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Totally Bugged Out
Datura (seeds)
Citation:   deuce. "Totally Bugged Out: An Experience with Datura (seeds) (exp18345)". Oct 21, 2002.

1 tsp oral Datura (seeds)
Just recently have I discovered that the hundreds of plants growing uncontrollably on my family's farm are Datura. For years i've been overlooking the plant as if it were any other until a horse of ours got sick from ingesting quite a few leaves. The vet came out to check on him and informed me that the plant (aka Jimson weed) was poisonous if ingested by animals, but had a quite pleasant high if ingested or smoked by people. For a little over a year I ignored this information, along with the plant, until riding home from school with a friend. Somehow we began talking about the shortage of marijuana we've been having, and the jimson weed growing around my house was brought up. Really enthusiastic she told me a friend of hers ate a few of the same seeds and tripped over 12 hours. I almost laughed, but told her I would check it out, and sure enough the seeds were identical to Datura Stramonium. For nearly a week I researched Datura, and learned more than I thought possible about it. I thought it was a little much for what i'm used to because i've never gotten stronger than marijuana or ecstacy, but decided it was an experience I was ready for. Unfortunatly I was very wrong.

At around 9:30 on a thursday night I chewed and swallowed a teaspoon of the very bitter black, mature seeds, and washed them down with gatorade. (i chose gatorade because of the intense dehydration i had read about) I had a sitter (we can call her Tori) which is NEEDED while on this stuff. Around 10:45 my mouth became so dry it was sickening and impossible to talk. I began to talk what sounded perfectly normal in my head, but jibberish to my ears and to Tori. It would have been very frusterating if I had needed to say something important, but since I didn't, Tori and I found it entertaining. I got the dilated pupils and the constant using-the-bathroom, but besides that nothing too intense. About and hour later Tori and I decided to crash which was fine with me because my throat was so dry it was no fun talking. I'm not sure what time I woke up, but it must have been around 10am because Tori had to be at work by 12. I was trippin hard, but nothing seemed too unnormal to me. Random people watching me go to the bathroom, Tori disapearing in the middle of our conversations, and spending hours in front of the mirror talking to my new friend (my reflection), seemed very normal.

Every once in a while I would snap back to myself and realize I was tripping, and kind of laugh or shake my head at myself, only to find me doing it all over again a few minutes later. At one point me and my sister (who knew nothing about me taking the seeds) were making my bed and I kept telling Tori to get up so we could finish, but she'd just stare at me even though I asked her more than once. My sister kept asking 'who are you talking to?' and I would answer 'Tori...' and point to the corner of my bed where she was lying down. A little shocked and kind of scared my sister said, 'Tori left 20 minutes ago...' and not believing her, I frantically began throwing back my bed covers expecting to find her and proove she was in my bed. I kept putting things down that disappeared constantly, and walk around the house talking to every inanimate object that would talk back.

None of this was too strange until I looked in my closet. Me and a couple people I had never met before (obviously hallucinations) were going through my closet to pick out an outfit to wear to school, even though I wasn't going to school for a few more days. I got kind of lonely after they disappeared, but kept looking for an outfit anyways. Suddenly I spotted a shirt of mine with a few little white bugs on it. I panicked and my mind raced: what if these bugs are on me? I mean, I wear these shirts! I instantly became paranoid. I looked on my arm and saw bugs digging underneath and crawling under my skin. I ran out of my room and found my mom, screaming to her about the bugs on my body. She said she saw nothing, but I figured she was trying to comfort me. I clawed at the bugs, but they were too fast and strong for me.

My mom's first reaction was that I was having a bad acid trip, but from the seriousness and paranoia in my voice she started taking me seriously. She immediatly called every doctor to see if any of them could take an emergency visit, and drove me over to the first one available. (fyi: Because of this I now have lost a great deal of respect for doctors) The doctor immediately looked at me and decided I was having an unexplained allergic reaction to who knows what. (By now I am red all over and bleeding in areas where I tried to get these bugs.) She figures the redness is my skin breaking out, and not inflicted by my own self. I now have to apply this cream over my entire body and continue to take a million antibiotics for something I don't even have, and only I know i never really had.

So whoever decides they want an unforgettable experience, please be careful. Being scared beyond belief is no fun, and let me add that nothing about the entire trip was the least bit fun, or pleasant, it was weird and confusing, and 100% out of control. The pupil dilation left me totally letter-blind for a week, the dry mouth left my throat hurting for an entire week, and not to mention a mild depression about myself. If your looking for a good high for the night, skip datura!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18345
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 21, 2002Views: 49,096
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Datura (15) : Various (28), Bad Trips (6), Depression (15)

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