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Like a Serious Alcohol Buzz
by D.W. Forbes
Citation:   D.W. Forbes. "Like a Serious Alcohol Buzz: An Experience with DXM (exp1896)". Erowid.org. Jun 16, 2000. erowid.org/exp/1896

250 mg oral DXM (liquid)


Well, I tried DXM/Robo (curious story: When I first saw the word 'Robo', I thought it was some lame-o 'net' term. Now I realize its association to a commercial product, and it makes a lot of sense). Here are my [brief] impressions.

Dose: 250mg (I weigh about 150lbs) Type: generic store-brand cough syrup DM (The only active ingredient being Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide. I think people should better clarify that it is found in the form DXM-Hbr, as I nearly assumed the Hbr was one of the unwanted extras...). Total cost of dose (in Cnd. $) was about $3.50.

Firstly, ingestion was rather gross. My brain associates anything with that sort of 'texture' with being sick. In fact, for the first 2 hours or so, I had the feeling of 'puke tickles' (the feeling that it was entirely possible to get sick). I was confident I wouldn't, and I didn't get sick, but the feeling was definitely there. [I'm looking for the 'DXM-Hbr extraction' method (email it to me if you have it!), but haven't found it yet].

After a couple of hours, I had the feeling of a pretty serious alcohol buzz. I've never used LSD, so I can't compare them. No tracers, or anything of that sort. Although I felt giddy and abnormal, my physical co-ordination was barely affected (much unlike alcohol). I wouldn't drive, or anything like that, but it was much easier not to knock things over, etc. In addition, after about 2 hours I had the overwhelming feeling that I'd like to go to sleep (and I very nearly did). For anyone who tries this: Just try to do something to get past the 'sleepy' part...once it passes, your energy comes back full strength (plus some).

Music seemed to be the same, but I did notice a complete change in my concentration level. I had the stereo cranked, and decided I'd like to watch some Letterman, so I just turned the TV up. I watched TV for a while with the stereo blaring, but still maintained perfect concentration (without concentrating) on everything Letterman said. Seems almost as if it helps the brain to seperate audio tracks better.

My girlfriend, not knowing my state [I'm usually pretty bizarre, so people don't really notice me in altered states], tried to get me to have sex with her. Not only was I not really interested (I'm usually pretty active), but she really had to work to `get it up'. The feeling was entirely unenjoyable to me (just a sort of numb rubbing), and I knew I couldn't 'cum' in this state. She enjoyed the long time it could remain up (pretty much eternity, really), but I wasn't really into it. Is this everyones impression of this? By the next morning I was happily mounting her, so the effect is quite temporary. I thought I should mention this effect for those who plan upon having sex under this stuff.

Many television shows seemed so brain-dead that I couldn't believe it. Of course, I usually feel this way, but the feeling was greatly heightened (except, of course, the Simpsons, which seemed even funnier (in an intelligent sort of way) than ever). The biggest thing I noticed about TV was fake/exaggerated human emotions.

Feelings lasted for about 6-7 HOURS in all. I am amazed at this as the dose I took was only about 8x the recommended dose.

Probably the bizarrest thing of all was waking up the next morning (after only 6 hours of sleep). It was WHAM, 100% awake. Usually I am still tired when waking up, and it takes a while to get going, but it was 100% instant awakeness. The same thing happened again today. I am curious if this is just coincidence, or has anyone else noticed this?

BTW, if you wonder why I posted anonymously even though the drug is entirely legal, it has to do with the association of DXM-Hbr with 'cough syrup'. People have a bad impression of this as they associate the utilization of cough syrup as that done by 'bums'. They have this impression as some 'bums' have used cough syrup for the alcohol contained within. Therefore it is considered 'cheap alcohol'. What I got had zero alcohol in it, and I utilized purely for DXM-Hbr. I would be much happier about it if I could extract just the DXM-Hbr and remove the 'cough syrup' association.

(BTW: Sometimes I wonder why is this drug used for 'dry hacking coughs' and what the physiological effect it has that leads it to be used for this.)

Exp Year: ExpID: 1896
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 16, 2000Views: 18,589
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DXM (22) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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