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Playing in God's Domain
by Theseus
Citation:   Theseus. "Playing in God's Domain: An Experience with DXM (exp1747)". Erowid.org. Oct 3, 2001. erowid.org/exp/1747

T+ 0:00
92 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 1:10 138 mg oral DXM (liquid)


This type of cough syrup is highly recommended, if only for it's taste.
If I was actually taking syrup for a cough, this'd be what I'd buy, because
it's so much easier to swallow.

- From about 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Went to Shopper's Drug Mart in a nearby mall, bought a box of Robitussin
Honey cough syrup, as I had seen the previous day.

Medicinal Ingredient: Each 5mL contains: Dextromethorphan HBr 10 mg.

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Flavours, glycerin, honey, liquid gluecose, methylparaben, propylene
glycol, sodium benzoate, water.

Cost just over $9 Canadian with taxes for the 115 mL bottle.

I stopped in at Music World. It's full of shit, so they had nothing worth while.

So I then went to HMV, looked around, spotted the Electronica section,
remembered someone saying DXM enhances music like that very well, and grabbed a Massive Attack CD ('Blue Lines')

- Approximately 7:25 pm

Just ate dinner (KFC - bland gravy) and decided to have a go of the stuff.

Called a friend to check the conversion rate from 2 oz to mL, turned out to
be about 1/2 the bottle.

So I poured a glass of milk, guzzled down half the bottle (tasted like honey,but with a bitter backing, and the same aftertaste as cough syrup) then drank some of the milk.

I've heard the trip doesn't start until about 1/2 hour after taking it, so I'm waiting.

Incidentally, this is around a 2nd plateau dose, perhaps a little lower.

If you don't know, there are around 5 plateaus. The 5th is, generally, death or a coma. Not fun. Not to scare you off, you'd have to have quite a lot to acheive 5th.

- 7:55 pm

I'm just watching some Kids In The Hall right now.

Nothing yet. I'd try to concentrate on any effects and enhance them, but I'm afraid of creating a placebo effect, something that tends to happen to me with many drugs, including caffeine and alcohol.

My heartrate may be speeding up. I didn't time it earlier, so I don't know.

I seem to be getting distracted by other things more easily, and I become very engrossed in them. It's hard to type a text file like this ;)

I'm putting my new CD on.

I just looked at my watch: it's only 8:05 pm. I thought it'd be later than that.

Then I realize that little time has actually passed. It just seemed to take a long time. Neat.

- 8:35 pm

While talking to MMLJ online, I polished off the other 3/5 of the 115 mL bottle, since I had
no effects so far. Still nothing.

What am I expecting? Intense audio and visual effects, but that's expecting a lot...after all, DXM is much more like ketamine that it is like shrooms/LSD.

I just remembered (it's 10:45 right now) that while talking to MMLJ time went much faster than earlier, when it seemed to be taking forever.

- 9 pm

It seems really easy to concentrate on one thought, or one thing. I noticed this when I realized I was thinking about absolutely nothing, just sitting here, listening to the music.

Of course, that state is impossible to return to on purpose: you're too busy trying to not try to succeed.

Parents just got home. Let's see if I can still talk alright, shall we?

Incidentally, I had no grapefruit juice. Apparently it enhances DXM trips: I won't know this time, I guess.

- 9:05 pm

I talk just fine. Standing is a bit of a problem, as I sort of sway a bit. But I'm weird normally, so it goes unnoticed.

Let's see how well I do at some computer games.

First up: 4D Stunt Driving. Good game... dos based graphics, though, so you know. Let's see.

Results: No better than usual, and no worse. The course seemed to take forever to drive, though.

Next game: Lemmings. The original, bitches.

Results: Same as usual, again, except I'm seeing things, minor eye trickery similiar to when you're awake too long - like I saw a 10 as 11.

Friend called, playing command and conquer, I'm thinking real clearly tho, games aren't affected.

- 10 pm

I'm really dizzy. I just sneezed, and I got a weird pulsating feel, like a headache that didn't hurt.

It's cool, but if I look around to much I get really dizzy.

- 10:30 pm

Still really dizzy. Lost the ability to get distracted and then very engrossed in things.

Just dizzy right now.

- 10:37 pm

I just tried masturbating while in this state. Very... odd... feelings.

Until I came, I was pretty much just numb. I stopped at one point, and realized my penis felt the same as a finger... nothing erogenous about touching it. When I came, it was a sudden, intense orgasm, very short, it started just before I ejaculated and it stopped just after. After, when it was softening, it felt very numb around the head. Like if it was numbed by a dentist, but not cold.

