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Good Pills, Terrible Decisions
Ecstasy (MDMA)
Citation:   Diamond. "Good Pills, Terrible Decisions: An Experience with Ecstasy (MDMA) (exp17749)". Sep 29, 2002.

T+ 0:00
1.5 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:00 0.25 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:30 1.25 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
First, I would like to say that I am an experienced X user. I recently graduated from high school and received a great deal of money from my graduation party. One day, I got the bright idea (I say that sarcastically) to take out $750 of that money and buy a half jar of Pink Durexes, or Safe Sexes. For those of you who don't know, a half jar equals 50 pills. I had recently received a good hook-up from a friend and decided that I would take the chance in selling pills. My boyfriend, we'll call him *B*, was going to help me. We figured that since all of our friends and even one of their moms and all her friends rolled, that we could pop them off really easily, and for about two weeks, we did! I sold around 90 pills in about two weeks.

*B* had to go on a church trip to a college and while he was gone, I re-copped 25 pills. The night that he got home (Friday, June 28, 2002), we decided to take 1 1/2 pills each. We took out the three that were the best looking (not chipped, more red speckled, larger, ect...). We were sitting at a friend's house, in the garage and so we didn't have much to take the pills with. *B* got some toilet paper and water and he decided to chew a half and parachute a whole one. For those of you that don't know, parachuting is crushing the pill up and putting it in a tiny piece of toilet paper, then twisting it up, and swallowing it like that. I decided to chew a whole one, and swallow a half of one. (8:30 p.m.)

After about thirty minutes, *B* and I could feel the effects of the pill start to kick in, sweaty palms, high heart rate, ect... We were just listening to music and chillin with everyone in the garage. After about an hour, we decided to take another 1/4 each. We would have taken more, but since they were the pills that we wanted to be selling, we had to be careful! Taking the 1/4 each made our peak last very long. (9:30 p.m.)

These rolls were so clean. We had taken these pills a few times before and knew what to expect, so we decided to drive around. As we were driving, the street lights left amazing trails from the top of the lights to the street. They were like beautiful waterfalls of all colors. We needed a new pack of Newports, so we stopped at the local 'ghetto' gas station. (10:30 p.m.)

*B* ran inside and when he came out, he was talking to a man about 20 or so. *B* had told the guy, without really thinking, as it's hard to do while on X, that him and I were selling pills and *B* had asked the man if he wanted any. We ended up giving the man my cell number and left without even really thinking about it again, until about an hour later, when the man called. He said to meet him at the most crime filled gas station in town, but one that was very close to where we were hanging out at that night. When the man called my cell, we had gone back to our friend's house and were just hanging out and talking with everyone else that was on X, too. When we left to go meet this man, it was about 11:45 p.m. and we told everyone at the house where we were going and what we were doing. I told them that if anything happened, that I would call and if I didn't call them in 20 minutes, for them to call me, to make sure *B* and I were Ok.

I drove my small two door car and when we got to the gas station, at 11:50 p.m., every gas pump was filled. I think we were the only white people at the place, so it looked very odd. We had to pull up behind the gas station, where there were people, too, and not a lot of light. We saw the guy walking with a friend, from up the street. *B* and I had a plan for when we sold the 5 pills. Since I was driving, I was going to hold the pills and *B* was going to have the man come on his side hand him the money and then I was going to hand him the pills. *B* made sure that the other pills were hidden from view, just in case. We were not really thinking too much about bad things, since you usually don't when your on X. When the man came up to my window, which was cracked, and asked me for the pills, I told him to go around to *B*'s side of the car. When he got over there, the man reached into the window, which was cracked enough, for his hand to slide through. The man requested the pills in a not-so-nice manner. I told him to get out his money, then we would give him the pills. He again demanded the pills! He then said, 'If you think that I'm messing with you, then let me get into the car.' Well, if any of you have ever witnessed a drug deal, then you know that almost every time, the person wanting the substance gets into your car, for the deal. So, *B* and I were used to this and did not expect much. We looked at each other and realized how hard we were rollin at this point. *B* opened the car door and let him in. He got in the back seat, behind *B*. He reached over and tried to grab the pills out of my hand, which I quickly pulled away and told him to pull out the money and then I would hand them to him. He repeated the same thing to *B* and I again, only this time, when he reached in his pocket, we assumed he was taking out the money, only to find out he had a small hand gun on him. He pulled it out so fast, I instantly almost passed out. The roll was hitting me so hard, as I imagined it was hitting *B* just as hard. Not only that, but the gun was put to the back of his head!

