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My Unknown Epiphany
by Heen
Citation:   Heen. "My Unknown Epiphany: An Experience with AMT (exp17426)". Sep 12, 2002.

50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)


Over this past summer, I had the opportunity to try what my friends were 'raving' about....AMT. I was anticipating the day when I would have the chance to try it until it finally came. One of my friends 'F' had recently purchased a gram w/out the intent of selling any. But one night she approached me and offered me a dose of between 40-60mg for $15. Being so excited about trying it, I would have probably paid $30. Anyway, I took advantage of this opportunity and purchased the dose. I couldn't take it that weekend as I did not have a opportune 15 hour period away from my parents, so I had to wait until the next weekend. When the day arrived that I had pre-destined for my dose, I could feel the anticipation growing. My friends informed me of a party at 'S's' house that they would be attending in a couple of hours and told me he wouldn't mind if I crashed (which I never did) there.

I dosed at about 5:00PM. I continued to function normally for the next hour or so in which I transported my friends to the party. On arrival, I began to get familiarized with the house so I would be more comfortable later in my trip per the recommendation of my AMT experienced friends.

I'm not sure exactly when the affects started to mount as AMT has a gradual climb to plateau. Another friend of mine 'J' and I had a half-ounce of marijuana and as I was feeling more and more pleasurable, I let anyone who wanted to smoke with us. Smoking really had no affect on me that was noticable because I was becomming so enveloped in the wonderful world of tripping (it was my first time).

I then hit my plateau at about 2hrs after dosage. As luck would have it, it was about time for sunset. As I sat outside on the garden bench and watched the sunset, everything turned magnificant colors I can't even describe other than what we know as brilliant pinks, oranges and reds. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experinced. It was also very pleasurable to move my hands around and use the colors of the sky to 'paint' designs.

I never felt the nasuea that seems to be somewhat common. I did at one point go into the bathroom and stare into the mirror and at the lepard print walls for what seemed like 5min, but ended up being more like 40min as a friend informed me the next day.

As the party began to come down, I did not. I was still enjoying this experience to its fullest effect. Thats when it happened! I had my Epiphany. I knew what my purpose was in life, why I was here, how I should act, *why others acted the way they did/do. But the next day I couldn't not remember what the answers were.

*While sitting in a room with about 9 other people smoking and having discussions, I sat and observed. I felt and still believe I could look deeper into everything they said, why they said it, and what their self-motivations were. I could in some cases see their inner evil, and how everything they did or said had to benifit them. This was one of the most powerful things in my life and it brought me to some conclusions about human nature. How most of us will be deceitful at times if it will benifit us....and that taught me that I really don't want to be like those types of people.

Anyway, eventually everyone departed, passed out, or went to sleep. I however could not. I laid down curled up in the fetal position on a very comfortable couch (as I was still feeling 'rolling sensations' approx. 9 hrs. after dosage) and just stared into space contemplating such questions as why I was here, and analyzing my past through present life and my decisions. This continued until about 4:00AM the next morning when I finally slept for maybe 2hrs before waking up and reminicing on the events of the previous night.

I would definitely recommend AMT, not as a drug to get fucked up on, but as a way to further expand your mind and views on the world and its people around us.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 12, 2002Views: 16,809
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