its not bloody likely. I had experienced a week of work and a majority of my weekend before feeling odd again. I drank moderately-heavy Friday and moderately on Saturday. (no other time that week, and none on Sunday). At about 11pm Sunday night, I started feeling very odd. I felt dissociated from my body, my body parts felt dissociated from each other, my senses all seemed to be dissociated with each other. I experienced mild visual hallucinations (tracers, odd afterimages, distorted shapes, sizes, textures), strongly inhibited will to move, a feeling of super-comfort. (I was lying in bed, and even if I shifted myself into a normally rather unconfortable position, it felt remarkably comfortable, although toward morning my arm hurt.) Viable thought was strongly suppressed. I was trying to simply comprehend what was going on in a show that I regularly watch. Simple continuous thought required supreme effort to maintain.

I experienced a total sense of deja-vu. Everything seemed to loop, my thoughts particularly. I kept trying to think what might be happening to me, but had difficulty in doing so. Muddling through the experience I thought that I was either having a stroke or a flashback. Having only heard of LSD flashbacks, it was a bit of a jump in my state to connect things. I drew myself up, after what seemed like an eternity to go to the bathroom. Suprisingly, I wasn't too dizzy. I returned and sat down at my computer to look up flashbacks. It took a while, but eventually I found an article with a technical title. It is heard to remember, something about post-hallucinogenic-experience (PHE?) or somesuch. It seemed to fit the symptoms, so I wasn't too worried (not that I could feel terribly worried in that state).

I normally experience vivid dreams, particularly on Sunday nights. Weekends I mess up my normal sleep schedule with staying up late, drinking, and sleeping in. Sunday is my buffer-day where I return to normalcy. Normally, bizarre dreams and half-asleep states visit me on Sunday nights, leaving me tired and sleepy on Mondays. The half-awake dreams of the experience were a bit more pronounced than usual, but it was only a increase in intensity of things I normally experience. The dreams of my flashback were unremarkable. The flashback experience ended before I started to sleep early in the morning, resulting in pretty much average dreams.

Overall experience - (D) - I was expecting primarily visual hallucinations, and experienced moderate somatic hallucinations, very slight visual hallucinations. Dizziness, confusion and flu or high fever-like symptoms mostly ruined things. I did have some crazy half-awake dreams, but they were not much different from dreams and dream like states I normally experience. At almost all times during the experience and flashback I was aware that I was high.

Hallucinations - (D-) - These occured primarily in the form of dreams. But they were not hugely different from the bizarre dreams I already experience normally (without nutmeg). In waking states, I only mild to moderate alterations in perception... no full blown hallucinations from any of my senses.

Recommendability - (F) - Dude, it sucked. Don't do it. If you really feel the need to try it, go ahead, but the plusses do not outweigh the minuses. This is only for those who really just want to experience everything there is to experience. It didn't kill me tho.

What did I learn? - Either I have too much presence of mind to fully hallucinate, or I am normally in a state of slight-hallucination. I think it is a combination of both, which kinda sucks.

Mixers - Nothing, not even caffeine. I took only nutmeg, although I drank alcohol the 2 evenings prior to the evening of the flashback.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 19196
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 12, 2005Views: 45,204
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Nutmeg (41) : Hangover / Days After (46), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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