- 10:45 pm

I just discovered that if I put one hand in front of my face so it divides the TV screen in half, then move it left and right, and screen looks like it's warped, or warping...

I am thinking perfectly clearly, my body just is ignoring me to a certain extent. I still type just as quickly as normal, with the same accuracy. In fact, I think I'm typing faster than normal - but how can I tell? My perceptions of time are rather warped.

I am still as grammatically competent as ever, and my vocabulary doesn't seem to be shortened.

However, my body is feeling very dizzy, and sometimes I type a suffix onto a word without thinking, like worden instead of word. It's odd, because I don't realize I typed it at all unless I read over it.

Just now, I thought I saw the screen scrolling, as if I were on IRC. Odd, since this is a text file.

Also, I highly suggest you jump around while high on DXM. Occasionally I get the feeling that I'm hovering in the air. For some reason while typing this I'm rocking from left to right... perhaps the music?

Just now, I thought that my mind had become totally clear of thoughts, but then I realized, uh, no it hadn't. It was very odd, the thought came out of no where, and it was based on nothing.

Incidentally, I don't suggest you close your eyes and move your head up or down quickly - this might make you fall right over. It didn't me, but I've had the effect happen to me many times, simply as a result of being tired, or possibly while drunk. Perhaps I'm not thinking as clearly as I think I am.

Perhaps I will lie on the floor for a little bit. In the dark. I should go get a candle! That'd be cool.

(I never did go get a candle. I decided I didn't want to set the house ablaze inadvertantly. - Ed.)

- 10:57 pm

Simply put, holy shit. Holy fucking shit.

I just lay down in the dark, listening to the CD, and I got this really, really intense feeling of having discovered something very important and very deep. As soon as I got up to type it, though, I forgot...

I am playing in God's domain, and I never wish to return. I am in heaven. I can not find words to express the raw beauty of what I am feeling. It is like... like being in love. In love with the world. I feel in touch with everything. There is energy building up in me, I have something to say, but what it is, I'm not sure.

(This is, easily, the weirdest thing I have ever said. - Ed.)

By the way, I remembered what happened while on the floor. I felt like something inside me: 'soul' came to mind, it moved to the top of my body, and was pressing on my skin, trying to get out. I wonder if I was getting close to an OOBE? Or perhaps this is just a combination of what I have been studying in physics, re: how electrons move and are attracted/repelled, that combined with my deep spiritual belief. Excuse me: I'm going down for another dip in this pure, intense, raw pleasure.

- 11:10 pm

I just took control over my nervous system. I was lying on my stomach, and I could feel my heart throughout my entire chest... then I decided, I wanted to feel it here, and I did. Then I tried to move the feeling to somewhere else, and it moved. I could move my heartbeat anywhere in my chest, and the top of my stomach. I'm waiting for my friend, who I just called, to call back, so I can tell him about this. I'm in love. I'm in love with DXM. I'm in love with everything. Thanks, Slipknot. Thank you very much for cancelling. I also, while lying on the floor, forgot that my eyes were closed. I just remember because I wanted to make sure I didn't fall asleep.

Turning the monitor on and looking at it from above, it looked like a dusty, rocky pathway. Very neat. Down I go.

I'm back up for a second, just to relate an odd thing that keeps happening. You know when you look at a bright light, then look away, you can see it imprinted on what you see, sort of greenish coloured?

And, if you look at a bright light, then turn it off so you're in the dark, you see it as being darker than the area around it. Well, I keep seeing a rectangle like that when I -open- my eyes...as if when I close them, I am seeing the bright light, then I open them and it's imprinted on my vision.

Down I go.

- Approximately midnight

I was lying next to my phone, and I thought 'I hope it doesn't ring, it'll surprise me' and it suddenly rang so I answered and yelled at my friend, 'Don't do that to me!'

On the phone with some friends. I keep interrupting them, and I don't realize it. Definately not a social drug, if you're stopping people from being social, huh? ;)

They don't seem too impressed that I drank cough syrup. They seem to put it in the same category as huffing: stupid, and not a real drug. I will have to convince them otherwise. Not, of course, to try to get them to take DXM. Just so they know. And now, I will return to the floor, and
probably awake next morning. Hopefully I won't be too sticky, sleeping on plastic...

- 11:15 am, next morning.

I couldn't sleep - whether it was the music, or the pillow, or the hard floor, I don't know. I doubt it'd be caused by the DXM, since when I ventured over to my bed and got in, I was asleep almost right away.

No hangover of any kind.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 1747
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 3, 2001Views: 16,003
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DXM (22) : Alone (16), Sex Discussion (14), General (1)

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