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Junkee: Endangered Species
by Jen_X
Citation:   Jen_X. "Junkee: Endangered Species: An Experience with Heroin (exp16989)". Oct 9, 2010.

1.5 g   Heroin (daily)


The last time I looked at this site was a year or more ago. I saw something lacking at that time, something probably still lacking: reports from people who have become addicted to this drug. One year and several months later I know why...

They do..(become addicted). Believe me, we do. From that point on, however, we are too busy getting more, or being sick and trying to get more, to stop and write you about it. I see there is an article link in this vault that insinuates that the withdrawe1l is really 'not so bad'. If that were true, many of us would stop after the first time we find ourselves blue in the face and stiff as a corpse, no respiration, sensation, or blood circulation.

I would have stopped. I would have stopped were it not for the relentless drench of sweat keeping me under a blanket, and the fire burning me up under that same blanket... if it were not for the inability to eat, walk, see clearly...without my fix.

It was not because the high was so heavenly that I was hooked. It was that the withdrawel was such physical hell. I thought I might have developed rheumatoid arthritis because of the ache and throbbing in my bones that only went away when I was 'gowed'.

I thought this would never end. I had sold everything I had, let the bills pile up for months, ignored eviction notices for not paying rent, 'mooched' from everyone I could, all in the name of staying 'well'.

Ever had elephants trample your bones in a mad dance for several days, without a moments rest, and then not been able to sleep for weeks from the muscle spasms, hot flashes and chills? It is more than just a 'little flu'. The addiction is bad. Please believe me. Most of us, many of my friends, do not make it back online to tell about it. Their ashes are speaking to you now.

Glad to be free,


Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 16989
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 9, 2010Views: 1,562
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Heroin (27) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Unknown Context (20)

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