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Life, the Universe and Everything
by Barad Ungol
Citation:   Barad Ungol. "Life, the Universe and Everything: An Experience with DXM (exp18254)". Oct 17, 2002.

500 mg oral DXM (liquid)

Greetings people.
I greet you from a place far from anywhere you can reach by car, plane or bus. Well, not really, for i am sat about a foot above the floor on some island somewhere, but even with knowledge of my physical location you could never find me.
I am flying, higher than a bird, higher than a plane, higher than some guy with an once of haze.
I'm as high as a guy who just drunk 2 1/2 bottles of Benylin Dry Cough. I'm as high as a guy whos just taken 500mg of DXM, or to be more precise, Dextromorphine Hydrobromoxide. And do you know how I know I'm as high as that guy? I am that guy and fucking hell I am high.
I'm not sure whats going on with reality, its kindof out there somewhere I think, I get the input but its going nowhere.

Well, at the moment its all on this page.

One mind, one function.
One think, one do.
So you do, and its done.

And my sight, its like, incredable. I'm sat somewhere I know so well. But its new. It shines. It all shines.
The life force of the planet is in everything.
It is everywhere.
In everyone.
With every tree you chop we lose some.
With every man you kill we lose some.
With every war you fight, the life is hurt.
And can we afford to keep using it?
When it is all we truely have?

If you have no money.
And you live on the street.
And you still have life.
In the end life goes on.
Life flows.
It flows through everything like water forever washing up on a beach. Mingling into everything. And it is beautiful.

Its alright.

And its true. While life exists, its alright, whatever happens, you have life, and its alright.

Just let it continue, let the life flow, glide with it and let it go through you. Let life live. Let life shine.
And I see it. In everything. It glows. It all glows. I still have trouble understanding it but at the same time I understand everything. It all makes sense. In the end everything does. You just have to think it to the end. And it makes sense.
The understanding is the happiness but also the end. For it is polluted. Not by evil, Not by Satan. By humans. The force is polluted by humans. We pollute the life force. We are the very virus that destroys it while we search for the vaccine for the virus that kills us!
Where will the pollution end?
We reep pollution on the life that runs us while it destroys us, and what else is being destroyed?
Is it all just a vicious circle of the smaller life force killing the greater life force which in turn is the smaller life force to a greater one.
They say we go to the shop.
We go to consume.
To let the food, the life force of others be added to us. And so it shall be, and so we will do. Im leaving to gather life now....


okay, Im back now but I'm not. I'm somewhere else now. I study psycology at school but tonight I learnt more about the mind than I ever will there. And myself. Never thought like this before, its strange. So philosophical. I spoke with some old guy earlier, asking him what he thought about legalising weed. He seemed alright with it.
Started deeply philosophical/moral/sociological conversation with my mate from that event. Although had been in a strangly philosophical mood before, more than ever now though. Deeply wierd. I think my minds changed forever from this.
Great drug.

Its alright...


Hello again, just got back. Was having a talk about shrinks. They can teach me what they know but they cannot teach me to be myself.


Dreams, think about them. The chase. The chaser. Me. Whos chasing. I am. Whos chasing you?


*followed by drawings of 4D Cubes*

*followed by the following phrases randomly written and underlined*
'Its alright'
'Freedom to conform'

*followed by my incomplete attempt at sorting out my memories of life before I became me, ending with the one that killed the old me*

So as you should be able to tell from that I was using DXM that night. It was my second time of taking it, the first time I had 300mg (1 1/2 bottles of Benylin Dry Cough) and this time I had 500mg (2 1/2 bottles). I had them in doses of first 200mg, followed by another 100mg half an hour later, then another 200mg about an hour later.

All the way through this I was smoking bud. Must have been about 2 joints and a few bowls. Some preety nice Sativa stuff.

Picks me up like you wouldnt believe while I'm on DXM.

Each time I have taken DXM I have been in a hyperactive mood, although on this occasion very much so. That stands out and could have made a differance as I tend to be either quite mellow or just depressed. However, ever since the day I did this my problems have seemed so much smaller. My normally intensly nervous disposition is while still present, far less dominant over my personality now.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18254
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2002Views: 18,328
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DXM (22) : Poetry (43), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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