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Thought I Was OK and I Woke Up in the ER
GHB, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine
by JAB
Citation:   JAB. "Thought I Was OK and I Woke Up in the ER: An Experience with GHB, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Ketamine (exp17280)". Nov 10, 2005.

  oral GHB (liquid)


The intent of sharing my experience is cautionary in that I had ultimately a bad result because of my actions. I don't want to judge anyone who chooses to continue to use GHB as a recreational drug, however I just want to give insight into my experience so that others can make an informed decision.

I was on vacation with about 10 friends in New Orleans for a huge party with close to 100,000 attendees that occured every Labor Day weekend. I had packed my E carefully and had a friend from Texas bringing some K in his car. Another friend had brought a vial of G along for his weekend. I hadn't originally planned on taking it and this was really only my third time using GHB.

I had done a capsule of E and was having a great roll - meeting new people and connecting with my friends. I decided to do some GHB as well since I hadn't had any alcohol and was having a wonderful evening. I had done a couple of bumps of K out of the bumper. I was feeling very high and loopy, but in a great place and very safe. Saturday was an all around great experience. I ended up sleeping about 3 hours and woke up refreshed and ready to hit the streets.

On Sunday I again was hitting the G bottle for most of the day. I have a high tolerance to all drugs. Typically I get a better experience on 2 E tabs, or if I do the extra bump of K or line of coke etc. So I wasn't really feeling the G was just a pleasant light feeling that made me feel sexual and open. I didn't feel spacey or high at all. Into the night I continued drinking from the G bottle. Since a number of our friends were not doing G, we had pre-decided that any water bottle without a label was a G bottle. This way anyone drinking alcohol wouldn't accidnetally get something they weren't looking for.

Now just for a little background information. I am typically the one that my friends count on when someone is having either a bad trip or experience. I am often the one taking care of the boys that did too much G....making sure they are breathing, cleaning them up when they crap themselves etc. It got to the point that I decided I wasn't going to do it anymore. I wanted to be able to enjoy myself and when other people go too far - especially regularly - then I really shouldn't be expected to care for them. My friends know that I will do anything I can, but they also know that I am the one who damn near all the time stays enough in control that we can all be safe and have a good time.

Until very early Monday morning that was all true. I had shared a 16oz bottle of G in water with another friend over about a 2 hour period. I was then doing G with a new friend and still using the bottle cap to measure a dose into a 16oz bottle. We polished off that dose in about 15 mins and were having a great time. About 30 mins later my new friend asked for some more and I couldn't clearly recall when we had previously had some, so I agreed and made us a new dose. We finished about 1/2 of the bottle and we were both very high....I felt incredible! Everything was an experience to be savored. I had a hard time walking and focusing, but we were in our hotel room with friends who were not on G. I was hyper-sexual and clear headed....I still remember every detail of what was going on. The feeling was right where I wanted to be then.

The next thing I knew I woke up tied to a hospital bed, lying in my own crap with a catheter. The nurse told me to calm down and asked me where I was. I told her I was in Denver - but I was in New Orleans. She told me to go back to sleep. When I woke again she asked me where I was as I fought with all my might to get out of the restraints - I said I was in Austin. The third time I woke up I was calm and clear headed - although I didn't know how I got to the hospital and told her I was in Louisiana. She cut the restraints and sent me to the bathroom to clean myself up. She told me I had ripped the IV out of my arm at some point and was constantly fighting with the nurses and doctors. That's why they tied me to the bed. I thought it was early in the morning, but it was 330pm. I had been in the ER intensive care unit for 6 hours.

I found out later that day that my friends had taken care of the 2 of us after we fell out. I was on the bed so they rolled me onto my side and monitored my breathing. My new frined had gone to the bathroom to throw-up, but went into convulsions. They got him settled onto the bed next to me and watched us both for 45 mins or so. Then I started partner used his fingers to keep my throat open, but I continued to choke so the ambulance was called. The hotel did a room to room check to make sure no one else had been partying with us and fallen out. I am a pretty big guy at 6' and took 6 fireman to get me down the stairway. Since the stretcher didn't fit they used the bed sheets. So here are all the other hotel guests getting their continental breakfast and I get dragged down the stairs naked. The fireman hit my head on the banister and when they set my body on the stretcher the sheet fell open and I had blood all over my face. Most of the onlookers thought I was dead - and so did the Channel 4 news team that showed up just in case I was. At the hospital we were both put on ventilators to keep us breathing and liguid charcoal was injected into our stomachs. I was on an EKG machine and quite honestly barely lived. Funnily, our weekend joke had been we were on the 'EKG' machine (taking E, K and G.)

Ultimately my friends saved my life and the life of the new friend I was partying with. I don't remember anything for about 7 hours and I was shitting what looked like liquid ink for about 5 more after I was released (from the charcoal that was used to absorb the G in my stomach.) I have sworn to never do G again and my friends who witnessed me falling out swore never to try it. And here's our reasoning: There are lots of other drugs you can use recreationally that won't kill you in the course of the night. Sure there have been a few deaths from E and others, but it can be hard to stay in control on G. It's very very fun.....but I think my life is worth far more than the fun it can provide. I am not judging anyone who decides to continue using it or who decides to try it.... but be aware - I thought I was OK and in control and I woke up in the ER. At the very least - when using GHB - have someone with you who isn't using it to dose it out and keep an eye on everyone - it may very well save your life.

I went on to roll that night. I did 2 hits of E and some K and had a wonderful experience dancing and connecting with my friends. They were all amazed I was recovered since they had seen me leaving the room for the ER. The rest of our weekend was fine. We all talked about the experience and came to terms and peace with everything so that we could all enjoy the rest of our trip.

I wish you all the best partying experience possible - without ruining your friends' enjoyment or hurting yourself unintentionally.

Peace and happy partying!

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17280
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 10, 2005Views: 51,213
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