The man called one of his friends over, that was walking around outside, talking to other people that he knew there. The man told his friend to get into my side of the car, in the back. When I said, 'No! The man with the gun pointed it at my head. I immediately looked at *B* and *B* told me to open my door and let him in. I did as *B* said and when the man got into the car, my purse fell over, on the ground. It was unseen, until then. The man with the gun told his friend to pat us down and see what we had in our pockets. We had about $15 dollars in our pockets together and luckily, the man patting us down, did not feel our other stash of about 6 pills, in *B*'s pocket. The man with the gun saw my purse fall over and told me to give him that, too! I immediately started freaking out, all of our re-cop money was in my purse, in my checkbook! Not only that, but there was $650 in there! I told him no and that there wasn't much in there and he would just get caught if I gave it to him. He pointed the gun back at me and told me to give it to him. I did, knowing that I was screwed on all that money. I was more scared that the man was going to shoot me, or *B*. As soon as I handed him my new purse, my phone rang, it was our friends, back in the garage, wondering where we were. I told them what happened and they thought that I was kidding around. So, they started laughing and I just hung up. After I did, *B* called 911 from my phone and told them our location and what had happened. It took the police 10 minutes to get there, and by the time they did, it was 12:10 a.m. and with our luck, all of the people that had been there, were gone, and the gas station was closed! It looked very funny and suspicious to the police.

They made us get out of the car and they separated us. They made us tell them our story and since we had already planned one, we told them the same thing. It was so hard for both of us to stare at the police. I kept looking away and holding myself to keep warm. I was so scared that they were going to find out some how. They wrote down our stories and gave us a case number. We got into my car and as I turned it on, *B* and we just sat there and hugged each other, reassuring each other that we were Ok! The phone rang again, it was our friends at the garage, where we were headed, again! We told them what happened, and they were still skeptical. When we got back to the house, all shaky and scared, everyone realized we hadn't been lying. The Durexes were and still are my all time favorite pill, but this experience was one-in-a-lifetime. The people there asked if we still had any pills to sell, I jumped up and told them that we wanted to get rid of all of them. Then I looked at *B* and we decided to take another 1 1/4 each. (1:00 a.m.)

After taking these, we smoked 1-2 blunts and that increased the roll a lot. Three pills was the most I had ever taken and it was incredible, even under the circumstances. My eyes were shaking and I could barely focus on anything. *B* was looking tired and whispered to me that we was tired and he wanted to go home. So, rolling very hard, I drove the two of us a few blocks to *B*'s house, where we cuddled up with each other and fell asleep. I tossed and turned and had horrible nightmares during the night.

I woke up to my kitten purring next to my face and just laid in bed until *B* woke up. It was about 8:15 a.m. or so and we just laid there and just could not really imagine that all our money was gone, and that I still had to tell my very very strict parents. They were going to freak out! I got home at 11:00 a.m. and told my parents what had happened, only I switched the story around a little bit, actually a lot! They were very frightened for me, that my purse was stolen and they helped my cancel my checking account. They were very angry when they found out about the money that was gone and I had to make up some BS story about it. They believed it, to a point! Since, I have taken pills twice. And, *B* was put into another position that involved a friend with a gun, stealing money from him and a friend, in a bad drug deal. He's learned his lesson since then!

**Just some advice: 1. Be careful whenever you sell anything. You never know what people will do for money, or drugs. 2. Watch your actions while on pills.

**The police never found the man who did this to me and my b/f, for all that wondered!

**Also, I live near Chicago, and just recently got White Lexus? and will be writing my report on those soon, so look for it.!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17749
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2002Views: 55,650
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