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Gravol For All!
by Zolton-Wax Receiver
Citation:   Zolton-Wax Receiver. "Gravol For All!: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp18259)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2002. erowid.org/exp/18259

600 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Date of experience: September 9, 1994
Location of experience: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Age at time of experience: 17 years
Body weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
Height: 5’ 10” (178 cm)
Dosage: (possibly 600 mg)

My friend ‘Pete’ and I (‘Mike’) had heard about dimenhydrinate in the form of a cheap, crazy and legal anti-nausea drug called Gravol. The $5 price tag for us to both trip-out was a welcomed discovery because that was about all the two of us could scrounge up, being a couple of unemployed high school kids. On Friday, we asked a respectable-looking friend at school to buy a box for us. We each got a box of 15 - 50mg capsules.

At about 8 or 9:00 pm we each ate 12 capsules, and just for fun, we opened up one capsule and smoked its powder in a cigarette. What a way to ruin a cigarette! Blahhh!

We went to a party and throughout the next two or three hours, smoked about four joints (marijuana). An hour or two after ingestion I began to feel extremely tired, slow and heavy. I could have fallen asleep standing up! I knew that I had to stay awake however to get my money’s worth (J). At this point my social skills were beginning to degenerate severely and I convinced our ride to leave the party (and not with my fancy talking). We got a ride to the neighborhood of ‘Pete’s’ parents house where I was to spend the night. We got out of his truck and possibly said goodbye, but not necessarily. Several times on the ride home I remember being in the truck and seeing a short burning cigarette between my fingers. Eagerly, I would try to take a puff from it only for it to disappear from between my fingers. I would frantically search the car seat and floor for a smoldering butt but not find it. Later I would learn that these butts were hallucinations.

‘Pete’ and I decided to go straight to his house, about one block away. He started walking up ahead of me, but after walking about 20 meters, I had lost him. I was a wreck. The rain was coming down hard, it was cold outside, and I had lost my shoes. As I walked, my pants kept falling down as I had lost my belt or could not figure it out. I walked a few houses down the street and came to one large house that attracted me. At this point I will disclose that any people mentioned hereon were hallucinations.

There were 6-8 people about my age walking around on the front lawn, 2 people sitting in chairs, and 4 or 5 lying down on mattresses laid in the shrubbery around the front porch of the house. Feeling very tired, I laid down on one of the mattresses. It was very hard because it was actually a concrete sidewalk and the rain was still pouring on me. I got back up and chatted with the people in the yard. Two of them were friends from school.
I sat down and shared a cigarette with a girl. I then decided to enter the house. Looking through the bay window, I could see 6 or 7 people sitting, drinking, mellow, in the dim lit living room. This was where I wanted to be. I opened the screen door and knocked lightly on the solid wooden door. Strangely the people inside seemed to ignore me. I knocked harder and harder until I was pounding on the door. I rang the doorbell. Still no response! I turned the doorknob and pushed, it seemed stuck. I pushed harder and harder before finally throwing myself against the door a few times. It was bending a bit but wouldn’t open.

I tried knocking on the window, but the people inside were still ignoring me. Finally I gave up and searched for another way in. Around a corner was a large wooden gate to the back yard. The gate was about 7 feet tall and would not open. I managed to climb up to the top of it without shoes and when I got there, there was a girl sitting on top of the fence. I said a quick “hello” and jumped down to the sidewalk on the other side. I continued into the back yard where I saw my friend ‘Pete’, he was standing on the water in the middle of a swimming pool but this didn’t interest me. I was very wet, cold and tired and just wanted to go inside. I found a sliding door at the back of the house and to my relief it opened without any hesitation. I entered onto the new, white carpet wearing my drenched, dirty socks. I asked ‘Pete’ if he was coming in but he didn’t answer so I closed the door. I walked through the kitchen and into the living room.

Everyone was gone except for one girl sitting on the couch. I asked her where I could find a blanket and she told me to look in the closet upstairs. I went upstairs, turned on a light, opened the only closet I could see, and pulled out a nice warm blanket. When I returned downstairs I was alone in the living room but I decided to sleep on the smaller loveseat so as not to steal that girl's spot on the big couch. I removed my wet jacket, shirt, pants and socks, curled up with the blanket and fell asleep in a second.

The next morning, I awoke to find a black poodle barking incessantly at me. Standing behind the tiny dog were, of course, it’s owners – a gray haired couple about 55 years old. “Quiet, quiet Mugsy!” the man said. This was by far the most awkward moment in my life. These people were very real indeed and looked as confused as I felt. The last thing I remembered was being in my friends truck the night before, it was two days before I remembered all the details in between. I had no idea where in the city I was or why I was in this strange house. At this point I realized I was wearing only boxer shorts under a small blanket. I put on a friendly smile and said “hi!”. They asked many questions like “who are you?” and “where are you from?”. They were very nice and even offered me a cup of coffee and some money which I declined. The man helped me search the yard for my shoes and belt but we had no luck. He gave me an old pair of shoes and wished me luck and a good life and I was on my way after thanking them for their hospitality and apologizing for frightening them. I walked out to the street, and spotted my best friend’s house right next door! Crap!

I happened to get very lucky with this incident as the owners of the house could have been much more agro and called the cops or beat the crap out of me. I could have also done something much more dangerous like sleeping in the swimming pool or on a freeway. I would strongly suggest having a good friend (not on dimenhydrinate) be present with you for your entire trip if you are planning to do dimenhydrinate. It can be a lot of fun.

I would describe my mindset while on dimenhydrinate as being asleep and dreaming, but the dream was overlaid onto the real world with which I was interacting. I found that nothing at all would make me nervous or scared. The most improbable hallucination would not even cause a trace of disbelief in my mind that it was for real. To an observer I can only imagine how ridiculous one must look while on dimenhydrinate.

A good thing about dimenhydrinate is that I found it to be inversely addictive. That is, after my first time, I wanted to try it again soon. After the second time, I still wanted to do it again, but not too much. I did it 5 times and will never do it again. The 5th time just made me feel sick and I actually vomited anti-nausea pills!

Total cost of experience:

Gravol $5.00
$25 cash (lost) $25.00
Bus pass (lost) $35.00
Pair of shoes (lost) $60.00
0.75g Hash (lost) $10.00
Roach clips (lost) $10.00
Cigarettes ½ pack (lost) $2.50
Visene (lost) $4.00
Belt (lost) $0 (not mine J)

Total cost $151.50 (but still worth it!)

Exp Year: 1994ExpID: 18259
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2002Views: 63,900
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