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The Day I Knew My Place in Life
by Vyse
Citation:   Vyse. "The Day I Knew My Place in Life: An Experience with MDMA (exp17588)". Jun 22, 2005.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:30 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:30 1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


I'm writing this to share my expirience 'rolling' with some really close friends.

My first time rolling was good, I took one pill, to see what the drug felt like, and I liked it. My second time is when I got the full spiritual and physical expirience of MDMA.

I'm not an avid drug user, I do nothing more then smoke pot and drink occationaly. I have never tried ANYTHIGN else.

My friend D was able to get ahold of some assumed really good pills. I was told they were old school 'White hears with pink specs'. We used a ez-test kit, black in 1-2 seconds, very impressive. This indicates a high ammount of MDMA.

Lets rewind to the preview week. We decided to stock up on some things to be ready for the weekend. I suggest EVERYONE wanting to roll their first time do this, to be safe, and get the most out of your roll. Here is the shopping list.

5HTP - Can be found at most vitamin stores - Replenishes a chemical in your brain called Seratonin. This is the chemical used by MDMA to enduce the feeling Extacy gives you. Take 2 a day for a week or so before you roll. Then take another 4 3-5 hours before you roll, 1 WITH every roll you take, and then another 2 3 hours into your roll. This will help you get the full MDMA expirience. Trust me, it will be worth it

Magnesium - Can be found at most vitamin stores - Take 1 an hour before you roll to reduce Jaw Cleching! This works, enough to where I didn't even notice how mild it was.

White Flower Oil - Can be found at most herbal stores and oriental markets - Drop a couple drops in a 100% cotton rag, and inhale it with some friends, very nice feeling.

A couple Vicks inhalers - Pretty much same feeling as white flower oil, although the white flower oil seems to be MUCH more intense.

Lots of glowsticks in different varities. I prefered the 15 inch glowsticks my friend was able to get ahold of. Although the standard 4-6 inchers are great to learn on, although I learned on the 15's =). The trail you will see later on in the roll are amazing. If someone knows how to use them right, you can BLOW UP from these easily(more on this later).

LOTS OF WATER - YOU WILL DEHYDRATE without you even feeling it. Drink a glass or 2 every now and then, more so if your dancing and sweating alot(I sweat a SHIT loud, we'll get to that later.) I prefer to keep a nice zephrahills bottle in my back pocket while dancing, to have easy access. Make sure the water is easy to get too, otherwise while rolling/dancing you will not want to stop.

Marijuana - If you don't smoke it, don't start, but being an avid weed smoker, it hightend my roll, and even brought it back a little when it was dying. Plus its something to do while waiting for the roll to kick in, you usualy want to keep your mind of it. I wouldn't want to get TOO stoned though.

Eat a lite meal a couple hours before you roll - You will roll more comfortably on a stomache with SOME food, not alot, just eat a small sandwich or something. Drink some gatoraid. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EAT ON A ROLL, everyone I know can't eat while rolling, or a little after, so DON't ROLL on an empty stomache.

With all of these preperations lets get to the night we rolled...

I rolled with a small group of 8 people. All really close friends, that I trust. This is the best way. Raves are nice, but small house raves of 5-20 close people that you know are the best, you will see why when you roll =)

We poped at around 10:30pm. I started with one pill with intension on popping a second one later. Smoked some weed while waiting, had dance techno going, and prepaired the glowsticks in a nice open space for dancing. LOUD music is key ;)

Started to feel it a little at 11:00pm, these rolls were good, as even all of my friends felt it, most of them being expirienced rollers. Started to break the glow sticks.

Now im a pretty big guy, as in, a little chubby, 5'11' 220lbs. I'm more of a metalhead and love music. I really like techno, but never appriciated it as much as I did after that night. I never liked dancing, and never really have.

Around 11:30 it was hitting us pretty hard. Just enjoying the great feeling, and having great conversation with my friends. Everything is PERFECT, there isn't a thing in the world I would change at this moment. I feel very energized and ready to do anything. Just enjoying life and everything about it.

Midnight - We are all getting the full effects now, and I decide to take my second along with my friends. We smoked a little more pot(doesn't take that much to hit ya while rolling, its really a nicer high too) and my friends began to rave a little as I watched and enjoyed.

12:30am THE BLOW UPS BEGIN!! If you've never heard of this, people can do things to you while rolling that will make you 'Blow Up'. This feeling is AMAZING, and if someone who knows what they are doing makes you blow up, then the results are Life Changing. I will get to my BIG BLOW UP later, when my second roll is starting to hit hard.

1am - I can feel my second roll in almost full force now. I can't stop moving. The feeling is amazing, I love life, and everyone with me.

1:30 am, My friend C stops by just to blow us up. I'm first. He informs me of what he is going to do in explicit detail. He asks me to relax sitting on the couch, laid back a little bit. He informs me that he is going to have me inhale the Vicks into my left notral, then right nostral, then he is going to blow it in my mouth/nose. He then told me to hold in the last BIG inhale, and then placed his hands on my throat and asked me to 'Trust him'. He told me to grab his arms as HARD as I could and lay back. He cut off my air. The next thing I knew all I heard was techno music. Everything was black, I could see I was somewhere peaceful. It began to come in clearer and clearer. I was in a state of bliss. I was in another place i've never been before and never wanted to leave. My chi and I were one, my spirit was with me forever. I was under for a good 5-10 minutes before I realized I was back in my friends appartment. My roll was ready, and so was I.

2:00am - This feeling in my won't go away. I HAVE to rave. I cracked 2 15 inch glowsticks. KEEP IN MIND I have never raved before. My friends couldn't believe how well I did it. I couldn't stop, I just wanted to dance. All I could see was the glowsticks, and all I could hear was the music, louder and clearer then ever.

2:30am - I was stopped by C. He was leaving and wanted to know If I wanted to be blown up one more time before he left. Of course I agreed. He told me to stand in front of the couch. He now took a white flower oil soaked wash cloth. I took one big inhale, he told me to hold it, he picked me up and wraped both arms around the bottom of my back, and rolled his intwined fists up my spine, cracking every bone in my back. Away I went, into my place, almost as hard as before. I awhile, chris was gone, and I spotted my glow sticks.

3:00am - I took a third one. This was not planed, I was only going to take 2. but the third one went down.

3:30am - Non stop raving, and I was sure to keep alot of water in me.

7:00 am, roll is coming down, time to go home.

Brought all of my friends home. Went home, and took more 5HTP, about 3, and tried to sleep. Finaly got to sleep around 10:30 slept til 5am. Woke up feeling more refreshed then ever. It HAS to be the 5HTP because my first time I was completely useless the next day or 2.

Rolling is a great expirience, but should only be used SAFELY and RESPONSABLY.

I plan to roll in the future, but not for another month or so. Spacing your rolls will keep you safe from any long term effects. Just don't do it too much. Save it for special occations and it will be more enjoyable.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17588
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 22, 2005Views: 25,100
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1)

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