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Go On, Relax
by M
Citation:   M. "Go On, Relax: An Experience with Galangal (exp1914)". Erowid.org. Jun 19, 2000. erowid.org/exp/1914

2 oz oral Galangal (roots)
I finally got round to buying some galanga yesterday (UKP 1.60 per pound). Got home and chopped up about 2oz of the stuff (after peeling) and wanting to keep an empty stomach (just in case :) simply fried it gently in oil before eating it. I rapidly came to regret this decision - it tastes more than anything like pine sap with quite a woody texture. Yuk.

About half an hour after finally forcing it down I had to catch a bus. Standing by a main road in the dark I realised that the headlights were building up strange trails - the 'morning after tripping' comparison seemed a good one. Felt quite mellow - like a voice whispering 'Go on, relax...' but not forcing it. Faint but definite physical tingles - plus, galanga's comparable in heat to fresh ginger, and my stomach may well have felt strange due to that.

Some two and a half hours in things were getting better. All physical symptoms had subsided and I could get 'acid lights' to come on by staring at something for four or five seconds, with comparable distortions to, say half an average trip (maybe 50-60ug). My resistance to dope was very high, as when tripping, and I felt myself in a good mood, smiling bemusedly at people rather than talk to them.

I was still 'up' nearly six hours after dropping and a goodish amount of dope. Eight fingers of scotch later this didn't seem to be a problem any more; I staggered off to bed feeling rather pissed and got to sleep fairly easily (c.1.30 am). Trails were pretty good last night; they've now faded. I'm tired (5.5 hours sleep) and slightly disoriented (and not inclined to work much) but otherwise ok.

Summary: All the above for about 60 cents, so one can hardly complain. I intend to try it with acid - the dope resistance could get irritating if one wished to get stoned. Galanga more than lived up to my (fairly low) expectations.

Exp Year: ExpID: 1914
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 19, 2000Views: 28,300
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Galangal (24) : General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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