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Damn Strange and Insane
by dattymental
Citation:   dattymental. "Damn Strange and Insane: An Experience with Datura (exp17105)". Nov 1, 2004.

5 leaves oral Datura (leaves)


First of all i would just like to say

WOOWE, this shit is hardcore to an insanity level.

I began doing alot of research and hunting on the mysterious datura plant. It began taking up alot of my thoughts because that always happens with me until i get the drug and test it.

I ordered 8ounce of the stuff from a very good ethno site. When it arrived i was so bloody happy with the big bag but the happyness didn`t last long, until i sampled it.

The time was around 10pm and i decided datura trip was going to go down. I got 5 dried, scrumpled up leafs out and began brewing my datura tea. When the mixture was sieved and a black liquid was left i drank it very slowly and cautiously because of all the stuff i had read about it. As soon as my cup had gone i felt a full on body buzz unlike anything imaginable. Now this seemed so far-out because i think Psilocybin is unexplainable unless you take it yourself but this was too far-out to even touch a Psilocybin trip. A feeling of total and utter detachment from everything and everyone, a wide eye scary place which makes the human brain seem like it was never efficent at all. I began to lay down on my bed looking around waiting for the trip signs but nothing came. I took a stroll to the mirror and hardly no outer ring was visible, i looked devilishly evil and felt it. Nothing seemed asif i had even drank something which would make one trip, at this point i felt pissed and a dirty high. I decided to try and sleep at which point stuff got strange, very stange indeed.

I closed my eyes and felt like something was not allowing the sleep to commence so upon opening my eyes in the darkness i saw an image which i now know to have been a 'reality hallucination' of my TV remote placed on the bed next to me where i was sleeping. I reached out to grab it but suddenly it jumped on the floor. It felt weird because i knew it was there all along after i found it but the halluci tricked me seriously. This proceeded to happen 5 or so more times until i got pissed off and then it seemded to stop asif easing me of the tricks pain. Upon waking a second time i heard my mother speaking so i though that i better answer her so i did. My mother was asleep the whole time but i had seen her standing at my bedroom door. This little scene amused me because of the authenticity of the image.

The only other scattered memorys i have of my dreamy haze was waking up and suddenly speaking to unknown people, muttering but having conversations which felt needed and neccesasary.

The next day my eyes were sore and blurry and tripping still occured in small amounts. At many points i saw people scurrying by my window wearing big coats and then vanishing. All in All-Damn strange and insane.

My advice would be, try it if you are seriously into hallucinating in an unholy way beacuse this shit will be your new reality for a day or more.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 17105
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 1, 2004Views: 4,298
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Entities / Beings (37)

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