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by Mumfs
Citation:   Mumfs. "Mind-Bending!: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp17813)". Jul 18, 2005.

500 mg oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


This is a large, but very informative, accurate and truthful account. If you try Gravol, this is a MUST READ first!

I had read on the net that you could get a cannabis buzz off 7 pills of Gravol. (Not true I found out later.) So I started experimenting. I first took 7 pills one day. All I got was extreme unexplainable adrenaline rushes that lasted for hours and got uncomfortable. This happened the first 4 times I took Gravol with between 6 and 8, 50 mg caps.

One day I took 10 caps with my pal and I was amazed. I dunno if it worked now because I had trained my body to use the drug now, or because 10 caps is the dose at which you get messed up. Please note this if you try it!

Me and my friends had popped the pills and gone to a restaurant. About 30 - 45 minutes had gone by and we felt nothing. I was beginning to get pissed off that it didn't work. I stood up and then I knew it worked. My body felt like I was trying to swim through thick playdoh. It was slow-motion and bizarre. My friend felt the same. At the same time our bodies felt warm and euphoric - our bodies, not our minds, it's a feeling I have only gotten off doing Gravol - amazing. My mind felt confused, but not irritatingly. I felt like I had lost connection with my real mind - I dunno, I felt like a different person. Everything happened slower than normal and from a different, alien, unexplainable perspective though through my own eyes. Each time I tried to talk it felt like my tongue was being controlled by another mind and I couldn't talk right at all or form words sometimes. Whenever I moved a limb it was like the same thing and I could only sense my hands or feet moving - this is really weird!

We got on our motorbikes and rode home to my house. It was night now. The 'annoying feeling' had set in now. I get it every time I do Gravol. It is just a VERY intense neutral feeling of oncoming deep cosmic sleep. It can feel bad if you are in a position where you cannot just collapse and sleep. Fighting it to stay awake is when it gets annoying.

However the hallucinations well made up for it. I have never done any hallucinogen besides Morning Glory 4 times, of which I only tripped twice. I was seeing tall, tall shadows of people doing things on the sidewalk that weren't there - like joggers. I heard many noises that weren't there. I then heard my own motorbike overtake myself! My own shadow of me riding became two, each doing different things. When I finally got to my neighborhood (my pal driving behind) I was really feeling spaced out. I went to drive into a wide entrance in a hedge to get to my lane (a lot of driveways are like that in Bermuda). I then found I was driving straight into a hedge! The entrance was about 20 feet away. I swerved to a stop and drove home properly.
When I got home I was still seeing MANY minor hallucinations (and believe me I was tripping like this the whole time, just that its' too much to write!). My friend told me he was getting freaked out because the bikes parked in my yard were shaking and trembling. He said he was hearing a waterfall to his left and people calling his name. I went around to my front door to check if my parents were there. Then I went back to him. It was real dark now, and I saw a man walk up to me in a blue shirt. I was trying to see who it was, if it was my friend. I then realized it was not him at all. AS I thought this the man VIVIDLY in front of me dissolved from the inside out - not like his guts and stuff, but as if he were a photograph. I was so stunned at this - I knew I had just tripped and seen it, but it was so real!

I grabbed my friend and we went inside. My parents knew we were on something.

These are the few side effects of Gravol here:

Eyes get really dilated. Skin gets pale. You look real spaced out. You look like you've seen a ghost. Your skin gets flushed red in places like your cheeks. Also the weird affects like the speech and movement problems.

Well, we went into my room as I guess my parents had no clue what we were on (a plus). In my room we tripped more and slept - DEEPLY.

Other common hallucinations I did not list here as I forgot to write, but happen EVERY time I do Gravol include: (These happen in other people's accounts too):

I pass from the actual surrounding world I am in, into a surreal world. Everything may be the same, except there may be different people, animals, or different objects or places. This transition happens with my eyes open (sometimes closed too), and happens without my noticing AT ALL. I can now talk and interact with anything in this surreal world as if it was the real world. To me it seems real. I did this one time and was talking to a friend who wasn't there. My sober friends said I was talking to someone not there but sitting still - weird, eh? I snap out of it at some point and realize what I've done. It doesn't last long at all, and sometimes you have the same speech problems in this surreal world. It can happen over and over again while you are tripping on Gravol.

Lastly, I always see these weird translucent THINGS. I cannot explain them fully. They are like abstract spiders sometimes, or jelly fish, or just abstract shapes: they appear (usually in corners) and jitter frantically about. Don't ask why - it just happens each and every time I do Gravol. I see like spider webs in a corner and it just starts shaking and vibrating like a freaky horror movie scene. It's not scary at all though. Sometimes spider or jellyfish things jitter out too. It's all weird though as it is all translucent - like transparent with a barely visible exoskeleton.

Other frequent visuals include spots or lines that seemed like they were actually there bounce or fly off in a direction, or lines or hairs on walls or objects frantically twisting or twitching.

Oh well, I hope all of this prepares you for a Gravol trip. You will most likely see things that I listed here. Just don't do anything stupid, or get in trouble. Be responsible, don't drive (like I did, though the speed limit in Bermuda is only 30 mph), and don't spread the word of Gravol. We don't want it taken off the counters! I eat lots of food if I feel too spaced out or drink fluids I guess - I'm no doctor but it helps me. I just get sleep if you feel like it. It is hopefully over by the time I wake up - it lasts around I guess 6 hours or so. Everything tastes real weird and metal-ish. I feel real 'used up' and just want to sleep again, and talking is a chore.

Gravol is well worth doing, but I would never make it a habit - maybe once or twice a year I'd do it. It's just too intense.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17813
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 18, 2005Views: 26,794
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